Flirt properly and fast with girls

Flirt With Girls: Best Tips To Flirt Properly And Fast

You usually have less than 5 minutes to flirt with girls or even impress them when you approach them for the first time.
These brief minutes will decide if you are going to leave with the number of the Ms, to get an appointment, or in the opposite case, to return… empty-handed.

It is very important, even crucial, to invent a fast strategy to introduce yourself and start one of your flirting techniques. During this short first real-life interaction with the girls, you should be able to get what you planned to flirt with (her mobile number, her Instagram account, or an instant date).

I am going to share with you very simple but crucial tips, to help you optimize your approaches, and therefore, succeed in this big bet of fast flirting with a girl.

You’re in real life and time is flying, so you must be an efficient pilot who has not the right to make mistakes in such a short period.

Physical appearance – a must!

The first thing I’ll focus on is your preparation. By preparation, of course, I mean your physique.
If you ask women the first thing they notice in a guy, they’re all going to bombard you with bullshit, like:
“Oh! I see his eyes”
“And I see if he has a beautiful smile”

All this is a pure blah blah blah

ALL women, without exceptions, look first at your clothes and your style!

So, the first rule to keep in mind is to take care of your appearance when you are outside. Even if you want to look for bread in a near grocery store, try to be, at least, clean. You never know who you’re going to run into out there.

You’re going to take me as a perfectionist, but when I have to go shopping, I try to bring the bare minimum on what I’m wearing, because long before I had always made stupid excuses like:
“Oh, man! This girl is really beautiful, let’s go talk to her… Oh no, I’m not dressed well today, she’s going to reject me …”

But I was young, and I’m not complaining.


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From the day I started looking after my appearance wherever I went, I forced myself not to give stupid excuses anymore when I saw an interesting girl. And, you are going to agree with me about this point: when you know you are well dressed; you have more self-confidence and don’t curb your enthusiasm.

From the day I started looking after my appearance wherever I went, I forced myself not to give stupid excuses anymore when I saw an interesting girl. And, you are going to agree with me about this point: when you know you are well dressed, you have more self-confidence. and don’t curb your enthusiasm.
Because, through what you wear, you have to convey the image of a man who takes good care of his physical appearance: A clean man! An elegant man! An attractive man!


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The utmost importance of your “Body Language” in your daily life

Yes, my friend, we would say it over and over again… your body language is your massive weapon of attraction!
Indeed, researchers have proven that over 60% of communication with others is done through our bodies!
Your facial expression, the way you walk, your hands’ movements, your scent, and how you manage the space you occupy are indicators that can tell many things about you, especially for girls you want to flirt with.

In general, women will pass judgment on you, without opening your mouth!
I won’t go into the details of body language, but I want to focus on 3 essential elements, which every beginner who wants to flirt with girls forgets:

The gaze (eye contact) ;
The voice ;
And the smile.

Eye contact

When you approach a woman, look directly, without the slightest hold, into her EYES! NEVER look down (a sign of submission). And never stare at her chest, as she will regard you as a disrespectful pervert.
When you look a woman in the eyes, you make it clear that you are a confident and reassuring man. More importantly, you subtly let her know that you are interested in her (especially if you have a James Bond look)


By maintaining the gaze with your target, it is imperative to have a smirk. Otherwise, the miss will think that she is dealing with a military checkpoint …
When you display a smile, you sub-communicate an extremely positive state of mind which can only put all the girls you want to flirt with at ease and all ears!


I recently saw a video of a guy advising on dating: cool special effects and nice intro. But the moment the guy came up with his first line, I lost interest and had a pleasant laugh. The guy had a tiny voice that allowed me to have good 20 minutes of fun …
When you speak with a woman, you should always speak in a deep and seductive voice. You shouldn’t use a thin voice. If you want to sound more husky, manly, and/or cool, improve your smoky voice by practicing it on a microphone.


