Interest A Girl Subtly Tips

How To Interest A Girl Subtly: 7 Powerful Tips

Do you want to know how to interest a girl? It starts by arousing the girl’s interest and curiosity in you.
With this foundation, you can gradually build a lasting attraction with any woman.
Let’s get into the heart of the subject.
Make eye contact first.
Often, men feel like they have to prepare to approach a girl: you will adopt their body language and repeat what they say.

And because they do, you forget one of the most natural steps to meeting a new person and getting a girl interested in you: eye contact.

You stand next to a girl and talk to her before even announcing yourself beforehand. It’s a shock (and she feels forced) to hear a random greeting before even spotting the person speaking.

Before speaking, stand next to her for 1-2 minutes. Go next to her to order a drink or walk past her in the store. Then, when you see her, smile and, seconds later, say hello.

Such eye contact can make her like you (because she finds you friendly) a lot more before you even have to speak. Pretty cool and easy, right?
So here are some more tips that will help you spark that interest and curiosity to get a girl interested.

Increase your confidence and charm naturally

Confidence is the one irresistible trait you must have if you want to interest girls. And, by looking at your body language, girls can tell right away whether you are confident.
For example, if you move around or make yourself “tiny” in your surroundings, women will see you as lacking in confidence.
Therefore, the first step in engaging a girl is to adopt confident body language. Keep your movements calm and controlled.

Don’t be afraid to take up space and take ownership of your surrounding. If it is difficult because you are feeling nervous or uncomfortable, breathe slowly and deeply.
That will help you relax and allow that confident body language to express itself naturally. Know that :

  • Good posture instantly boosts self-confidence: It makes you feel taller and more powerful when approaching a woman. And the best part? This step, unlike other body language tips, is so easy to do. It won’t take your attention away from it and the present moment.
  • Good posture strongly stimulates the natural charm: I mentioned you feel taller and more powerful with good posture. That not only helps you feel better, but also helps you see how the girl sees you. You immediately project great and powerful confidence (and do I have to tell you that confidence is attractive?).

Here’s the gist: To make a girl more interested in you when she sees you, stand up straight when talking to her.


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Interest A Girl Subtly: 7 Powerful Tips

Interest a girl by talking about your shared interests

I know what you are thinking: how do you know if you and this woman you just met have a common interest?
Well, if you are trying to talk to women in a place where you already have a common interest (cafes, parks, gyms, or bookstores), your natural connection is clear; since you have a common interest in that place!
Now, how do you get a girl to care about you? Use this interest to your advantage. After you say hello, talk about your shared interest.

Show her you are a connoisseur or that you have a taste, but you hesitate between two choices, avoid the questions of someone who knows nothing about nothing, for example:

  • While waiting for the bartender at a local brewery: “This place has the best selection of dark beers. Have you ever tasted it?” Or “I recommend the light wheat beer… would I get you one?”
  • In a store: “I can’t fixate on the gift for the bar mitzvah of a friend’s son… Which of these two things would you choose?” Or “I am looking for a suit for a wedding. Which of these two ties goes best with this shirt?”
  • In a park: “We need another player for frisbee [or any game]. Would you like to play?” [Inviting her to a darts game also is a pleasant idea in a pub!].

When you actively filter women like this, they see you as a man of great worth. They will then try to keep your interest and attention.
After you’ve flirted with a girl effectively, you can start asking her questions like, “So what’s your thing? Or “What are the three things I wouldn’t know about you by looking at you?”
These questions are significant because they are open-ended and allow the girl to share as much information as she wants.
They also give you a better chance to get to know her. Then you can find out if she is an interesting woman or not.

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Create an adaptable connection

Whatever your approach ideas, they have to be authentic, which means you shouldn’t ask a girl who drinks wine what beer she would order, a girl in sweaty sportswear for fashion advice, a stripper for anything religious, or a girl running with headphones on if she wants to play frisbee, or even an older woman for medicines and drugs.
And remember, no matter what you say or who you tell it to, don’t brace yourself. Be genuine!

How To Interest A Girl Subtly: 7 Powerful Tips


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Interest a girl by making her laugh!

All girls want a guy who can make them laugh.
And there’s no better time to prove you have this ability than at the start of the conversation.
Make a girl smile at first, and it will help her relax and feel comfortable talking to you while arousing interest and attraction.
One technique you can use to strike up a conversation and make a girl laugh is teasing.
That is is especially effective because most boys are too insecure teasing a girl from the start.
By starting your conversations this way, you show attractive women don’t intimidate you. You can make her laugh and at the same time show her great confidence in you.

Make her attract you

Projecting confidence and making a girl laugh are common tips to get any girl interested. But there is another piece of advice that is just as important but not as much discussed. It is to get the woman to charm you.
Make her prove she is an unusual girl. It shows that you are a guy with standards who doesn’t invest his time and attention in any attractive girl.
In order to know how to interest a girl, it is important to know how to communicate with her.
That says how to make an emotional connection so that she feels close to you and you feel close to her.

One way to make this emotional connection with a girl is to use an “I” point of view when speaking. Express your thoughts, opinions – and especially your emotions – directly. For example, saying “I like Modern Love series” gives her a glimpse into your emotional world.
But if you say “Modern Love is a great series,” that emotional component is absolutely taken out of the picture.
Talking about your personal experiences, rather than aim facts, will make her feel more deeply connected with you.

Create sexual tension

No article on “how to attract a girl” would be complete without advice on building sexual tension. After all, that’s what keeps guys from entering the friend zone.
One of the most effective ways to build sexual tension with women is through touch. Start touching the girl at the debut of your conversation, lightly patting the back of your hand against her elbow.
If she’s okay with that touch, you can gradually switch to touching her for long minutes in more intimate areas (shoulder, back, thigh, cheek).

The key to knowing when to touch her more – or less – is to check her resistance. If she allows you to approach her or, maybe, she touches you like a response, then you can take one step further.
If, however, she pulls back or moves away when you touch her, you must give her some space. Build more confidence by joking and creating an emotional connection.
When she is a little more comfortable, try to build that sexual tension again.


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Interest a Girl: The conclusion

One more thing to remember that will help you tremendously when you want to interest a girl is not to think about the outcome.
That says, don’t dwell on whether you’ll get a phone number, a date, or even whether the girl will like you.
You have just to enjoy dating women and focus on the fun. If you get nothing out of your interactions with girls, you will have no trouble being confident, fun, open, and sexual with them.


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The best way to make this your natural way is to get a lot of experience talking and flirting with girls [Click HERE for the best tips to flirt properly and fast].
Make sure you talk to at least ten women a week and practice the techniques mentioned in this article.
The more experience you gain, the less concerned you will be with each interaction. What do you say about it?

Share your experiences and impressions in the comments!

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