Tinder Pick Up Lines

Tinder Pick-Up Lines: 33 Best And Funniest Ones

In this article, I’m going to give you the 33 best Tinder pick-up lines tested and approved by TGD Team, so that you can start interesting and, above all, smooth conversations.

If you know how to write a good Tider profile description, plus the following few pick-up lines in your pocket, you will win half the battle.

I’ll give you my funniest and cleverest pick-up phrases that got me dating several fascinating women.
Before giving you these sentences, I would still like to talk about the basics of dating well on Tinder.

Then I’ll give you the phrases to use on Tinder or any other dating app.

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Tips to get more matches on Tinder

Many friends have told me they were not having a lot of success with this app, while on my side, I got hundreds of matches and have dated dozens of beauties easily (even with my Uber driver profile).

In the following lines, I’ll explain how Tinder’s algorithm works so that you can multiply your “Matches” with women.

Tip # 1: Take care of your Facebook and Instagram

The first time you launch the Tinder app, signing up with Facebook or Instagram helps Tinder prevent spam and trolls. If you have a “crappy” account, you won’t have much with women on this app.

When friends tell me they can’t meet girls on Tinder, the first step I take, I always go to their Facebook and Instagram accounts or ask them to show them to me.

It’s a disaster!

In most cases, they’ve told me they don’t even use them, or I found out Facebook is 80% political and 20% other, but 0% funny posts and 0% lifestyle. The last photo on Instagram was when they had all their hair.

That’s a big mistake!

You need to create great Facebook and Instagram accounts and optimize them. How to do it? By taking care of your photos, paying attention to the pages you like and the description of your profile.

Tinder’s algorithm allows you to match girls who have the same professional responsibilities as you, or at least very close.

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Tip # 2: Tinder is a business

Who says business, says revenue. Tinder will therefore seek to get the satisfaction of its customers. When you first discover the app, you will only come across attractive women. By swiping, this app will amaze you and convince you there are great deals (and maybe even buy the premium version).

But what you need to know is that by opening the app, you will find the profiles that have received the most likes.

When you reopen the app a second time, you should be wary of the profiles appearing first. In most cases, these will be people who have liked you. Take the test, and you see it is true.

If you always swipe right by liking all the profiles, Tinder will take you for a troll. 

Remember that Tinder is a company that thinks about customer satisfaction, so they do not want to present them with fake profiles and bots that could push them away. Conversely, if you swipe left all the time, Tinder will stop showing profiles because it will consider you spam.

Tip # 3: Be active!

Remember to be active on this dating app. If you log in once every three or four months, the Tinder algorithm will still think about customer satisfaction. And will hide your profile from its other customers.

If you want to avoid being shelved, consider opening the app at least once a day. The more active you are, the more Tinder presents your profile to women who are likely to interest you.

Tip # 4: Travel for more success

Tinder works very well overseas. If you’re traveling to a faraway place, Tinder will make your profile 2-3 times more visible than if you stay in one place all the time.

When I was on the plane on business all the time, I couldn’t understand why I had tons of matches. Now I know why. So think about getting out of your comfort zone and traveling to meet even more women.

Tip # 5: Tinder Select

The Tinder Select is the elite, a members-only version for: hyper handsome/beautiful youths, CEOs, stars, supermodels, footballers, etc.

Tinder is selecting people who have received the most likes to invite them in the select version, which contains all the best of the app. Or also one of Tinder Select members can invite you.
Unfortunately, I’m not invited yet among them, but I am working on it with my 1K matches 🙂

To sum up

Tinder, it’s all about the algorithm: so remember to take care of your Facebook and Instagram accounts, watch out for people when you swipe, be active, and travel!

And now, make way for the Tinder pick-up lines you want so badly!


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Tinder Pick Up Lines

The 15 best pick-up lines on Tinder

Important. Check out this list before every ‘flirting session’ on Tinder. Before swiping left and right, do a quick read, grab the hooks that interest you, test them out, and after a while, try making your own for a little more creativity and originality.

# 1

« ? or ? ? »

Seriously, I’ve done this a lot, and you can’t imagine how well this stuff works.


“XX! I promise to tell your mom that we met in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.”

There you go directly into the subject of the 1st date.


