Flirt With Girls In Clubs

How To Flirt With Girls In Clubs: Post-Pandemic Guide

Today, I give you an ultimate post-pandemic guide to master the nightlife and flirt with girls in clubs. Whether you want to find the woman of your life or you just want to conquer.

In fact, that idea occurred to me during the pandemic when I was watching a DJ Livestream performance with my girlfriend. I told her I had a self-fulfilling prophecy that clubbing wasn’t over. And, I’ve remembered all my club flirting techniques and how I killed myself mastering the night game (or the art of evening flirting).

And I got it right. After months on ice, the pandemic is almost over, and nightclubs have reopened!

Before going to the article details, let me tell you one last thing: to flirt well with girls in clubs is not for everyone. It may take you months or maybe years to be comfortable flirting with girls, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking action by stepping out of your comfort zone.

How to make delightful encounters in clubs, and what is the best way to flirt with gorgeous girls?
How to conduct social interactions in nightclubs after months of social distancing?

Let’s go!

#1 Get in the mood to flirt with girls in clubs

If you stay locked up at home playing the latest FIFA, binge-watching Netflix series, or hanging out all day, you’ll find yourself less enthusiastic and energetic when it comes time to go out around 9 pm and then have a well shitty night out.

Thus, if you want to spend a splendid night with your friend (s), don’t lay down on your sofa all morning:

  • Get in the mood in the morning by going to the gym for a 25-30 minute cardio workout;
  • Eat a well-balanced meal for lunch;
  • Call your friend (s) or only your wingman to get you more in the mood and schedule your evening;
  • Choose your outfit with care;
  • Play FIFA for a while if they were here too early.
  • Go out for dinner with your friend (s) around 8 pm.

The idea is to have a good day to be ready in the evening in a positive state of mind. Prepare a good evening in advance, in the morning, and make sure you are the leader of your social circle by taking action.

In my mind, I shall feel that I earn my evening before I go out. So, I force myself to do particular tasks, to work, or to play sports before. I’m active during the day, and on the other side, I feel like I deserve to have fun. In short, clubbing becomes meritable to me.

#2 Be on top of your appearance

If you look like a tramp, no one will want to talk to you. The night world is superficial: appearance matters a lot. If you arrive in a suit, well-groomed and perfumed, women will come to you more easily.

And, if you are not the suit type, then at least wear a shirt, jacket, and shoes certainly, not sneakers.

Furthermore, many guys think women never approach but think again: if you take care of your appearance, one or two girls will contact you. They don’t care if you are a trader, Lyft driver, or even a failure. What matters at first glance is your physique and style.
So take care of them seriously when you go out clubbing.

#3 Choose the right club/party

I like stylish girls who wear evening dresses, so I try to go to trendy and famous clubs to meet them.

You may prefer girls with a more casual style, or girls with a more gothic style. To flirt with girls in your preferred style, choose the right nightclub with the atmosphere you like.

For example, I am a Minimal Techno music addict. So I go to clubs that play this kind of music to feel comfortable, so I can then adopt a positive state of mind to flirt with new girls. I even have vinyl records. You never know a girl I approached will come to my house. It will make us a topic of conversation.

That said, if you don’t like house music and go to a club that plays that style of beats, you won’t be comfortable and the women you are trying to attract will notice it.

How To Flirt With Girls In Clubs After Pandemic Guide

#4 What about clubbing?

We must agree on the fact that your game of flirting won’t take place in the middle of the dancefloor!

So, dance and order yourself a single drink, no more. It’s all about enjoying the atmosphere, and avoid being drunk to master your flirting art.

First, choose a corner at the bar or a table that lets you get a good visualization over most of the club.

Then, approach groups of 2 girls as a priority, and avoid being blocked by her girlfriend (s).

Women who are open to meeting new people send usually clear signs.

Flirt With Girls In Clubs

#5 Go for a simple approach sentence

Put forward your sense of conversation. Indeed, people go to clubs for fun. They are not there to criticize the state oligarchy. So, Be simple in your approaches, but effective. Personally, if I see a girl I like, I use one of my favorite approach lines:

Me: “Hi! Are you having a good evening?”
The girl: “I don’t know!”
Me: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you put on her?”
The girl responds.
Me: “Let me offer you a drink, and you’ll see your evening passes to 10 out of 10. I am XY! I am delighted to meet you. What’s your name?”

Or, you impart positive energy to the girl:

“I love this place. There is crazy energy! By the way, I’m XY!”

Then, I continue by asking her an open question:

“Have you already found the man of your life tonight?”

I await her answer, and I continue with the famous game of [Fuck – Marry – Kill]. It’s an old conversation game that I have practiced dozens of times, and it has been a success for me.

In fact, the rules are simple. I designate three guys for her if she agrees to play with me. She will have to decide who to have sex with, who to marry, and who to kill. This game helps break the ice and energize the conversation.

Don’t forget these steps:

  1. Approaching her by offering her a drink. [Classic]
  2. Asking if she met the man of her life that evening. [Unexpected]
  3. Playing the “fuck, marry, kill” conversation game. [Energetic]

Therefore, if the girl is receptive, she will offer you the same game. When she asks me who I want to marry, I often answer her: “With you!” She laughs => a point is scored.
For example, I replied also I would like to kill the DJ because of his unlistenable tracks. And I take advantage of telling her I have a vinyl record collection and some best music.

Finally, if the girl plays the game thoroughly, you can congratulate yourself because you interest her. Then invite her to dance a little to get closer to her, compliment her subtly, introduce her to your friend (s), pick up her phone number to continue your flirting game later, and have a last drink (think about physical contact).

Thus, don’t complicate your life. Be simple and get straight to the point.

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#6 How to flirt with girls in clubs: Enjoy life

That is my last technique that will allow you to have fun in nightclubs (the perfect place to meet new girls).

If you leave your house with the sole aim of flirting with girls, you are likely to miss your night out. In fact, you must switch your state of mind:

Having too many expectations about your future interactions is the worst mistake you can make.

So, go out to clubs without putting pressure on yourself to flirt with girls. Tell yourself that you are there to party, have fun, and enjoy life by savoring the evening with your friend (s).

The idea is to adopt a positive mindset. Thus, Avoid being like many men who are making a huge mistake about their state of mind, and that’s why they leave nightclubs disappointed and go home empty-handed.

Indeed, they go out only to flirt with girls and want to get phone numbers or to have sex the same evening. This way of thinking reduces their chances of success because they put too much pressure on themselves.

Believe me, the less you send negative vibes around you, the more women will want to end up with you.

So, here is, again, my last technique for you: Go out to have fun and think usually about enjoying your evenings. That is the key to being able to flirt with girls in clubs much easily. Therefore, you will become irresistible.

The pandemic is almost over! Go out, Folks! Take your revenge!

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