Keep The Conversation Going With A Woman

How To Keep The Conversation Going With A Woman

I recently received the following question from one of my readers: “How to keep the conversation going with a woman?”

I have already dealt with this subject in another article. But I profit to decrease the fear of blank pages, interminable silence breaks, and conversations with women that struggle to start or even continue.
It’s normal to dread this kind of situation, especially when you like a girl.

To help you keep a conversation going with a woman, and make sure you don’t find yourself in this kind of crap that blocks you completely, I offer you my seven tips to never be short of topics with a girl.

1/ Foster open-ended questions

It’s no coincidence that I start with this first point. Favor open-ended questions so that Ms can answer you at greater length than with “yes” or “no” (which would be for a closed question).
Thanks to open-ended questions, you give her the pole to keep the conversation going because she can bounce off your question to ask you another one, and so on.

Here is an example :

• Closed question: have you ever seen [insert series name]?

◦ Answer: “Yes!” or “No!”

• Open question: what do you think of [insert series name]?

◦ Answer: she will develop, and that will help you make the conversation last.


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2/ Talk about your passions

It might seem trivial, but this is an ideal subject because it will allow you, both yourself and her, to talk about something that fascinates you and that you appreciate.
That’s very nice, and it’s very effective so that you never run out of topic with a girl.

Do not overdo it either, especially if you see she is having trouble following you in your areas of interest, but precisely, take the time to explain to her how and why you are passionate about such-and-such a thing.


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3/ Talk about her passions

The same thing, talk about her passions.

Take an interest in what makes her tick, ask her open-ended questions, and she will be happy to share what she loves with you. She will enjoy talking about something that interests her and that she likes, and it will be ideal not to be short of the subject of conversation.

In addition, you must react positively and show enthusiasm even if what you hear does not interest you.


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4/ Keep the conversation going with a woman: Be open-minded

Much in the same spirit as open or closed questions, you should be open-minded.
When Ms is talking to you about something, and you disagree with what she is telling you, don’t sulk in your corner and remaining silent. But argue and explain, without controversy, why you think this rather than that.

Do you see what I mean?

Don’t be closed off like an oyster. Deepen your conversation by telling your opinions kindly, whether you both agree or disagree on a topic.

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5/ Live in the moment and don’t think about what’s next

Live in the moment and don’t think about what’s next.

The best way to screw up your conversations and find yourself in a dead-end having nothing more to say to yourself is to want to control everything and plan everything. Let it happen, live in the moment, and adapt to the situation.

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6/ One subject leads to another

The advantage of a well-engaged conversation is that one topic leads to another.
You will start by talking about the last movie released in theaters and, without realizing it, you will find yourself talking about organic farming. That’s the magic of conversation.


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7 / A few seconds of silence. It’s natural!

It’s human to stay quiet from moment to moment: to eat or drink, observe the scenery if you are on a hike, or even to look at your princess with a soft and deep gaze.
You will probably annoy her if you are talking all the time or if the silence breaks last a long time. So, remember not to prolong each situation.

Keep the conversation with your woman going at least 5-6 minutes to deserve a few seconds of silence during which you have to meditate on what you have said and have a reflection on the subject. Otherwise, you think about the following interesting topic.

If she asks you why you are silent, you can invent something romantic and tease like: “I was swimming in happiness because I am with you right now but never mind, since you asked. What do you think that [subject that you master in your studies or in your job]?”

Communication is the key to a successful date, and it is a talent that develops. So, cultivate yourself, read books, navigate between blogs, including this one, and let your imagination run wild.

Good luck, my dear!

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