Date Girls Properly With A Wingman

How To Date Girls Properly With A Wingman

Whether in Top Gun or Love is better for two, that’s why I practiced approaching girls with a wingman for years. But the question that arises: Why dating girls with a friend’s help? Why go there together? How not to be mistaken?

Here are the answers.

1/ Why having a wingman for dating

A wingman means a dating partner. He is the guy who approaches a group of girls with you so that he and you (and they hopefully too) have a good time.
But what are the advantages of group dating?

First, you show a high social value since you have friends, which reassures the young lady.

Second, when you approach a group of girls, you are on an equal footing.

Let me explain!

You meet a group of 5 girls, as TGD man, you’ll approach them. Numerically, you are alone against 5. They are in a position of strength and, therefore, intimidating, so you reduce your chances of success.

Now, your mate assists you, and you decide to approach this same group. Already two against five, it is not the same.

Again, this is only digital. We can do very well on our own against an enormous group, but we are still more comfortable when we find ourselves in the same proportions.

Then your wingman allows you to anticipate and therefore dodge problems before they happen. For example, you are at a party and see a pretty girl who showed some interest in you, but of course, her ugly girlfriend accompanied her (it’s not funny otherwise). After approaching this group in pairs, you had a pleasant evening. The tension is at its height between the pretty chick and you. In your head, all the lights are green. So, you have to go and conclude.

Question: How do you separate the beautiful from the ugly?
Answer: Your wingman!

He will therefore isolate the ugly. So that you are quiet with the pretty girl, and you can flirt with her properly, and why not kiss her.
Now you know what wingman is for. But the challenging part remains, choosing a good one.


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2/ How to choose your Wingman

As we have seen, approaching girls with a wingman’s help requires a specific bond. Indeed, if you’re having fun approaching girls with a guy who’s just waiting for you to screw up, then go out to bars or nightclubs with other friends, and kick that guy out of your social circle.

Between wingmen, we help each other. We felicitate the other in front of the girls when he is away. For example: “This guy is too strong. Once, when we were going out with friends, he made all the cool people in the pub come and dance with us. What if you had seen when…. “

There, you can use genuine storytelling while complimenting your friend. Isn’t life good?

So take as a companion a friend with whom you have a good bond. For this, you must know him as well as he knows you. Expect his responses, actions, and reactions. And therefore, you act optimally.

Example: my wingman and I had gone to pick up women. After spending a splendid afternoon with two lovely girls, I felt the sexual tension and mutual attraction between my pal and one of the two girls.

So I managed with a “Hey, this dude is a friend.” I’ll speak to him for two minutes. Come with me, and we’ll discover if you behave in a classy and gentle way when I introduce you to him. I launched this challenge with a small smile. In most cases, the young lady could no longer refuse.

So my friend and the girl ended up together without having to ask me to isolate the second. We call this the sandwich approach.

3/ Some rules for dating well with a wingman

There are not as many rules as in Fight Club. However, some are very important to respect if you want to keep a pleasant atmosphere between you and your wingman. Here they are:

#1: You won’t steal your mate’s girl

When we see a girl we like, we tune in with our wingman. Two friends should never shoot each other and even less for a woman, as Barney says: “BROS BEFORE HOES!”

#2: Take turns

It’s not always the same that isolates the “ugly” girlfriend. We shoot to keep a good cohesion and a splendid atmosphere.

#3: You won’t contradict your friend’s stories

If your wingman is telling an anecdote and it seems to you it has more or less magnified specific points, then put your ego in your pocket and shut up. Do not make remarks like that in front of your targets.


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4/ Bonus: Wingwoman, or how to date girls with a girlfriend’s help

As I am nice, I give you, expecting nothing in return, a little bonus. We talked about a wingman, but it also works with a female version of a wingman. I would say even better: it works wonderfully with a girl as a wing woman.

For two reasons:

First, you show higher social value (at least at first glance) when you go for walks with girls than with guys. They hang out with you, so you are not a threat to the fairer sex.

Second, if your female friend is pretty, you will have the pleasure of hook-up chicks thanks to jealousy. And girls jealous of each other would fight over a guy.

We will discuss this in more detail in an upcoming article.


Flirting with others can be effective if you choose a good wingman. Also, for beginners, it is often easier to motivate several people to inspire and build confidence.

So my dear! Get ready, verify your cell phone battery to get as many numbers as possible, set your strategy with your wingman or wing woman, update your approach phrases, and go out! The ladies are waiting for you.

And you, do you often approach girls with the help of a friend (s)? And if so, what are your tips and tricks? Say it in a comment.

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