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You can have royal body language, you can have a celebrity style, you can master Eye Contact, smile, but if you have a little voice, you are going to screw it up.
At the first word you say, you’ll make your target burst out laughing. And you are going to set off a series of mockeries and jokes about yourself.
Just keep in mind to have a basic level: speak softly, calmly, and confidently. Your flow should neither be fast nor slow, the golden mean is enough.

What to say to flirt with girls?

Now that you have a well-groomed appearance, regal body language, I can tell you did almost 60% of the work. All you need now is to win the heart of the princess!
We will eliminate all indirect tactics, and we will bet everything on the famous Direct Game.
Because this is our only wild card!
You will therefore proceed like a natural. By focusing on your appearance and your body language, then you simply go… You introduce yourself!

Give her your best smile, look her sensually straight in the eye, extend your hand to her and say:

“Hello, my name is … What’s yours?”

Other than being stuck, she’s going to tell you her name. And this is where the article’s most important trick comes in, which is so simple and ordinary: Using her name, in every sentence you say!
Researchers have shown that the most pleasant name, which sounds like a harmonious and graceful melody in our ears, is OUR NAME.

Her name is Jane, so repeat her name whenever you have the chance, starting with the simplest:

“Nice to meet you, Jane, it’s good to meet you”

Then, the second thing you need to do is find a ‘tip’ on her that might compliment her subtly and cleverly… maybe she has a very fashionable bag you like or some pretty curls, ears, etc… You have to think about it seriously! Inspect all of its accessories and ask yourself:

“What’s so special about her? “

By answering this question, you will take a big step forward! Because it’s not a stupid routine, and it’s not a bad approach phrase, it’s fair… Natural what you say!
And to finish the deal, you can finally get him something like this:

“I saw you there two minutes ago, and I was like! This girl looks interesting, let’s talk to her!! And that’s great, Jane, we are talking right now (don’t forget the smile )”.

Then quickly ask her questions about what she does in the area. Does she work here?

After she answers you, try this:

” Cool! By the way, Jane, I’m a person who likes to finish the chats I’m starting, so I’m going to take your little number and call you over for coffee… and if you’re nice to me, we might even go eat together, are you free next week? (smile) “

If she says yes, pull out your cell phone (or your flirty notebook) and proudly note her phone number. Optionally, you can also use the trick in this article to optimize the number taking.

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Just keep in mind when you flirt with girls

You should keep in mind that your odds are 50/50. It’s the direct game.

Nothing more.

You must, therefore, assume the consequences of systematic rejection. Also, note that you must have a minimum of experience in the field to recognize signs of a woman who wants a date with you.
But if you carefully apply the instructions I’m presenting to you today, trust me, you will multiply your chances of hitting phone numbers or even dates just by applying the pattern. Above, by the simple fact of appealing to the natural and attractive man who lies dormant in you.

If a girl knows in advance that it’s done with you at all, you will lose all interest in her eyes and she will quickly turn to another man… If you remain mysterious and you do not explicitly understand that you like her, you will spark her interest and she will want to know more about you.
You must make her ask questions, her doubts, and that she wants to have the answer to the question: do I please him?
Blow the hot and the cold, make her lose all reference, and be the one who leads the dance, the dance of attraction, dear friend.

Take it easy! The idea is not at all to throw the examples one after the other.
Take one or two at the limit, but no more because you will appear so sophisticated to her, and you will lose the deal. However, this is not what you need.

Your approaching must be with tact, sensuality, and confidence. With slight humor as well, it will go creamy.

Observe attentionally her temperament: Some girls will respond better to this kind of technique than others, but the best way to find out is to try.
If you see it doesn’t work, drop it and use another technique to maintain your chances of seducing her. If not, do yourself a favor, drive her crazy, but make her crazy about you.

Do not declare yourself the winner too quickly either!

If you run into a clever woman, she might turn the table and do the same with you: that could be a funny dating game for both of you and the start of a great bond. But before you get to that, always stay on your toes and always keep your eyes and senses open.

Do not let her voluptuous forms and her fiery gaze coax you. Stay focused and remember your primary goal: to do the seductive dance to her so that she isn’t just a woman but YOURS.
Trust yourself,

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