She Loves Me True Feelings

She Loves Me! 12 Signs To Know Her True Feelings

It’s not always easy to tell when a girl likes to charm for fun or if she loves you.
Still, some clear signs can let you know it. Of course, each girl is different and will not behave the same way according to her temperament and according to circumstances.
However, there is one thing to be careful with a girl, and that is that a lot of times she might try to make you believe one thing when she’s thinking the other way around.
Like she might ignore you on purpose to pretend you’re not interested in her when it’s quite the opposite.

Analyze the signs she is sending to you

A girl may be interested in you and want to know more about you without necessarily meaning that she likes you. On the other hand, it could indeed be a sign that she loves you, but it is not enough to be sure.
Be careful because she might be just interested in you in a friendly manner. That can be a very social girl who is easy to contact or even enjoys making friends of all sexes.

At the same time, she might love you as she gets to know you more intimately. But don’t worry, we’re going to break down some other signs to know she loves you.
By the way, when you’re interested in her, analyze her behavior. See if she’s opening up with you cautiously; or if she feels comfortable and confides secrets with you about her life.
Here too, you have to be careful, especially if you have a shy girl in front of you who does not open up easily.

If a girl specifies she is telling you something that she has never told anyone, then be sure that she loves you because that detail makes all the difference.
You should know that woman in love with a man confides details about her that she does not even confide in her best friends.
Know that if she loves you, she will send you signals to make you understand it, but often, the girl waits for the guy to take the first step, especially to confess his romantic feelings.


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She Loves Me! Signs To Know Her True Feelings

Observe her behavior

If a girl likes you, she will flirt with you.
She will laugh with you and be tactile (depending on her temperament because it’s true, not all girls are tactile). She will tease you and appreciate that you tease her.
Of course, be careful, though, because it could also be a chick who likes only to play the lover’s role, knowing you like her without actually being in love with you.

Likewise, a girl might be in love with you, showing no sign of flirting with you.

Pay close attention to body language, which says a lot more than you think. If the girl is distant, crosses her arms, does not look you in the eye, then there is very little chance that she will be in love with you.

If she is physically close to you, her arms aren’t standing in the way between you, and she is looking you in the eye, she’s likely to be in love with you.

Be careful again if you are in love with a shy girl. She might have a hard time looking you in the eye while being in love with you.
A girl might also like you and be aloof just because she’s nervous and needs you to reassure her.
You can observe her with other people: when you go out with friends or with other couples, try to see if she behaves with you, such as with others. It will help you know if she likes you or if you are just a friend to her.

Regarding her dress and overall appearance, if she likes you, she will always be dressed well. Without exaggerating, she will want to showcase herself so that you find her pretty, of course.


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Know if she loves me: get straight to the point

It’s interesting to analyze the signs she is sending you and observe her behavior, but if you are still asking yourself this question: “How do I know if she loves me?” So, get right to the point, dear friend.
Suggest that you both go out. The idea is for the two of you to get to know each other better.

Nowadays, people express their feelings, desires, and intentions in social networks instead of telling them directly to the interested person.
Give importance to what she seems to post or say about you or how to react to your posts.
In my experience, girls overcomplicate their reactions online besides being strong with hidden messages. So you always have to interpret what your girl wants to express and that will help you get clues about her love for you.
Avoid trying to find out more from your mutual friends. And be careful with this as you need to keep a low profile so that people don’t repeat that you are investigating her feelings towards you.

Flirt with her openly. Don’t go there like a big nag. Take your time and be sensitive and explicit. Be a little tactile and then more and more until you hug her and see if she shares, appreciates, and hugs you back.

Finally, ask her straight if the situation lends itself. Only do this if you feel comfortable doing it. Don’t force yourself. It all depends on your state of mind, hers, and when.

If you don’t dare or don’t feel like asking the question directly, then don’t. However, if you think now is the time, ask her to find out.

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Big and small attentions count

A girl who looks for you and wants to be with you, often, very often, even all the time, is already very positive. Better yet, if she feels like introducing you to her friends and spending time with them and you simultaneously.
Above all, all attentions count, big and small, like sending you a message when she thinks of you or calling you to see if you had a good day, for example.

Or, if she gives you a gift, without a special occasion, but only to please you.
If she loves you, she will encourage you to do what you love, what makes you happy, whatever that may be. She will always be there to support you and take an interest in you, your loved ones, and your life.
She will want to make plans with you and will plan with you in the short, medium, and long term. Go on vacation together, live together, maybe have children.
And then, of course, if she shows she wants you, besides the previous signs, it is because she is clearly in love with you.

She loves you if she…

Constantly wants to see you, to talk to you, to hear from you, to spend time with you
Feels good with you and wants to introduce you to her relatives
Does everything to please you and encourage you in all the projects and activities that are important to you
Is there for you at any time of the day or night
Accepts you with your faults and qualities
Does not hide your existence or your relationship with friends, family, and relatives
Gives you time in her schedule even if it is busy
Feels proud when she is by your side when the two of you are, when you go out and when you are around other people
Introduces you to her relatives and coworkers like her boyfriend.
Sees her future with you
Wants to live with you, to have children with you, or to build a life project with you
Tells you she loves you

She Loves Me! Signs To Know Her True Feelings


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In the end, there are lots of small and big signs showing she loves you. Sometimes you can’t explain them, but above all, you can feel them.
When you are with your princess, you can read in her eyes how she feels about you, and trust me, if she loves you, you will have absolutely no doubts about it. No doubt you will be sure of it.
It’s hard to conceal love! So, if you have any doubts, I wouldn’t tell you to let it go because it all depends on your girl’s character.
However, be direct and get answers to your questions.

Do not ignore any sign! Be receptive to the girl’s behavior towards you whether you are together or you are apart.
A girl who loves you will show it to you in a thousand and one ways, with gestures and moments that do not deceive.
Again, while an “I love you” seems like the most explicit evidence she loves you, it’s not the only indicator.

Some girls are comfortable with words, while others are more or less comfortable with behavior and gestures.
In addition, the more you know this girl, the better you understand her actions towards you.
If you know her character and how she reacts in specific situations, you will learn more easily and quickly if she likes you. Without knowing a girl, it’s hard to recognize if she’s in love with you because she may or may not be.

Have you been spotting any signs lately of that girl you like? Do you have a crush on someone? Tell us all in a comment. But the big question is: are you finally going to take action?

Good luck.

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