Approach Lines To Flirt With A Girl

Approach Lines To Flirt With A Girl Effectively

I know you like ready-made approach lines. Don’t tell me otherwise, because I have a lie detector installed on the TGD website.

Approaching a girl, you now know, is the very first step that you must take if you want to attract a beautiful girl that you like. You don’t approach anyone — you won’t get anyone.

In addition, you must have known that the most beautiful, the most interesting, and the most engaging women are often in the streets. Contrastingly, I know many seductive guys who excel at nightclubs or even at strip clubs but fail in approaching girls in the street. They think it is difficult to stop a walking woman or who is in a hurry.

False. It is simple.

Indeed, we can stop a woman walking in the street. We have to approach her with a good level of energy and self-confidence. And the best way to do that is to apply a “Direct Game” style approach.

That is an honest approach that masterfully illustrates your interest.

You are not playing a game and not beating around the bush. You get straight to the point.

Also, know that you must capture her attention when swinging your approach line. You must not be tender. You are not playing with a baby.

But you are approaching a woman.

In fact, to be sure to capture her attention, speak with a deep (and sexy!) Voice, also prefer to touch her subtly on her shoulder. Then stop and say, “Excuse me…” NEVER say it in a shabby tone like you’re begging or whatever. Then, follow up with one of the approach words I’m sharing with you in a moment.

The principal thing here, and I will repeat it, is not what do you say, but how you do it. Your approach lines should express not only your honesty but also your directness. Don’t forget to deliver it with desire as well.


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Man approach lines flirting with a girl

Here are my ultimate approach lines:

“Excuse me! I think you are gorgeous. If I didn’t come and tell you, I would have had something that would piss me off. Now I feel better!… My name is…!”

“Excuse me, miss! I just saw you there, and I thought this girl looks attractive. Let’s talk to her! So here I am! My name is…!”

“Hey! You are….! [Take a Breath….] Gorgeous. I could not keep it to myself”.

” No, but that is not true! You are so seductive. But there is something beyond this beauty…! I love your elegant way of walking! My name is…! “

No need to recall it! These approach lines are only to “open” a conversation.

Then you have to move on immediately and talk to her about what you were doing (seeing friends, working, etc.) And let her know you would like to see her over coffee next week. And, take her phone number or a social media account and disappear into the jungle.

Okay, now I know this might sound a bit ‘hardcore’ to you, especially if you’re new to dating or you’ve just overcome your shyness with girls. But it’s like that. At some point, play the game.

Accordingly, develop your style, because I know some daters who are comfortable with straightforward approaches like the ones above. And, of course, some like to get straight to the point (the more experienced).


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Other expressions to approach a woman

“Excuse me! I saw you leaving the restaurant, and I said to myself that you looked rather nice. Let’s talk to her. If I hadn’t come to tell you, I would have tasted regret. My name is…! “

“… Nice to meet you, Bridget! I think you are so cute, but I don’t know you well enough to tell you that. What is your finest quality? “

Then, let her react.

“Since I’m in a bit of a rush, I’m going to have to take your number, and with any luck, I’ll call you and ask you to invite me for a good cup of tea… By the way, do you like Jasmine? “

All said with a smile and great self-confidence. Your chances of leaving with the beauty’s phone number will be significant. But, note the work that awaits you!

So you guessed it, this kind of straightforward approach works on the streets.
If you are in a closed-in place, prefer to approach your sweetheart with the indirect approach we saw above.

You are in the evening and that you see a beautiful girl all alone. I would have preferred to advise you to approach her indirectly and get her opinion on something. But then again, you can play the handsome, flirtatious, and approach her directly.


“I looked around the whole bar/club/pub, and I think you’re the only cute girl I could chat with, so that’s cool, we’re talking… [Your name]! What about you? “

That trick allows you to get straight to the point. You don’t waste time. It also eliminates any stress during the collision and everything that goes with it.

But remember, don’t memorize approach phrases, or you’ll sound like an idiot repeating a recitation. Girls pick up on all of this! Look natural and relaxed. I don’t want this girl to chuckle at you.

Congratulation, you have everything to approach the girls you want, the direct and the indirect methods. So, adapt your style, and remember: Hold on Gentlemen!

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