Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement Review: Is It Worth It?

Founded in 2006 as a sociological experiment, Seeking Arrangement is becoming one of the most popular elite dating platforms. addresses specific services to an audience who knows what they want. It’s about arranging connections between young persons looking for material support and rich men and women looking for a one-night stand. Certain partnerships can thus develop into mutually beneficial relationships in the medium or long term.

Either way, this site becomes a reference worldwide that offers a high-security environment for its users, who seek such relationships.

Presumably, you landed here to find out if Seeking is worth your money and time? Is not it? Since you are here, take the time to read this overall review of Seeking Arrangement. We are sure that you will find the answers to all the questions that bother you. You will also find our rating of this service, its pros, cons, the registration method, features, subscription prices, and more.

Our Rating

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Pros and Cons Of Seeking Arrangement


  • Interface: Available in multiple languages, simple, and easy to use with eye-catching design
  • Registration: It is easy to register on this site, which takes less than 2 minutes
  • Audience: Very active group of sugar babies and sugar daddies with an excellent female/male ratio among Sugar Daddy websites
  • Matches: Plenty of quality matches whether to choose sugar babies or sugar daddies and mommas
  • Search tool: Excellent with the ability to filter “recently active” members 
  • Free: For sugar babies, and free trial for established members
  • Price: Special discounts and free subscriptions available to new members
  • Security: Rigorous and comprehensive verification with the possibility of background checks
  • Reputation: strong enough to attract even a few entrepreneurs, celebrities, and politicians


  • Profiles: Some unnoticed fake accounts and bots
  • Search tools: Profiles that are no longer active can still be viewable 
  • Price: Membership prices are relatively high compared to some traditional dating sites
  • Re-invoicing: Non-automated
  • Features: Most features are not available for free male membership
  • Verification: The initial verification process takes a long time
  • Usefulness: Ideal only for those looking for sugar dating
Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement Design 

Currently, the new domain name and the old direct you to the Seeking Arrangement platform. Indeed, it has eight languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, and English. That facilitates its use for +20 million active users in +139 countries.

Although the Seeking Arrangement platform lacks glamor, that does not prevent it from being very simplistic for users with little tech-savvy, especially mature and aged ones.
Getting started is quick. Also, navigation between profiles and features is fluid.

Main Users of Seeking Arrangement

The Seeking Arrangement website, formerly known as SeekingArrangment, has today over 20 million active members, and its popularity continues to increase. All these people have gone beyond the research stage and have joined this site to have meetings and find sugar relationships.

The average age for established members is 41. They have experience, a traditional sexual orientation, financial comfort, and good manners. And, not all of them want to have sex with attractive members, but some need just some attention, pleasant company, and pastimes.

On the other side of the coin, sugar babies are mostly college and university students who are, on average, 22 years old. They have an eye for successful men and women and they are looking for someone who not only inspires confidence and security but also lets them taste a prosperous life and improve their material situation. These attractive members seek well-off people’s sponsorship, love, or confidence.


Registration on the Seeking Arrangement platform is for adults over 18, and it is fast and 100% free:

  1. Providing information about your gender
  2. Indicating if you are interested in meeting men, women, or both
  3. Choosing details of the users you intend to meet on this site
  4. Providing your email address and your date of birth to continue. Otherwise, you can do it through your Facebook account.
  5. You must check your email box to verify your email address. And, after activating your account, you will choose a password to log in.
  6. You will be asked to upload a photo from your computer or Facebook/Instagram account.
Avoid using your personal/professional email address to register if you want to remain discreet.

After that, Seeking Arrangement will strictly verify your profile for 24-48 hours. In addition, they will approve the photo you are going to upload. At the request of a new member, Optimum Screening, a third-party company, will manage the verification of their personal information. Finally, every verified member will receive an icon confirming the authenticity of their profile.

Profile Configuration

Setting up your profile is down to what you are looking for in users you intend to meet. If you choose “Looks and Charm”, you will have a sugar daddy or sugar momma account. Otherwise, you will be set up as a sugar baby with the “Success and Wealth” choice.

Think of your profile as your virtual business card, so take care of it and not underestimate the influence of your profile picture and username. That said, avoid the in-group photos of you, and notably avoid any username that sounds offensive or childish like “beastsex69” or something like that. That is a dating site anyway, so let your profile be as flattering as possible.


The search functionality for a standard user spans appearance, age, language, location, and hobbies. But, with a paid subscription, you can select users according to their income and their membership status.

Among the features of Seeking Arrangement:

  • Sending greetings directly from your search results.
  • Showing interest in a user by adding them to your favorite list.
  • Sending unlimited messages in complete anonymity is exclusive to the Premium subscription.
  • Video chat to get to know each other better and to sympathize before meeting in real life
  • To get gifts, each sugar baby creates a wish list viewable by Sugar Dads and Sugar Mommas. So, an interested member can offer these freebies for them.

Seeking Arrangement Pricing

Seeking Arrangement features almost similar pricing to what you can find on other sugar dating websites. Traditionally, the monthly price decreases as the duration of your subscription increases.

Membership PlanMembership LengthCost
PREMIUM 30-day plan$99.99 per month (standard price)
PREMIUM 90-day plan$90.00 per month (standard price)
DIAMOND30-day plan$249.99 per month (standard price)

The Free Trial

Seeking Arrangement has set up a free trial for all users to experience the site, familiarize themselves with the features, start browsing profiles and check out potential matches. This free trial will eventually lead you to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Premium Membership

Your premium membership will give you access to the following add-ons:

Seeking Arrangement Review

Diamond Membership

Thanks to the diamond membership, the website will display your profile highlighted in the search results [sponsored in a way]. So you will have the privilege of the best match suggestions and quick answers to your messages.

