How To Approach A Woman Pick Up Her

How To Approach A Woman: Best Ways To Pick Up Her

It is always delicate to approach a woman, whether you are a fan of traditional dating (in a bar, in a nightclub, at work, or even in the street) or dating 2.0 with dating sites and apps, and social networks.

TGD has made life easier for you by offering you an anthology of approach phrases that result in a favorable response from the woman you want to approach.

Let’s go!!

Some important figures

Before jumping into the top phrases to approach a woman, be aware that there are different styles. And remember that not all women are sensitive to the same things depending on their age.
For example, in more than a quart of cases, women are sensitive to a direct sentence that evokes a food subject.
For almost all men, the important thing is not to beat around the bush and get straight to the point.
Young women like to be surprised, while the more narcissistic women 26-32-year-olds prefer to be told about their hobbies or lifestyle.
Finally, be aware that women are less likely to respond quickly than men because they are engaged upon more often.


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What to say to approach a woman adequately

An approach phrase is an expression that will allow you to break the ice when approaching a woman. But keep in mind that it is necessary but not sufficient. It is only a springboard to teach you how to first contact naturally:

“Hi… I wanted to meet you right now.”

Here, you bet on the franchise, and you are direct. A method that works very often because you come across as a daring man who knows what he wants.

“Hi, I saw you there, and I wanted to come and tell you I love your gaze…”

Maybe simple but so effective, even if it sounds antique. A compliment is always welcome, but don’t be too classic.

Hey! Let’s talk over a cup of tea, shall we?

Instead of always talking about a traditional coffee, you talk about tea, which gives a somewhat chic approach. Suggest an aroma like mint, jasmine, etc.

“Hi, I’m XY, and you? “

A bit of a crude way of stripping the formwork, but in order not to frighten your interlocutor, don’t forget to wear your best smile.

“A lemon tart, do you like it?”

Here is an original question for an approach. First, the girl will not expect this kind of question. Second, you will touch on the famous “food” question, which works very well. Perfect for arousing her curiosity.

“You weren’t in my room last night around 11:00 p.m. Impossible to sleep! “

Have a funny approach, without actually coming up with something silly. Think about a concrete situation that everyone is familiar with and transpose it.


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Advanced lines to approach a woman

“How to be single with such eyes?”

It is a slightly provocative technique and risky approach. The goal is to give you an embarrassed “no” to get into the discussion straight away.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m shy!”

It’s about a surprising technique that aims to arouse amazement in your interlocutor. There is a risk that she will take it the wrong way. So, try to delay the discussion.

“Do you know that this place is special?” Is this where we first met? “

It’s an unconventional approach. That will make the woman smile and allow you to engage in a new discussion.

“Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do I have to try chatting you up for 30 minutes?”

It’s very daring and a little rough. But you show that you have a sense of humor, that you are confident, and that you are interested in the girl. Look her in the eye, tilt your head a little (compassion effect) and smile at her.

“To love is a difficult verb to conjugate in the present, but always conditional in the future!”

You have spent hours to find this somewhat philosophical exit. It feels like you are stepping out of your bubble, completely illuminated. Be careful, however, to prepare a simple explanation to show that you have mastered what you say.


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Approach a woman lines: What to say and what not to say

Several approach phrases work to start a conversation with a chick. The key is to show originality and simplicity at the same time. Avoid phrases like “you are super beautiful!” « You have beautiful eyes, you know! ” ” Is your father a thief? Blah blah blah… “.

You don’t have to rack your brain too much for something super scholarly or sophisticated, either. Try to keep it simple but original.

When you are on dating apps

If you’re on Tinder, on Facebook Dating, or other dating apps, you’re going to need to use girl’s photos to use a good approach sentence. Except for bumble, it’s up to the young lady to take the first step.

If a woman posted a photo of her with a mountainous landscape (or whatever), ask her something like, “Isn’t your photo with the mountains there in [choose the place you want]?”. You bound her to say yes, that’s it or not at all. Regardless of her response, try to continue the conversation with her.

Use the information on her dating app profile. If you discover she loves a particular movie, use that as an approach phrase.

When you approach a woman at the gym

If you meet a chick at the gym using a machine that you like to use too, you can tell her you love using that machine too because it’s super-efficient. Either the girl will validate your comment, and you can offer her to continue chatting after your respective sports session. At the gym, you will not try a conversation with a girl when she is in the middle of physical effort and you too. Otherwise, she will gently ignore you to make you understand she wants you to leave her alone. But this is the game, after all!

Please, forget the “Hi, how are you?” “What’s up?” “What do you do in life? ” Whether in a real-life or virtual situation.

I repeat, be simple but original. To approach a woman, ask her something like: “If you could make one dream come true, what would it be?” Or “If you had a free one-way ticket, where would you go? “Or” What would you do with 100 bitcoins? “.

It’ll help you figure out what kind of woman you’re talking to. And she’ll see that you’re not like all the other guys who ask the same goofy, mundane questions.

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You have no more excuses now, guys!

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