A Man Is In Love With You

Undeniable Signs That A Man Is In Love With You

They tell us they love us, that we are the woman of their life, their undying love, and whatnot. But, what are the signs to find out if a man is in love for real?

What are the signs proving that a man is sincere about his feelings and commitment to a relationship?

Man in love sign # 1: His words

If a man tells us logically that he loves us, we should believe him. But so accustomed that we are to their lies, we constantly doubt their love and remain skeptical of their statements. So if it’s us who have a problem, what words can we believe?

If your man tells you repeatedly that he loves you, don’t tell yourself it’s just to make you believe it; it’s because he probably thinks it. If, in addition, the form of his statements changes, if he adapts to the situation to tell you, you may believe him even more.

There are many other signals in your partner’s words that can help you be sure about his feelings.
If he gives you affectionate nicknames such as “Sweetheart”-“My love”-“Darling”-“Sweetie pie”; and especially when he personalizes your nickname because of a pleasant time spent together or food you adore, then he truly loves you.

In addition, if he talks to you about your future together, he doesn’t view your relationship as a momentary hobby. That said, several clues can help you. Whether it is when he tells you about your next vacation or the bigger apartment you will probably move into soon because the one you live in is too tight for both of you, etc.

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Sign # 2: His gestures

Undeniable Signs That a Man Is In Love With You

All these words, which, even if they are sincere, leave us doubtful. You might verify through your partner’s gestures and the attention he has towards you.
He shows all his affection and his love for you with an involuntary act like a hand passed through the hair or in the neck during a statement. Or with a meal prepared after a hard day. In addition, he shows his affection with a love note just to please you.

Daily actions are important revelators of the intensity of feelings in a relationship. If your partner tells you he loves you without even attempting to get close to you physically (whether it’s to cuddle you, kiss you, or even hold your hand) it may sound justifiably suspicious.

But, if when he recites fiery and passionate words to you, he takes your hand or leaves a kiss on your forehead: it is a sign of real and lively love; likewise, if he whispers sweet words in your ear while passing his hands over your stomach or your hips.
It is these slight, discreet signs that reveal his feelings.

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Man in love sign # 3: His attentions to you

Undeniable Signs That a Man Is In Love With You thegooddating.com

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But all these gestures take their magnitude when your man daily accompanies them with special attention made especially for you. When, for example, you feel tired after a long and tedious day at work or when you are sick and he prepares the meal, washes the dishes, and does the housework so that you can rest.

Or when he spoils you with a little surprise that awaits you after your day. A bouquet, a gift reminiscent of the happy and funny moments you spent together, a kindle gift book you wanted to give yourself.

Or when he sends you a short text during the day to tell you he was only thinking of you, an email from the office to find out how your morning went, a little post-it or a note on a sheet in the morning near your bowl and spoon if it leaves before you wake up.

Without it being necessary that these attentions are present 24/7, as long as there are from time to time and that they come from him, it means that he loves you and he holds really up to you.

All that is just evidence confirming, besides his words, that he considers your relationship to be serious and promising. Plus, it shows he’s engaged, which is not negligible if you’re considering starting a family.

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Man in love sign # 4: His gaze on you

Undeniable Signs That A Man Is In Love With You

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How he looks at you is also very important. Does he look at you like a man looks at a pretty girl walking past him on the street, or does he look at you like a beautiful woman, eyes filled with intense sweetness, a mark of unconditional love?

If he looks you in the eye, with a look of sadness mixed with joy, when he tells you he loves you, you can believe him. Even talented actors and mimes cannot imitate this look so particular and so touching.

If you sometimes catch him looking at you while you are doing your hair, dressing, putting on makeup, it is because he cares about you and wants to take advantage of every moment spent by your side to contemplate you.

Also, if he appreciates seeing you in pretty dresses and in outfits that hug your curves without showing them, he fully realizes how lucky he is to be the man you love.

Finally, He mustn’t look at you with only sexual desire, and his eyes do not stay fixed on your cleavage or your buttocks, as beautiful as they look.

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Sign # 5: He appreciates you as you are

You are probably not perfect, like all of us. We all have our minor flaws, our irritating bad habits, and our complexes that can get on your nerves. However, your partner accepts you and loves you as you are: sporty or not, literary or mathematician, Christian or Existential Nihilist.

Whether mentally or physically, if your partner accepts you as you are and does not ask you to change, then he loves you and does not want to force you to adapt to him. That is one basis for a lasting relationship because he will not suffocate you with his desires and preferences.

Finally, remember that something taken alone in context doesn’t have the value of a sign to prove his love for you. It is a set of signs, which allows you to be sure that for him, too, the relationship is sincere and doomed to last a long time.

Comment if you notice any signs not listed above that your spouse or boyfriend is in love with you.

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