Safety and Protection Measures

Seeking Arrangement is one of the safest Sugar Dating websites. And, it places absolute importance on the confidentiality and security of its Sugar Users’ accounts.
Administrators perform a manual verification for all new users. Also, the verification procedure goes through the company Optimum Screening, whose moderators verify the photos of the participants and their conformity.

Plus, protects users’ personal and financial data with reliable SSL encryption. In addition, as mentioned in the section terms and conditions, it declares the non-sharing of member data with third parties unless a user refuses to pay for the site services. Here, the user transfers his banking information to the collection company.

By activating your paid account, Seeking offers you the possibility of hiding your online status, the date of your registration, and the country from which you have recently connected. Plus, you can protect access to your account with two-factor authentication to keep hackers out.

As a sugar baby, you can try with no obligation to buy, define what to look for in sugar daddies and mommas, set limits, block users to prevent them from viewing your profile or contacting you. Also, you can contact customer service if a user offends you or you suspect them doing some weird activity.


What Is Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking is one of the most successful dating sites formerly known as Seeking Arrangement. It helps wealthy and successful people on one side, and on the other side, younger attractive folks to find their suitable partner, with mutually beneficial arrangements.

How Long Has Seeking Arrangement Been Around? 

Brandon Wade founded Seeking Arrangement in 2006. And since then, this site has been around and thriving to become the largest sugar daddy site on the web with over 20 million members. Every day, plenty of real Sugar Mommas and Daddies connect to make beneficial arrangements with Sugar Babies.

Is Seeking Arrangement free?

If you are young and attractive, then Seeking is 100% free for you indefinitely. Plus, this dating site pampers new wealthy members with a 100% free trial.

How Much Does Seeking Arrangement Cost?

While Premium Membership is free for Sugar Babies, Sugar Daddies must pay $99.99/mo for 30-day Premium Membership, $90.00/mo for 90-day Premium Membership, or $249.99/mo for 30-day Diamond Membership.

How Can I Pay Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement accepts almost all major credit cards (VISA, AMEX, etc.) as well as PayPal if you want more discretion.

Is Seeking Worth It?

Of course, Seeking Arrangement is worth it. Thousands of rich and generous men registered on this site have found the care, the tenderness of real sugar babies attractive in exchange for freebies.

Can I Get My Money Back If I deactivate My Paid Subscription In Seeking?

No, Seeking Arrangement does not offer any refund if you deactivate your Premium or Diamond account, even if you have just purchased a subscription the same day. So, take your time to decide if you are up for the paid services of this site.

Does Seeking Arrangement Really work?

Yes, the arrangements are working very well on This platform has established thousands of relationships between sugar babies and sugar daddies and mommas in +139 countries. If you are an attractive and/or rich and generous single, you don’t have to look any further. Plus,

How long does Seeking Arrangement take to work?

Seeking Arrangement claims its algorithm is so good that you can find the right match in less than a week. This efficiency also depends on you, your involvement, your seriousness, the quality of your profile, and your communication skills.

Are gifts on seeking arrangements real?

Seeking Wishlists is a feature available in attractive member profiles. It’s a fully secure one-stop shop filled with fabulous and high-end items like handbags, perfumes, gourmet chocolates, and more.
After viewing a wishlist, an established member can easily buy something special and send it securely.

Is Seeking Arrangement A Scam?

No, Seeking Arrangement is not a scam. Your privacy and payment information is safe. Also, your personal information is not shared with anyone. The rest is up to you and you alone. So, don’t trust anyone or share your personal and credit card information with anyone.

Does Seeking Arrangement have fake profiles?

Regularly reviewing profiles and removing suspicious ones make Seeking Arrangement one of the safest sugar sites on the market.

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe?

Yes, the Seeking Arrangement team strives to avoid all kinds of harmful scenarios. They protect members from harassment, sexual assault, manipulation of the system to coerce sexual acts by force or threat. is a 100% low-key space for negotiating the terms and conditions of a relationship between Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy before they meet.

What Security Features Does Have?

The platform seriously takes the protection of the privacy of its users against identity thieves and hackers. Indeed, it is equipped with an SSL certificate to protect personal and payment information.
Besides the SSL certificate, has a more sophisticated Web Application Firewall (WAF) than the typical firewall, which identifies easily suspicious activity and filtering out hackers and bot traffic.

Does Seeking Arrangement Have a Mobile App?

Of course, the Seeking app was launched in 2017 but designed only for Android devices. The seeking arrangement staff recommends that iOS device owners use a PWA (Progressive Web App) to access the Seeking app [tap add Seeking to the home screen after accessing the login page from an iOS device]. The app is as easy to use as the web version and connects directly to your regular Seeking Arrangement account.

How Do You Delete Your Seeking Arrangement Account?

  1. Access to your account
  2. Click on the drop-down menu on top of the screen
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Find the option ” Disable or Delete Account ” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on the option you want and say why

Last Word

Although some conservatives in the United States and many other countries believe that the activity of Seeking Arrangement is repulsive and even illegal, this has not stopped it from being a hit in the world of Sugar Dating.

Unlike the false notion of immorality that revolves around Seeking Arrangement, sex is not always the reason for dating on this platform. So, if you are into sugar dating, look no further because your chance of finding what you are looking for in Seeking Arrangement is very high.

And since is entirely legit, its service is acceptably fast and efficient, and there are no less than four sugar babies for one sugar daddy or momma, you will find the dating option that suits you the best in only a few days and with little effort.

Sure, you can try it for free, browse all you want, and have fun! But let’s be honest! Without a premium membership, it’s not worth joining Seeking Arrangement because you cannot have dates with anyone.

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