What To Talk About To Flirt With A Girl

What To Talk About To Flirt With A Girl

There are a lot of guys who are good at flirting with girls. The thing is, they’re less so in explaining how they do it. Luckily, I’m here to step in and help you figure out what to talk about, to flirt with a girl.

There are other ways than offering a drink or asking for a phone number.

Of course, you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone and experiment, but we have nothing for doing nothing. Finally, you won’t get anything without trying. So, are you ready to experience all of this? 

Let’s go!

Some basic dating tips

Of course, I will give you concrete elements to know what to talk about, to flirt with a girl properly.

But first, I’d still like to give you some essential dating tips to avoid you screwing up.

Support the gaze

You can hold the gaze from the moment you feel the girl is receptive, and she invites you to do so.
Do not force her if she is frowning or showing any sign of resistance or disgust. Above all, you must respect this girl!
If the light is green, hold the gaze longer than ordinary gaze and smile at her.
Repeat this a few times until you have created some tension and curiosity. If she repeats eye contact, then she wants to date you, so be ready to approach her.

Master your approach without being heavy

Depending on where you are, offering a drink to a woman you don’t know on the first contact can seem tsk-tsked or even creepy.

That is a relatively presumptuous act, and Ms might feel compelled to return the favor with her attention or interest. In plain language, if you do like that, you’re forcing her hand, and that’s not what you have to do.

Conversely, master your approach without being heavy or out of place. Indeed, a light commentary on what is happening around you or a joke on a scene taking place will always be welcome.

Present yourself as a man who starts a conversation with anyone, not a man hunter girl.

Best of all, you act by creating a fun, friendly bond without getting snapped up in your flirting approach.

Be aware that women always receive better out-of-the-ordinary approaches than if you approach her crudely and brutally. In brief, the goal being for her to let her guard down.

Allude to spending more time together

When I tell you to allude, I mean it. It’s about staying vague and taking the temperature.

For example, let’s say you are talking about trips or music. Mention that you would love to attend an EDM festival because you love upbeat atmospheres [specify the location and the date].

You can say something like, “We should go together, that would be great!”. Observe the girl’s reaction and response, then move on.

Don’t overdo it! You just have to take the temperature as I told you.

Now is the time to go

Once you feel like the conversation is going somewhere and there is a connection between you, it’s time to go.


No one wants to feel trapped, and it’s also inappropriate to want to monopolize someone for an entire evening.

That says, disappear for a moment after making that first contact with her while showing her you are having a great time.

Give her space for her to manifest whether you attracted her. In fact, know that if she is attracted, she can come to her senses when you give her some time. However, if she isn’t, she can cut off all contact with you and continue her quiet evening.

Finally, before you go, tell her you’re glad you met her. Also, tell her you’ll contact her again if she’s “still” okay for the show, and suddenly offer to take her number.

Clarify that whatever happens, you will go to this festival, but you will be much more delighted to go with her.

Don’t wait

Suppose this girl agrees to give you her number and you meet again. Great!

Otherwise, that’s okay, dear friend. Tell yourself it was an enjoyable time training for your next target. And, it is better to choose another place where you will be sure that she does not frequent it or just wait till she leaves, seen!

So what to talk about, to flirt with a girl?

You can use the information I have just given to you immediately. But let’s go further because there are very different aspects in a conversation with a specific purpose to pick up a girl.

Talk about any topic the right way

Most men want to know what to talk about, to flirt with women. It makes more sense to talk about things that interest them.

Avoid talking with the girl you want to date about your last basket game or the volatile value of bitcoin. Unless it is your profession or you are sure she is interested in it.

On the other side of the coin, beyond the conversation topic itself, it is much more effective you talk the right way about any subject.

For example, she is interested in the environment. You got that information from a third person, or you heard it by yourself. In brief, you have information on the interests of your target.

On such a serious subject as the environment, you can show your interest in saving the planet by boycotting newspapers and magazines, consuming less plastic, etc.

