Turn a Woman On

Turn A Woman On Quickly: Best Ways (Part 1)

How to turn a woman on is doubtless one of the big questions many men ask themselves: What should I do to arouse her properly and neatly? Do I have to be physical enough and get in touch with the young woman? Should I rather play with humor or tickle her imagination?

Keep calm and read and read the entire article, my dear. I will explain to you that the important thing is to build up the desire within her, to build up a certain sexual tension.

Turn a woman on: it’s all about sexualization

To turn a woman on, give a sexual character to what you say and what you are: we speak about sexualization.

You are going to set up a kind of exciting atmosphere that will make thinking of sex.

For that, you must first want it: it’s silly, but it’s obvious too. Pick someone with whom you want to have a good time.

Then, dare to sexualize, have fun. Both of you understood it well and integrated it. You are not there to talk about political issues or to make castles of cards. You are there to flirt with each other.

Frankly display your opinions and intentions: fear does not exclude danger as they say, but who tries nothing is unlikely to know what to expect. In brief, fully assume your intentions.

That says, work on your sexualization, both verbal and gestural: you have to find the right balance between the two, find the right style that corresponds to your personality.

In addition, have confidence in yourself: you must be confident in your capacities to seduce her and, in particular, in your sensuality, in your power to sexualize a relationship, an atmosphere.

Finally, bet on humor: enjoy the moment, have fun, abuse puns and hints. Be teasing and build up the pressure little by little.

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Turn a woman on with words

Our largest sexual organ, common to both men and women, is, of course, our brain.

In fact, successful sexualization goes through the imagination because by making it happen, you will involve it in a story while leaving the freedom to invest or not.

Words have genuine power over the imagination of women. They can put all women in a trance, escape them from their daily lives, and, of course, excite them in less time.

Have you never whispered a few naughty words to a woman to make her want to have sex? You are in the middle of a meal with friends and colleagues, and you whisper in her ear: “I want you to kiss me right now”… “You make me feel horny”! Just a few words slipped like that and you will see the consequences!

Words are powerful! Look this woman in front of you straight in the eyes. Tell her about the relationships between men and women. And gradually orient the discussion on the body, the attitudes, and the sensations.

Thus, you can also compliment her without going overboard: make a point about one of her clothes. Show her you pay attention to details about her person.

Do not hesitate to start the conversation with the famous “I love it when you…”. She will feel valued and confident.

Finally, gently tease her, play with the words and observe how she reacts. It will show that you have a sense of humor and you enjoy being with her.

One word, show her you are a man, awaken her feminine nature.


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Turn a Woman On Quickly Best Ways

Turn a woman on with your body

It is principally at the level of the gaze and the touch that you will be able to sexualize the situation and turn a woman on effectively.

Everything is at the level of suggestion: she has to imagine the intimate sensations if she was close to you, if you gave her a hug or even making love, or if you kissed her.

Why not try a light caress on her thigh?

If you’re sitting at a cafe or watching a movie, why not bring your arms or legs closer together?

Why not give her long gazes? You know! I’m talking about staring straight at her eyes with a bit of sparkle. That makes her say you are very interested in her!

The other technique, well, is to look at her lips. Just watch without doing anything. You can draw near slightly towards her, and you don’t touch her neither kiss her: she will imagine what that kiss would be, what she might be missing, etc.

Excite her imagination but avoid vulgarity and anything extravagant or which is so demonstrative: don’t be direct with sentences like “You don’t know what you’re missing, you know?” You will scare her away quickly.

Stay subtle, don’t sound like a boast.

To arouse a woman, impart a perceivable sexual tension by both of you.

You must desire the woman and let her feel it. Otherwise, she will guess it, and you will disfigure your sexualization, therefore doomed to failure.

Remember this sentence: no intention, no tension!

To excite a woman is a permanent game between two consent persons. You will have fun pleasuring each other, looking at each other, and teasing each other.


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Other tips

First, embrace confidence: stand up straight, be a sexy man, look in the eyes.

Second, pay attention to your appearance: shave, wear clean clothes, and put on your finest perfume. Thus, be at your maximum physical potential to increase your confidence.

Then, make the woman feel comfortable and secure: make her feel beautiful, tell her she is sexy and attractive. Accordingly, lower the tone of your voice slightly and approach her, whispering: “I find you gorgeous today!”

Touch her lightly in your approaches: whether it’s her arm, hand, shoulder, hair, back, stroke her gently so that she can guess you want to arouse her.

Finally, if you have already taken the plunge for the first date, go free, show her you want her: you can kiss her passionately by holding her firmly by the waist or by caressing her cheeks or her neck. Or kiss her all around her mouth and run your fingers around her lips. That will inflame her because her skin there is sensitive. Remember, focus on the erogenous zones such as the back of the neck, neck, shoulders, ears, inner arm, or thighs.

So what are you waiting for to get started?

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