Signs He Is Secretly Attracted to You

Secretly Attracted To You? 15+ Signs That He Is

Knowing whether a man is secretly attracted to a woman or whether he likes her is not as complicated, my dear!

I reassure you, there are simple ways to find out whether he has a hidden attraction to you. And that is not fooling.

So if you are one of those women who wonders: “does he like me or not?” I invite you to discover over 20 signs that tell you everything about this subject. And which will allow you to find the answer to your question.

With these signs, you can finally stop torturing your mind. And you know if something is going on between you or if it is better to leave him.

Let’s start by asking ourselves the right question

How do I know if he likes me…? A good question?

While every man expresses his feelings and interest in his behavior, there are still some not deceiving common signs which should answer your question. If he doesn’t have any of the symptoms below and he doesn’t show signs like those developed below, then go your way. And don’t waste your time since you probably don’t interest him.


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Signs of a man secretly attracted to a woman

Those famous signs tell you everything about a man’s level of interest. Take notes, and if you have questions, please ask them in the comments.

1 – He looks at you with attention

Secretly Attracted to You

When you speak, or even when you are silent, he looks at you warmly and maybe even with a small smile that shows you are fond of him.

(the smile is optional, but ordinarily, it goes with his attentive gaze since he does not control how much he likes you and how much he likes to look at you)

You no doubt interested him, and it shows on his face. Besides, it doesn’t hide it, and you can be proud of it.

2 – He wants to know more about you

This guy doesn’t just answer your questions by occasionally answering “Yes” or “No” or “I don’t know” or “What about you?”.

He answers you correctly with attention and always asks you more questions about you because he wants to know more about you.

He tries to be honest with you so that you can find out a little more about him. And he does the same to get to know you as best and as passionately as possible.

You interest him, and he makes it clear to you by asking you about everything you like and dislike; on everything that makes you the woman you are: your past, your present, your future. Everything interests him in your subject, absolutely everything!

3 – He asks to see you and to see you again

If a man wants to see you for the first time, that’s a good start.

But if he wants to see you again, then here we are. A man who is not interested in a woman does not seek to see her and not to see her again.

Besides, he would find excuses not to be available for her, for you.

If he wishes to see you and see you again and again, my dear, he is secretly attracted to you. And I can tell you for sure. Have no doubts he likes you!

4 – He is tactile

So yes, this sign depends on men and varies from one to another. Some are tactile naturally and spontaneously. Others only after a while (when they feel you know each other a little). Then some are not at all.
But if he is tactile, usually it means that you subtly attracted him and that he shows it to you explicitly since he uses his body.

If he wasn’t interested, he would be distant and wouldn’t touch you. If he keeps his body close to you, that means you’ve caught his eye.

5 – He doesn’t talk about other girls

Whether she is his ex or other girls he thinks are pretty, he never tells you about it. Be careful if you bring up the subject of exes to find out more about the type of man he is and the reasons that led to the breakup with his ex; he will answer you honestly.

This is a sign that he’s secretly attracted. He is not the one who will bring the subject of exes to the table, nor will he give it inappropriate praise because the only person he likes is you, and not the girls who belong to his past.

So if he compliments about other girls he finds super pretty around you, then he’s not interested. Just know that.

In short, if other girls than you don’t take place in your conversations, so you are the one and the only who interests him and no one else.

6 – He asks for your opinion

Whether it’s something trivial or important to him, your opinion interests him. He wants to hear from you and that’s one way to show you he cares about what you think.

He wants you to take part in his decision-making or just want to know what you think because it is important to him. Your opinion is meaningful to him.

He thinks not only of himself but also of your couple. He believes in you two and the compatibility or complementarity of your opinions: he perhaps imagines a long-term affair with you, and he will give more importance to his imagination by knowing your opinion.

7 – He confides in you

Not about his bowel problems, no, but about personal things that are close to his heart or that he does not tell anyone else or very few of those close to him.

