How to approach a beautiful girl with her friends

How To Approach A Girl When She Is With Her Friends

It’s the biggest bullshit guys do. They spend all their lives waiting to approach a girl when she is alone, to go talk to her, and not so sure. They completely block out and make a stupid fuss. And end up seeing the princess leave in the arms of another guy… Game Over, man!

How to avoid this error?

Yet it’s that simple when you approach a girl with her squad. You are more likely to get her, especially if she sends signs of attraction. You don’t sound like an obsessed flirt, but a true sociable gentleman.


Because the girl will feel more comfortable. We call this the Comfort Zone. When you are at your ease, you are simply in a normal state. Result: the discussion is fluid, the girl does not pose too many “dams” (Example: I have no time, I’m in a hurry…). So already, it’s a big step for you. She has no options to escape, but it’s not over.


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How to approach a girl with her unattractive girlfriend

How you will enter her comfort zone is very important. Talk with everybody, even if there is a guy with them. And especially talk to her unattractive girlfriend (there is always the beauty with an ugly). You’re going to tell me: “but I don’t give a damn about her !! “


This is THE real danger, which can screw things up …

Let me tell you the story of two girlfriends, the ugly UG and the beautiful BE. Well, when they go clubbing, the handsome guys only approach BE, while UG ends the evening on her own in her corner with her glass in her hand.

She spends the evening unnoticed, like an invisible ghost… While all guys picked BE up. Since then, poor UG has developed a defense shield, which she activates as soon as a guy approaches the beautiful.

She messes up everything, spoils your life, while you have even not known her existence …
She expresses herself, screams, and uses WE when taking. This funny thing kills me. Like: Hey, that’s enough, we are in a hurry both; we don’t have time; we are not interested. Whatever!

It’s just to highlight the trick. If you talk to the ugly girl first, then she will think she is dreaming. A guy has never spoken to her since she was friends with the beauty, and that’s precisely the trick. You earn points, and you don’t get pissed off by the ugly one. You mess with her, you laugh together, it’s a real treat, but be careful, we do not forget the target:

Reserve a game of very intense gaze. Sometimes, you involve her in the discussion staring her in the eyes, with your little gentleman’s smile, and (that is very important) teasing the beautiful girl.

Teasing a beautiful girl when you approach her

While you’re messing around with her girlfriends, ignoring her, at some point she’ll try to speak up too, and there, little NEG, by the way:

“Ho ho, we can’t cut off, Miss! She always does that to you?”

Here again, she has never had the right to such a remark. When you feel she freaks out, you say: “But, no! I tickle you!” (With your very classy little smile). And there, after the NEG, a must compliment comes, “you see girls, she looks cute when she’s upset”… And now it’s time to say goodbye !!!

Indeed, you are a busy guy, who has a social life, a lifestyle. We slip the famous time constraint:
“Okay, girls! It’s time to leave you. I have some friends waiting for me, but it would be a pleasure to chat over coffee together. I’ll take your class delegate’s phone number“.

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Be sure the ugly one will entitle you to this remark: “the guy is very cool, nice!”

All this comedy could be a lot easier and funnier if you have your wingman with you.

It’s done!

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