Flirt With a Girl on The Phone

Powerful Ways To Flirt With A Girl On The Phone

You know already that you can practice flirting in all fields. So today, let’s see together the best ways to flirt with a girl on the phone.

Before we go any further in the article, let me tell you one thing:
Why are most of the girls’ numbers that you have on your phone are just there? They are useless, but they are there, quiet! Oh yes, maybe one day they will turn into sexy women and leave your cell phone. You never know!

Seriously! Calling a woman is not an easy mission as it seems. I mean by calling a woman: making a success of the phone conversation; therefore, increasing the interest that she has in you. Thus, you convert this number into a proper date with your future princess. That is what you are going to know!

You guessed it, the whole point of a call is to amplify and sustain their level of interest and, ultimately, land a small date.

For this, there are rules to follow. Let’s go!


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Flirt with a girl on the phone: When to call?

If, for example, you took her number in a hurry, that said, that she did not know you a little better, it is better to call her afterward – wait for it – two days. I said 2, and I insist. Don’t be like the failed guys who call the same day or, worse, after just a few hours to check the number, which is completely silly.


As I will explain soon and in great detail in an Ultimate Guide to Flirting on The Phone, if you call her real fast, you’ll take for granted that you’ve been single since the first Motorola mobile phone! A hungry, thirsty single! A failure! You will categorize yourself as an ordinary guy = loser.
I’m sorry for the insults. It’s what girls think if we call them right away.
Remember, a flirtatious don’t do what other people do. Differentiate yourself and be a man. Be the special one!

Now suppose that you met a young woman at a bar or in a nightclub and that you had the opportunity to chat with her longer, all night long. She is almost interested in getting to know you a little better. Here, call her after – wait for it – a week. Yes, again, I said it right, a week.

For the simple reason, you are going to send her the following information:

Remember, I’m a busy (and therefore interesting) man with a satisfying social life and an attractive LifeStyle. That said, I’m not a loser.

Did you get the idea? Perfect, we can continue.

Oh! I forgot something


Then again, if you do not respect this rule, you telegraph that your social life is rotten and that you are an uninteresting and, therefore, insignificant guy.

Also, The guys who call on the weekends offer to meet the same day, and often they have something like this:

“Oh, that’s nice, but I’m going out with my girlfriends tonight. Thank you for your suggestion, but it will not be possible! You know what, I’m calling you, now I have to go… bye”

Afterward, no need to explain to you why she never calls back/answers.


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How to call her?

These are TWO calls. The first one is to get into the girl’s life reality, to make her understand that you have not forgotten her and that soon you will take action.

The duration of this call must last less than a minute, no more! It is a simple call where you will not discuss or propose a date; you will only gauge her emotional state when receiving your call, her reactions. A good sense of analysis is essential.

The example:

You: Howdy! [with dynamism] Can I speak with Sarah?
She: Yes, that’s me.
You: How are you, Sarah? Is everything okay?
She: Yes, that’s fine blah blah
You: What are you doing now? [She expects a proposal]
She: I blah blah
You: Oh, that’s very good. I just wanted to say hi, that’s it! [plot twist] So I leave you now. I have to go blah blah. See you soon! [Hang up first]

There you have it, first mission accomplished. In fact, you introduced yourself to the girl reality; she knows you are indeed present!

Then comes the second call which differs from the first, where the goal is to get a date with the princess, so it’s just a date, but offering it is a good start!

Typically, this call should last 3 to 4 minutes, if not even less! You have to persuade the girl gently to accept. You also have to show that you are someone busy. And, if you offer this date because only she is lucky.
“I want you to spend a pleasant time with me because you’ll see, I’m the trophy…”

But how to do it?

The example:

[3 days after the first call]
You: Hey! [her name]
She: hi!
You: So how are you? How was your day?
She: blah blah…! [if she continues with banalities, cut her off]
You: Very well! I’m also often busy during the week, and precisely this week, I will be free [two proposals with a one-day delay] Tuesday afternoon or Thursday at the beginning evening? Besides, I am calling you to suggest that you have an interesting discussion over a cup of tea because it seems to me that you can maintain an hour of pleasant conversation and, why not, of having a pleasant time together. [all with a sexy, calm, and collected voice]

Commonly, if you have played a good game of flirting while taking the number, and then on the first call, she will accept your first date without worry!

Powerful Ways To Flirt With A Girl On The Phone

Just a suggestion, if you want to impress her and stand out from the crowd, suggest something other than a coffee: cereal cafe, indoor axe throwing, a walk in a park, thrift store, trivia night bowling, animal shelter, cooking class… Develop your sense of creativity!

Flirt with a girl on the phone: What if she refuses?

No problem! Let a week pass and repeat the 2nd call again. And if she refuses … This girl is not interested.
What are you doing?
Move on to the next one: NEXT. There are thousands of girls who deserve to be with you, my friend.


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What about text messaging?

Avoid this trap, which most guys do. NO texting BEFORE A DATE, like:

“I’m looking forward to Thursday! We’re going to have fun!”
Please, NO! Leave this stuff to the losers, the guys with no life, and the needy guys!

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Flirt with a girl on the phone: The relaunch

I spoke at the beginning of the forgotten girls’ numbers.
So, if luckily one of my dear readers is shy to comment: What if I have had a girl’s number for a long time and I want to “restart the process”?

To relaunch! It is often the case, we all have numbers hidden in our directory that are still there. So relaunching them is not the same recipe at all!
It is better, in this case, to start with a brief text message to know if the princess is still available. Then, you have to switch to a direct call with the Direct Game: offer an appointment without beating around the bush. But, it would be necessary to find the words, the reason for your call!

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Flirt with a girl on the phone: The sum up

I never call the same day I took her number.

I never call her on the weekend.

1st introductory call: 50 seconds maximum.

2nd suggest an appointment call: 3 min max.

A girl who refuses 2 proposals in a row: Dismissed

I never text before my date.

Attitude: I am the PRIZE! It is a chance for her to have a good time with me.

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