Flirt With A Stripper In Real Life

How To Flirt With A Stripper In Real Life

In this article, I would like to tell you how to flirt with a stripper in real life.

Several approach techniques are conceivable depending on the type of woman concerned. And even though standard flirting rules can be adapted to all girls, we should sometimes avoid or favor some over others.

Before you get carried away and think that it’s easier to date a stripper than any other woman, realize that: No! It doesn’t. It may not be more difficult. However, it may take more time and, therefore, patience to get there.

Flirting with a stripper fundamental rule

You have to start by never allowing yourself anything you wouldn’t allow yourself with a woman.

A stripper is a woman foremost. And that’s okay to say since you could quickly forget her because of her unusual job. And it’s not because the stripper wears sexy lingerie and exhibits her boobs while dancing that makes her easy to flirt with.

So, if you hope to pick up her, do not allow yourself to touch her, no matter what part of her body, even when she sits on your knees for a private dance.
Be close to her physically, but at a respectful distance.

Remember, she’s at her workplace, even if it’s recreation for you.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and, with a stripper, it’s the same thing: don’t judge her without knowing her. No matter what reason or reasons she’s doing this job, it doesn’t make her any less of a woman than anyone else, and you don’t have a say in it, anyway. It is her life, and she has every right to lead it as she sees fit.

Respect her! And keep in mind that she has endured the disrespect of dozens of men before you. She may be suspicious at first, logically, but if she sparks your interest, show it to her with tact, patience, and kindness.

You must not ogle at her from head to toe. She’s dressed sexily, I know, but that’s her job. And, if you’re hoping to pick up her, focus only on her eyes. However, if you feel the urge to look at any part of her body other than her eyes, do so discreetly and certainly not when she is looking at you. In brief, avoid taking your eyes off her face.

How to flirt with a stripper: First contact

Ideally, go to the club when it opens. The strippers would be much more available and open to discussion than in a rush with an armored club of thirsty clients.

Pick a stripper and focus only on her.

The first time, make her remember you and stand you out from the crowd with your sweet, serious gaze [Be the only guy who looked her in the eye and didn’t check her tits].

Avoid being stingy and tip her generously before you leave. It’s just to thank her for giving you time at her workplace but to avoid any misunderstanding so that she knows you like her.

A compliment will always be welcome.

Remember to ask for her first name directly. But if the place is noisy, you can demand it from a hostess or the bartender.

Don’t imagine that just because she’s a hot dancer, she can guess what you are thinking. Remember, she is a woman first, and no matter what her job is. It’s up to you to make her understand things clearly.

The best time for you to leave is when the club fills up. In fact, don’t stand around and observe her working, as she may feel uncomfortable. She doesn’t know you yet, and she might imagine that you are a pervert or possessive man.

In addition, she has to make some money, and if you bother her, being frank, this is not very courteous to you. Since her boss watches everything that happens in his club, let her work in peace for clients other than you.

Look forward to the time you have been able to spend together. And wait until you see her again to find out if she is single and to invite her out on a date.

How To Flirt With A Stripper

Don’t flirt with another stripper

Two nights later, come to the club and order a drink. Ask the bartender or a waitress if the stripper in question is working. If she is not on duty that night, finish your drink and leave the club. That girl attracted you more than any other, so kindly decline invitations from other strippers for a private dance.

Even better, try to know her schedule and come to the club only when she is there.

Girls talk to each other, and if you come when she’s not around, she will know it. That will work against you. Between those who would disrupt your strategy out of jealousy and those who would make bad jokes to tease her, avoid coming to the club if she was not there.

The loyal client

Go to the club only for her. The stripper will be pleased to have you there, spend more time with you, and dance for you, as you are her faithful admirer and loyal client.

However, remember not to be just a client. On the second or at least the third contact, tell her explicitly that you like her and ask her is she single. Otherwise, she will risk seeing you simply as a regular and generous client, and you will ruin your chances of winning her over.

Little by little, get to know her. While she’s dancing for you, ask her personal questions about her hobbies, her favorite vacations, etc. Apply everything you know to interest the girl. Important, avoid asking her about her job. She already spends her time talking about it to all the other people.

Finally, suggest seeing her on a proper date, away from her workplace. Earlier, you have probably gotten some information on what kind of date and place she likes. If she refuses, give her a little time and don’t insist on the timing.

Or else, she is the one who will ask you to invite her to a romantic date. That is just to put an end to your fantasies.

Prove to her she can trust you

Little by little, prove to the princess that you are not looking to buy her with cash or gifts. Show her you differ from other men and that she’s safe with you other than having a good time without feeling like a piece of meat.

If she’s okay with seeing you outside of the club where she works, don’t have sex with her on the first date. You will lose all credibility. Worse yet, she might refuse to see you again, telling herself that you are ultimately like everyone else.

Take your time and give her time to trust you. As a general rule, a stripper doesn’t trust men because of the horrors she endures repeatedly. Always remember that she met lots of men, and especially the least gentlemen possible, so be forgiving. Be patient, my friend!

Finally, be aware of her work, accept it, respect it, and do not change it. She has been doing this job for a long before meeting you. So don’t start wanting to turn her life upside down and hope it suits you a little more. Remember that her motivations for doing this job can be many and varied, so don’t put a strain on her if she just enjoys doing it or is using it to make another of her dreams come true.

If you respect all of this, you should be able to date a stripper. But I repeat, you need to be patient, understanding, and open-minded.
If you are by nature jealous and possessive, let it go because you cannot take it for long, nor do you imagine you will change it as you wish.

It’s your turn,

Have a good dating!

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