Talk On The Phone With A Woman

How To Talk On The Phone With A Woman

The purpose of the first article on flirting on the phone with a woman was to give you the solid foundations of a basic phone game. It is therefore qualified as a beginner level.

This new phone game is slightly advanced and requires a good mastery of approach techniques. It will allow you, with no worries, to convert this phone number into an actual meeting with your future sweetheart.

So here is the brand new version of the phone game. 

Every day, I realize that guys and the phone have a very complicated and unhappy love affair. It’s sad. But this is no longer your case because you have been through here.

So, before continue reading this article, I warmly invite you to re-read the first part, to master the basics of a phone game.

If it’s done, we can start our session on the woman and phone.

Using women’s tactics with a masculine twist

Women give out their phone numbers for many reasons: There are those who like to receive a lot of calls from men, to see their egos flattered. There are those who don’t give a damn about men and turn them around, and there is a minority who behave naturally and seriously when they are engaged by giving their phone numbers!
And the biggest revelation I found is that women differentiate themselves on the phone.

When you call a woman the very first time, she freaks out and shows that she is tough, busy, not interested, etc. I reassure you, this is normal.

We will then do like her: to brag (not too much anyway, eh) and to show no interest.
Yes, my friend, it’s that easy.
If the first phone game recommends you not spend a lot of time with her on the phone, this one gives you the possibility to do so since your principal aim, I remind you, is to convert that little phone number into a first date.


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Smart trick to pick up a woman’s phone number

Before we look at and break down the rules for a successful phone dating game, let me tell you one thing.

It is more practical to fix your plan with your little princess before taking her number, even if she is with her friends. Then make sure that the number is correct for the logistics of the first date.
Indeed, a phone game is must be successful before the phone call you are going to make to your sweetheart. That helps make your job easier.

After complimenting her like a pro, say:

“I would like to continue our discussion over coffee, would you like?”

When the young woman agrees, take out your cell phone and tell her to write her number.
In her subconscious (it’s nothing except psychological), she will think that it is her idea to give you her number and not yours. That’s smart, right?
In addition, she needs to have your number on her cell phone, so call her right there so you can verify that she gave you her exact number (no stupid joke), so she would answer your call.

Also, tell her to give you a nickname, for example: “Sexy Boy” it’s always nice to have a little smile on her lips before she picks up her phone.

Finally, I also advise you to send a text message before your first call.


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Talking on the phone with a woman: Why to call her?

To play Mario Kart Tour.
No, seriously!
You’re going to call her to set up more comfort, too, to see if she’s worth it.

Tell yourself: I’m going to talk with her as long as it takes, to see if something is interesting about this girl, something that will push me to know her better, and that proves to me she is hardly about a desperate and shabby woman.

You never know.

You are going to call her to amplify and support the interest she has in you.
Know that when a woman gives you her valid phone number, that doesn’t mean she’s going to see you again, as some failed guys think. We’re talking about only a 25% interest level.

Note the work that awaits you!

So, stop stressing and complicating your life, figuring out how to call her and what to do. Keep in mind that your phone call is a matter of mutual interest, both for you two!

When to call her?

You call the young lady when you feel like it.
It’s like calling your mate.
Favor, also, to call her when you are in great shape and when your morale is beating records!

Human beings can transfer their emotions and feelings by any means, even over the telephone. If you have just argued with your neighbor or your co-worker who keeps pissing you off with his stupid stories, I advise you to go out and take a hit to change your mind before calling your future sweetheart.

You can also call her when you are in a fun place! So she can hear the atmosphere and the joy all around you, tell her you are having fun, and that life is good. Sub-communicate to her you have a fascinating and rewarding social life, and you don’t call her from a cave lost in the jungle.

Now here is the trick that you will find helpful.

I prefer to call a new woman when I have three phone numbers, three new girls who were interested in me when I flirted with them, and three scenarios. So I call the three sweethearts, being sure at least I would have one date out of every three if all three of them pick up. Therefore, I don’t get depressed when one of them refuses my invitation.

So, my friend! Overcome your shyness, improve your seductive voice, your approach sentences, and your style with each brief phone call.

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Talking on the phone with a woman: How to call?

Change your habits! I have a new recipe for you.
The phone rings, the young woman answers, and I tell her I’m going out to see some friends. Always remind her I have a social life.

“… So, what’s your schedule next week? Let’s meet tomorrow at 4 pm in the botanic garden. Is that good for you! If we get along well, we could go eat together at… uh, I forgot, I have to feed my little lizard. I call you in the evening.”

This stuff makes them laugh, it’s light and funny!

** Tip ** Always choose places you are used to and where you feel comfortable and avoid surprises. And the next day, call her two hours before your meeting, supposedly to check if she needs the place’s location, but the real reason to check would she stand you up because of an emergency at the last minute.

She will understand that you are a punctual guy. But if she doesn’t hang up, or she doesn’t call you back, it’s dead. Don’t wait there like a jerk.

Talking on the phone with a woman: To finish with style

Never take a phone number seriously, and never think that a number equals a date. Expect being stood up because “interesting” women are creatures that stand men up by nature. They even do it with their friends, families. Worse yet! They stand themselves up whenever they can’t find anyone to do it !!!
Something else, my dear!
If a woman doesn’t answer you, it’s not your fault, ok! Maybe her friends influenced her, forget her! She’s an unstable girl.

Call other girls, go out, and meet women.

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