Sexting Men Making Love With Text Messages

Sexting Guide For Men: Making Love With Text Messages

There is no shortage of ideas to spice up your relationship or be original with a future or new partner: Original positions, unusual places, sexy clothes, vibrators, sex toys, etc. Yes, but there is a way that we all use daily and which, however, has its place in sexual relations: phone and, more specifically, sexting.

So if you haven’t tried it yet or if you still lack imagination, here’s how to make love by sexy text messages.

To get started, remember to follow a few steps:


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Excite her by sexting

Make sure the timing is right so NOT while she’s in a business meeting, for example.

Establish the context: tell her you are thinking of her and want to be close to her. And keep doing this until you tell her that you want to have sex with her. Then, tell her what you would like to do to her. Know how to judge if she is receptive or not.

Send her a photo of you, of your face, to start. Then turn the heat by sending her a picture of your hand with a message telling her what you will do with that hand: “I would like to run my fingers down your neck and then down your back to undo your bra and…” for example, which will arouse her senses and her curiosity.

When you feel her as horny as you are, send her your crotch photo showing your erection under your pants and tell her:

“This is the effect you have on me! You drive me crazy! “

Or something like that.

Compliment and tell her what makes you fall in love with her. Whether it’s about her physique, her way of doing, or even her way of making love to you.

Do not send a picture of yourself naked right away. By sexting, it’s not like with a quickie. Take your time!

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Make love to her by sexting

Find the right words to describe what you are doing to her and how. Tell her what you see and the positions you are thinking. In addition, speak about your intensity of arousal and what you want to do to her.

What you do to her

Kiss her on the neck, stroke her stomach, hug hard against you, put one finger, then two, then maybe more, penetrate her delicately, and then passionately.

How you do it

Put one hand on her neck, and the other helps you press her against you. Slide your hand into her panties and put your finger. Turn her against the wall to penetrate her from the back. Kiss her on the neck, pull her hair, and bite gently on the earlobe.

What you see

She’s biting her lip and closing her eyes when she takes pleasure in feeling your caresses and your hot breath in the hollow of her ear.
She opens her mouth when you offer her the first penetration, which gives her so much pleasure.
The clips of her bra that you are about to undo to suck her tits.

What you think about

You think about the sex positions and places at home such as she on you, you on her, against the bathroom wall, on the kitchen counter, on your office chair, on the living room sofa, in the elevator of your building, etc.

Your intensity of arousal

You are hot and sweating; you have a phenomenal erection and are about to cum. Your breathing quickens and your heart is beating very hard.

What you want

All you want to do to her, and all she will do to you, is tackle her wildly against the elevator mirror. Slide your fingers under her slit skirt (Tip: adapt according to her outfit at the time so that she can even better imagine the erotic scene). That she sucks you to make you cum, that you make love to her during her lunch break, and that you make cunnilingus while she is sitting behind her desk.

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Sexting Guide For Men Making Love With Texts

Let her express herself too

As you are texting, let her express herself too, and tell you what she wants to do with you and what she wants you to do to her. Remember, you have to talk, and it’s not just about telling her what you want. Do not go too fast and keep pace with your discussions so that everything flows smoothly and naturally. Maintain your excitement and hers, too. You should be on the same wavelength.

Words and expressions

Pay attention to the words and phrases you use. Always remember that women, at least by sexting, need more detail and delicacy in choosing your words to turn them on and make them want to have sex with you over text. Above all, to excite her, she must feel completely confident.

Photos are explicit but progressive

No problem sending her pictures of your cock, but gradually. Go crescendo! Do not start by sending her a photo of your erection right from the start. Build up the excitement little by little and use your imagination (women love it!). Your erection under your pants, then through your underwear before offering her your bare cock in your manly hand. And your legs spread out in your car seat, for example.

Voice messages

With your sexts, do not hesitate to send sounds of your voice, “I want you so much!” or “you turn me on too much!”
Believe me! They Will have their effect, but keep it brief!

Trust each other

Trust each other to express yourself freely and explicitly to arouse her over sext. If you or/and she is/are in detention, don’t even bother. You both have to be perfectly comfortable with your respective imaginations and the harsh words that should be.

It’s give-and-take

Whether or not you know the chick well, you must trust yourself; but establish a give-and-take relationship. You shouldn’t send pictures or sexts more than her, and vice versa. Also, avoid asking her for what you won’t get her. It’s simple.

Little advice that can save you

If you barely know the girl, never send a fully nude photo of yourself with your face on it. You can, however, send images of certain parts of your body without showing your face. Because you never know where these photos might end up, even if we assume that you both installed a climate of trust beforehand.

Sexting Guide For Men: Making Love With Text Messages

You have understood that making love by sexting is to describe your way of touching her, of looking at her, of kissing her, of making her cum as you would if you were physically close to each other.

The idea is to describe and explain each of your actions and sensations. In such a way, you and she could imagine the exciting situation you are about to get on together, but from a distance.

Treat yourself well.

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