“XX, wow! You’ve traveled a lot! Relieved to have finally found me!”

A direct conversation about travel and dating. BOOM!


“XX, Tinder tells me we’re going to have some beautiful babies. But let’s start with dinner. Sushi or pasta? “

Here again, we fall directly into the subject of the first date. Don’t waste time.


“XX… even with your devastating smile, I have to find another reason to invite you on the first date. What is your finest quality?”

Simple. Direct. BANG!


“XX! I have bad news for you. “

You will pique her curiosity. She will say: “what??” »There you go on: “my little dog is busy during the weekend, so I can’t…” Naturally, she will say: “Can’t what?” So there, GO!: “I was planning to invite you to the most beautiful and date of your life… “


“I got stopped by the Police writing to you… he taught me a lesson like never drive and text. I explained to him it’s TINDER… AND I showed him your picture. He let me go on the condition that I invite you on a first date.”


“Hey, dude. Why are you bothering to create fake profiles and take pictures of pretty brunettes? That’s enough.”

One of my favorite pick-up lines on Tinder. It works wonderfully.


“Besides being sexy and cute, can you hold an hour of conversation?”

Sarcastic and provocative opener. You show her you are unimpressed by her beauty.


“I know this profile is fake. Can you give me the first name of this pretty [blonde/brunette]? Thank you.”

Stop, dude!


“Hey, XX! I’m worried about you. Do you have a lot of friends? Where you are?”

To send when she only has Selfies on her Profile. When she tells you why you are asking her this question, say, “All you have is Selfies. Are you sure you have friends in life?” If she feels upset [which is good], continue with: “in fact, I have a vital question for you XX!” And there throw an open question in the list that follows.


“XX!… I just hung up with my mom”

Roleplay. Follow with: “mom is excited about our wedding.” She’s already planning and told me she’s waiting for four grandchildren. We have a job, my dear.


“You are too beautiful for Tinder. What if you give me the name of this model?”


“Arya or Sansa?”

To find out if you share the same interests


“Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.”

I know, I know! This one like old as the Eiffel Tower itself, but it worked well for me.

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After the pick-up lines on Tinder: Manage the conversation

So, you matched a girl; you threw the first pick-up sentences; the princess took the bait. Life is good, eh?

Not really!

Now you have to get creative to start the conversation and keep it interesting.

And that’s why there is nothing better than the famous Open questions!

So here are for you gentlemen, 20 open questions to maintain the discussion with your princess, and therefore, get a first date with her.

  • What is your passion in life?
  • What did you want to do when you were younger?
  • Tell me three interesting things about yourself!
  • What is the part of your body that you love the most?
  • How many boyfriends or Lovers have you ever had?
  • If you were a guy for a day, how would you dress? What will you do?
  • If you had to spend 100 Bitcoins in one day, what would you buy?
  • What movie made you cry the most when you were younger? Don’t tell me it was the Lion King.
  • Do you have a lot of ‘Matches’ here?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • Do you think that making love is more of a luxury, a necessity, or a hobby?
  • Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend with one of his friends?
  • Out of the five senses, if you can only have 2, which ones do you choose and why?
  • What’s the biggest thing you’ve done for someone?
  • What has been the most intense moment of this year for you?
  • If you could date a celebrity, who would you choose?
  • If the end of the world was tomorrow, what would you do today?
  • Imagine winning the lottery. What do we do with our money?

Of course, if you’ve followed the general idea of this article, you can use these open-ended questions as pick-up expressions to start the conversation. As a result, today, you have in your pocket 33 catchphrases to hit the mark on Tinder and all the other dating apps.

Tinder Pick-Up Lines

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A final tip to improve your Tinder pick-up lines

Even though I said “copy and paste”, be careful! Try personalizing these expressions to suit your style and personality. For example, instead of asking “? or ?” – you can be even more creative and send: “? or ?”.

And if you want to impress the Ms, notice something unique about her profile (these photos especially) and base your hook on that. That is the best way to get a girl’s attention.

Tinder is a jungle. First, you need to understand how its algorithm works, the match system, and above all, the mistakes you shouldn’t make (such as swiping to the right for all the girls introduced to you – Bad idea!)

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