But beware, this is far from sufficient. It is not enough to talk about topics of conversation that are sure to interest the young lady. Doubtless, you are unlikely to flirt with her if you:

  • Talk to her without looking her in the eye;
  • Don’t be attentive when she speaks;
  • Contradict her several times;
  • Are always negative;
  • Are boring.

The importance of body language

Your body language should go hand in hand. Be confident in standing up straight, whether you are sitting or standing. Don’t fuss around and remain relaxed.

Look her in the eye

When you talk to her and also when you listen to her, look her in the eye. Don’t let what’s going on around you distract you, and keep your attention on her.

Stay cheerful and have a sense of humor

You may talk about serious matters, but keep a positive mind not to spoil the mood.

Also, the use of humor is welcome but not the dark or the self-deprecating. Also, you don’t have to tell the girl jokes but know that women love when a man knows how to make them laugh.

Make her laugh, but don’t flaunt yourself either if you knew how to make her laugh. That is an important point.

Be the master of the conversation

Master the conversation. But, be careful, I didn’t say you have to monopolize it! Make it last and bring in new topics rather than just letting yourself go.

For now, this woman wants to see that you are taking the reins. She’ll want to turn the tide once you’re in a relationship, but you’re not there yet.

Compliment her rightly

Take it easy on compliments. Avoid overdoing it at the risk of sounding like a heavyweight or even desperate.

Sometimes, tease her and give counter-compliments so that she doesn’t gain too much confidence, either.

Do not seek her approval

When you are discussing with the young lady, do not seek her approval. Women want a man who is a challenge or almost. They don’t want you looking to please her.

In addition, clarify that you have high self-esteem don’t need her to like you or approve of you.

What To Talk About

The subjects to discuss to flirt with a girl

You will see, it is not very difficult. Young Women love to talk about drama, conflict, motherhood, romance, celebrities, gossip magazines, psychology, pets, etc.

Acquaint with at least two of these topics so that you can discuss them with her interestingly.

Although, be careful not to force yourself if you have absolutely nothing to do with celebrity scandals or splits. That would be okay.

You are also not going to play the part of a man that you are not. So if you don’t understand any of these topics, you have other leads.

Guess what other people are saying

Guess what topics these people are talking about. Do not hesitate to exaggerate for a touch of playfulness. You can do the same if it’s a couple, friends, or whatever. Indeed, the idea is to talk about something and with humor.

Thus, you will see the temperament of this girl and you will show her yours at the same time.

The important thing is that you don’t come across as a haughty man who just criticizes others.

Adapt to her beliefs and habits as well. If she’s a vegetarian, don’t suggest a big rib of lamb, your favorite dish… you know what I mean?

Talk about everything except the following topics

You can talk about almost anything to hit on a girl. But you should avoid bringing the following topics:

  • Violence of all kinds,
  • Death,
  • Combat sports,
  • Politics,
  • Religion,
  • Misfortunes
  • Exes,

You shouldn’t bring up these sensitive topics when flirting with a girl to avoid creating controversy or grief.

Also, avoid talking negatively about yourself and your loved ones (family and friends). Otherwise, she’ll automatically tell herself that you could talk about her the same way, so it’s not alluring at all.

In addition, avoid talking to her with a hopeless tone like you’re at the end of your life.

Regarding the subject of sex, it depends on the handling of storytelling and the receptivity of the young lady. That said, you can sexualize the discussion or be playful and let her unfold gradually with the proposed subjects. Also, never talk about your “long” period of celibacy, especially if you flirt with the girl to have sex with her on the same evening.

Finally, avoid asking her if you are her type of man, either. On the other side, tell her she’s your type and repeat you are feeling delighted by her side.

In short, you can talk about anything you want except the topics I have spelled out above. So what do you think of all this?

What is about your date? About what did you discuss? Tell us how it went.

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