Younger Men Date Older Women

Why Younger Men Want To Date Older Women

Previously, society fairly criticized younger men who date older women, because historically, in most heterosexual couples, the husband has been older than the wife.

But nowadays, people seem more open, and things like age difference play a less important role in love. As surprising as it sounds, many men say they fall in love with older women.

So is it normal to be attracted to “cougar” women? Here are some reasons put forward by their young suitors and admirers!

Cougars attract younger men by their self-confidence

Some men dream of dating older women because the latter are more often than not very confident. They look more like iron ladies who have seen all kinds of things before and now display foolproof aplomb. This quality makes them more interesting, and therefore more seductive.

In addition, a mature woman has a long professional career and has several skills. Thanks to her age, she is also more cultivated than other younger females. She might impress you with the type of speech she gives and the confidence in her words.

That results from her life experience that facilitates an understanding of the world around her. According to statistics, most women over the age of 30 have a diploma. And all graduate women over 40 are independent and highly intelligent. These ladies can hold a deeper conversation on at least two or three topics: environment, travel, history, contemporary writers, means of communication, personal development, etc.

They can give you striking answers. And most men are not immune to it!

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Younger men date older women who are emotionally stable

The fact that a young lady keeps asking: “Do you love me? Or constantly having fits of jealousy can make guys sick. However, women in their 40s seem to have more control over their emotions. They are more stable, less demanding, and more open enough to drive many young men to fall in love with them.

The other reason the cougar dating business is booming is that these ladies are downright free from the male gaze. In other words, they are uninhibited. These are other character traits, unlike what young gentlemen find with ladies of their generation.

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Mature ladies are attractive

From the 40s age, most women accept their bodies for what it is: Bra bulge or buttock fat no longer worry them! And for those who want a dream figure, cosmetic surgery can do a great job.

Some young cougar admirers admit to being charmed by their plastic shape and their dreamy curves! Another exciting aspect, the dress style of these ladies is to die for. Indeed, to get more attention, they usually sport a look that is both sexy and sophisticated.

Older women are often seductive and fully ready for adventures. They can, however, frighten certain types of men. Those who lack confidence, for example, are not in their sights because they tire of them quickly!

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Younger Men Like To Date Older Women the

Older women don’t need to have babies anymore

The potential desire to give birth and start a household has already filled most women in their fifties. They are no longer looking for the ideal husband or the perfect father, but just a gentleman! At first glance, this reason may seem insufficient to explain a young man’s attraction to a cougar.

Some men escape from the responsibility of supervising children. And meeting an older lady, whose offspring are adults and have left home, suits them well. They like to capture all the attention without having to share it with their partner’s children.

In addition, the two lovers can better focus on their relationship, share pleasant moments while respecting the other’s need for freedom.

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Younger men date older women for their material comfort

You tell yourself that most gentlemen attract a cougar for her money. Probably yes, because men, whether young or old, also want to feel secure!

But many fall for these ladies, principally because they are financially independent and not looking for a prince to take care of them. Indeed, older women have a well-established professional career, good savings, and a sense of responsibility for paying bills.

What also fuels a man’s attraction to an older woman is her immense social network. This type of person knows people both personally and professionally. That can be very useful for an ambitious young man who wants to get started socially by all means!

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An independent woman who offers a gentle and maternal relationship

Although the cougars have a strong character, this does not exclude a certain sweetness, even fragility. That personality trait drives many young men to attract older women. These ladies can indeed provide a certain feeling of tranquility to sensitive gentlemen.

Young ladies are known for their boundless, impressive, and alluring energy. But some men of their generation opt for a quiet lifestyle instead. And so, if they run into a lady with hobbies like painting, jigsaw puzzles, jazz, crafts, or gardening, they never leave her.

Finally, some men are primarily looking for a partner who takes care of them, including moral and emotional support. They may think of an older woman as “a second” mother willing to do anything for him, from washing clothes to cooking.
Indeed, you would agree that older women already dominate the culinary arts, while young ladies most often prefer to eat out.

These principal reasons are enough to impress a gentleman in search of tranquility, refinement, and probably love!

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