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How To Flirt With A Girl: The Step By Step Guide

Every man asked himself: “But how do you flirt with a girl — perfectly?” “How can I impress a girl by flirting?” “What’s something flirty to say to a girl?”

Even if there is no shortage of options when it comes to dating apps and sites, it still happens (and fortunately) that you find yourself in a concrete situation: I mean being in the same place and at the same time as a girl you want to charm. So, I want to give you my best tips on how to date a girl with this step-by-step guide.

All we need is to follow this two steps strategy:
First, we will focus on you, dear friend, and the behavior you should adopt to flirt with a girl successfully.
Second, we will see how to flirt with girls by looking at what they desire to be flirted with.
That Sounds good? Let’s go.


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Step 1: What behavior should you exhibit to flirt with a girl?

Before you think about how to flirt with this girl, you will have to focus on yourself, my dear. It’s important to love yourself and have confidence in yourself. This is where we’ll start.

‘To love others you must first love yourself.’— Leo Buscaglia

Build confidence and self-esteem

A woman knows when a man is self-confident or when he is confused, hesitant, and shaky. If you are in the second case, I prefer to tell you right away: your chances of flirting with a girl are reduced.

Why? Because women want men who know what they want.
A woman wants a man who has enough self-confidence to be able to play his role of protector, among other things.
If you already have confidence in yourself, that is great, and you can take the next step.

If you have a lack of confidence & feeling badly about yourself, the good news for you is that self-confidence can be boosted with a little effort on your part. So to have confidence in yourself, you should: take care of your mind, your physique, and your stomach:
– Make sure you have as many positive things as possible in mind and therefore hang out with positive people who will help you with that.
– Read, watch and listen to positive books, magazines, television documentaries, internet videos, music, podcasts, etc.

For your physique, you must practice at least one sport activity that you like.
There is no need to spend 3 hours at the gym every day of the week: you must activate at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day or at least 1 hour 3x a week, depending on your schedule. As a result, you’ll keep not only your body healthy but also your mind (the two being linked).
As for the stomach, you’ll have to pamper it. Eat healthily and especially vary the pleasures. If you like to eat a good pizza or a good burger, go for it but choose quality restaurants offering quality products.

In summary, take care of yourself inside and out to feel your best and, lastly, to gain that self-confidence.
Remember that it shows right away when a man does or doesn’t trust him and I can guarantee you that to pick up a girl, you had better trust yourself, dear friend!

Highlight your passion or an area that you master

If women like men who are confident in themselves, they also like them to be passionate and/or experts in one field or more.
Don’t panic dear friend, I can imagine you already racking your brain to try to find a new passion or a new subject to study. No need to worry too much. Take stock of yourself and see what excites you, what interests you.

Did you found? Perfect.

Now, you are going to make this passion or this subject your best ally to, precisely, share this with the girl you want to flirt with.
The fact that you are an expert in a field or that you have a passion will allow you to put yourself forward on a subject that you master.
The interest? Showing the lady that you are savvy in an area she does not know will arouse her admiration and allow you to flirt with her, having a head start.


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Always have a positive attitude and not a crybaby

Would you like to flirt with an unsmiling girl? No! That’s exactly what I thought.
Well for women, it’s the same. They don’t want to be picked up by a guy who’s shouting and always negative at all. You must always try to have a positive attitude and not be a crybaby.

It ties in with what I was telling you about in the part about self-confidence. If you are positive and smiley, you are much more likely to pick up a girl than if you are in the opposite demeanor and mood.
Flirting leaves no room for the negative so print it well dear friend. Because it is your smile and your positive attitude that will help you attract that woman you’re desiring.

See life on the bright side and your glass is half full rather than half empty. In the flirting phase, never have a negative attitude of any kind.
Say nothing negative about yourself, or about Madam (of course), neither about your server. Nothing negative should come out of your mouth or out of your body (for example, never cross your arms when chatting with your beautiful one).


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Know how to be funny but at the right dose

Humor is a massive flirting weapon, provided you know how to put it to good use. Know how to be funny but without being heavy. Avoid greasy jokes about ass, alcohol, or women at all costs.

Prefer anecdotes that concern you personally and that have placed you in sometimes funny situations. Of course, don’t talk about your alcoholic evenings that ended with your head in the toilet bowl… That will only make your friends laugh.

On the other side, you could tell an anecdote like: “The last time I went shopping. I wanted to take oranges, but I had not seen that the bag was pierced so when I wanted to leave with my bag of oranges, they all fell back into their original bin… I found myself a little stupid, but that made me smile. “

That’s all. I took an example with oranges just to show you the simplicity and lightness of the anecdote.
This is a real situation that also puts you in the spotlight since you go shopping and, in addition, you eat fruit.
The girl will say to herself “ah, that’s good, he’s taking care of himself and doesn’t take yourself too seriously”.

So, it’s too positive for your flirtatious charm.

One important thing: never make fun of someone for wanting to demean them just to impress the lady.

One important thing: never make fun of someone and demean them just to impress the lady.
Women can’t stand a man laughing at others, let alone putting a person down in the hope of showing off. She’ll despise you, so always be respectful and make sure you only laugh at yourself.

Always show respect for yourself and others

Respect is essential to hope to pick up a girl. Always be respectful to yourself and to others including the girl you’re flirting with.
A respectful man is more likely to attract a woman than a disrespectful man. A man who knows the meaning and value of respect will always be more attractive.

Respect yourself by knowing how to assert your personality and by not being influenced by anyone. You are a man and you must know how to hold your head up high without ever disrespecting anyone or yourself.
Regarding Madam, always be respectful of her and never have a word or gesture that you might regret and that could ruin your dating phase


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Step 2: How to flirt with a girl based on what she wants or doesn’t want?

How to flirt with a girl

You’re not going to pick up a woman the same way if she’s in a bar, in a nightclub, or at an art gallery.

Likewise, all girls have different tastes and you will therefore have to adapt your approaching strategy and prepare all picking up the phone number scenarios according to the place, the moment, and, above all, the girl.

Most importantly, you’re going to have to be empathetic to feel exactly when you do or say something she likes or dislikes. Of course, the rule of thumb is to be yourself, to be natural, but still take care of how the woman in front of you is feeling.

To know how to flirt with a girl, there are 3 essential points. No need to bludgeon yourself with a long list of dos and don’ts. I’d rather get you straight to the point.

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Make good use of your gaze

Know how to look the girl in the eye without making her uncomfortable but still having a confident and reassuring gaze. Assured to show that you have confidence in yourself and reassuring to put the girl in confidence.

Above all, don’t have your eyes riveted on her cleavage. Look at her eyes and only her eyes. If you want to take a look at her curves, don’t worry, she will give you the opportunity, especially when she gets up to go to the washroom, for example.

Master the touch

You have to know how to touch a woman when flirting with her.
Master the touch by keeping a rule in mind: never touch her lower than her shoulder or the top of her arm, especially during the first dates. You can, however, place a hand on her back to accompany her when entering or leaving a room. You can also touch her hand, but without being pushy.

However, never touch her leg, buttocks, or hips. Keep in mind that having first physical contact is important to establish closeness between you and to show your attraction to her.
Besides, if she touches you too, bingo, she certainly likes you.

Keep some mystery

Do not reveal everything about yourself and keep a part of the mystery. If you want to flirt with a girl, you have to stay a little mysterious to make the girl want to know more about you.

You will understand: it all starts with you.

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