He’s confiding in you, and that is a clear sign of a secretly attracted man. He trusts you and gives you importance.

8 – He is sincere and honest with you

He’s not afraid to show off, to show you who he is really, and never mind if you don’t agree on something.

He doesn’t cheat, and that’s the gist of it because he shows himself to you as he is, tactfully, and doesn’t make himself better to cheat on you.

9 – He gives you compliments

Well, not necessarily tons, but if he’s complimenting you on your hairstyle, your clothes, or anything about you, he’s secretly attracted to you. Otherwise, he would be usually careful to flatter you.

10 – He wants you to meet his friends

He doesn’t want to hide your relationship. He wants to show you because he is proud and happy to be by your side. If he wants you to meet his friends, that’s an actual sign of interest in you. Be sure!

11 – He agrees to meet your friends

And, above all, he makes sure to know them. He doesn’t just show off; he cares about the people who are so dear to you.

If he agrees to meet your friends, tell yourself that this is excellent proof of his attraction to you.

12 – He suggests you do things together

He wants to spend time with you and he suggests you do things together. It doesn’t matter what the object of this thing he wants to do with you (walk, meal, movies, hikes, any activity), he enjoys being with you and that’s why he offers to do something together.

It’s a sign that he is secretly attracted to you.

If he offers you to do something you love (because you have already talked about it together before), it is even more evident. Because he wants to make you happier, and this is a revealing detail of his interest for you.

13 – He is attentive

If he is attentive, he listens to you and observes you. You can already be sure that he likes you and is not insensitive to what you are saying.

When you tell him something, he doesn’t interrupt you, and he listens carefully to you.

Nothing is distracting him and he does nothing else at the same time. Likewise, his eyes never leave you. Even when your gaze leaves him, he continues to stare at you with the same attention, regardless of what goes on around him.

14 – He “accidentally” touches you

It is often the easiest way to show shy guys who have trouble expressing their feelings in person. A guy who is touching you means he likes you.

You notice he will take pleasure in telling you his anecdotes. And he simulates every situation that requires touching you, even if he only touches your arm.

Physical contact is one of the first elements of attraction: a guy makes it explicit that he likes you by touching you.

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15 – He confides

You talk about everything and nothing together. But as soon as a man opens up to you, you notice you attract him and that he trusts you by telling you his private life secrets.

Maybe he will tell you about his relationship with family members and his love experiences that have taught him things. Or about some events in his life that made him suffer, etc.

He will have no trouble showing his vulnerable side and weaknesses; since he will give you complete trust. And believe me, a man who confides is a man who is ready to let you enter his heart and his head.

It’s to your credit (and his, of course)!

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16 – He takes the first step

In the best-case scenario, he is the one who will take the first step in offering you something (a date, a party, a movie, or whatever). But if he takes the first step differently, that is also valid.

For example, he tells you about a festival he plans to attend with his friends (whom you don’t necessarily know), and he suggests you come too.

Better yet, by offering to you, he immediately checks to see if there are any tickets left so you can grab yours asap.

It’s clear that he likes you and he wants to spend time with you. And, it is even more evident knowing that he offers you a date with his friends, so he is happy to introduce them to you and conversely.

That said, even if he offers you a one-to-one date, it is evident that he likes you so much! He wants to spend time with you, and he shows it to you clearly.

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17 – He is secretly attracted to you – quite simply!

He cares about you and doesn’t just talk about himself. And, he asks you many questions about yourself, your life, your family, etc.

He wants to know more, and he insists on seeing if you have anything in common so that he can share more.

He is secretly attracted to you by asking you various questions because he wants to know more. That let him learn if you have any shared points you could share or even live together.

A guy who cares about you doesn’t do it to please you; he does it because he’s sincere and wants to get to know you. Of course, how he likes you!

Finally, also beware of shy guys who can’t implement these signs and who may make you think they don’t like you when the opposite is true.

And finally, I have only one thing to say to you, my dear: Trust your instincts, and he will never cheat on you!

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