Tips To Have Sex On The First Date

Powerful Tips To Have Sex On The First Date

To have sex on the first date with a girl who interests you and who pleases you is often a crucial issue. Not everyone could handle it well, especially if you are a beginner in flirting games.

Here are five practical tips to help you have sex with a girl on the first date.

Ready, steady, go!

Choose the perfect day

The first rule of the game: never suggest a date during the weekends, especially if you haven’t kissed her yet. Dating a girl on the weekends sends the following message: “I value you so much, I have all the time for you, and this date is the date of my life!” “terrible idea, you lost ahead before the game even started”.

So, instead of messing around, opt for a date between Monday and Wednesday instead. I like Mondays. It’s the start of the week, and usually, you have a lot of energy to spare.

But anyway, you are free to choose the day that suits you except, of course, the weekends. You should reserve weekends for your friends, flirt in the real world, and focus on your social life. Not the girls. They can wait.

Who is the prize? You have the answer.

Choose the right place

Good. We have to agree here. If your goal is to have sex with your “date” on that first date, forget about cafes, restaurants, walks, and anything conducive to conversation.

Nothing magic: make an appointment around 8 p.m., in a trendy bar, which you know very much, where you have your habits and where you know people (social proof is always proper to take)

Plus, a date around 9 p.m. will save you money: Ms will surely eat at her place, and you don’t have to pay for her food when you haven’t even kissed her yet. (And no, you don’t sound like an a**hole).

It is not a question of tight-fisted, but common sense.

So, make a date at that bar that you enjoy, have a few drinks (let’s say 3 to 4), and see for yourself that it’s not too hard to kiss her after those 3 or 4 drinks.
I’m talking about a girl who tolerates alcohol because you will not jump on a drunk girl or have sex with her. We both agree on this point!
Besides, if the chick only drinks one drink, sorry, she’s not interested: she doesn’t like you.


Special preparation for sex on the first date

I know lots and lots of guys who go on a first date with routines and stories learned by heart from blogs like this for a successful first date. It’s completely understandable to desire to please a girl by being interesting. But do not take ownership of the story you are telling and, above all, improvise most of the time. If she discovers you’re telling her others’ stories, you will become, in her eyes, the pathetic man who has no stories.

It is almost impossible to memorize so many stories to impress your princess. So, be yourself! And I hope you seriously interest someone with passions and plans in life.

All I can recommend is to prepare two things:

A cheerful story that you have lived in the past, where you convey a specific quality: leadership, humor, or even a passion for something you love. The important thing is to tell the story with enthusiasm, suspense while slipping little dirty jokes or sexual allusions from time to time. (Prepare your story carefully! It’s a duty, get to work!)

It’s simple: a story, plus the House Game, and you’re well prepared for it. Of course, don’t forget to prepare some open-ended questions to create more conversations as well. But don’t worry.
That will bring us to our next step.

Calm down, it’s not Natalie Dormer

So tell me! Are you going to meet Natalie?
So “Chill the f*ck out!”

Usually, a lot of guys lose control of the situation due to stress. There’s no point in panicking. I’ll say it to you again! If you don’t go out with Natalie Dormer, you have no reason to stress or panic. Because you will unfortunately indiscriminately convey this stress, this negative energy, and the young woman will receive it: game over!

If you are in front of a mad dog and show it you are afraid, it will eat your a**. Yes! So remain calm and in peace & love mode.

It is the same with girls (except here you’re the one eating her a**. Well, I hope so!)

On the other side of the shore, and that you must not forget, the girl herself is also stressed and scared to death as well. Women are programmed to stress all the time.
So I repeat, Peace & Love is your password for the evening. You have nothing to prove. You are the prize, and it’s the girl to show you she is interesting and deserves your full attention.

By doing this, you will notice how easily you will de-stress, and the date you have will turn into a simple and casual meeting.

No stress! No panic! Life is Beautiful!

How To Date Girls Properly With A Wingman

Discuss. Touch. Kiss

These are the three magic words of the first date. When a friend asks me: “How to make a success of a first date with a woman?” I always answer: “Talk, touch, kiss!”

And I tell you that too.

Experience has taught me one thing: to kiss a girl, touch her first (practice the famous Kino Escalation). And to touch a girl properly, without sounding like a pervert, you must chat with her to make her feel comfortable with you. Hence, the interest in preparing your interesting story, open questions, and house play.

Start by touching her hands and her forearm. Then, continue with the shoulders, then the lower back.
The step after this first part of touch (kino) is the kiss.
After that, while kissing her, try to touch her “sensitive areas” such as the thighs and the buttocks.
If she felt a little uncomfortable, moved away a bit, or did not like the caresses on the buttocks, you can interrupt everything and tell her in a surprised tone: “They are the ones who threw themselves on my hands!”
Otherwise, to mess around, tell her how much you love her little buttocks (this compliment works for me all the time – try it, it’s worth the trip)

What else?

As soon as you feel the tension rising, when you are touching her, say to her: “Are you a good kisser?”
Usually, she won’t say anything. You continue with a regal self-confidence: “Let’s try it now! “

Hip hip hurray! You just gave her the best kiss of her life.

Have Sex On The First Date

Sex on the first date: What’s next?

If your home arrives first, you have to ask her nicely if she wants a nightcap at your place and show her something interesting that you told her about on your date on the spot. Especially not push or force her if she doesn’t feel like it or if you notice she is drunk. Say goodbye and pay your share.
If her home is the first, it is the most comfortable situation for her. Inevitably, she invites you to come in after this pleasant date.

Well done. You have won. And the rest, you know it.

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