Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation: Best Tips to Delay It Now

Premature ejaculation looks a bit like this:

“You don’t have to be ashamed!” “Already…!” or “It’s okay” …

These are the first words that come out of your partner’s mouth when you’ve just put an end to lovemaking too quickly. But does she even think so? Does she understand what it feels like when you feel pressured to apologize for not fulfilling her? Not so sure! Therefore, today’s article focuses on a common problem in men: premature ejaculation.
While there is no exact measure of what the adjective “premature” defines in terms of time, it is an uncontrolled ejaculation occurring within the first minute of intercourse.

It is also important to underline that this phenomenon is not a disease. However, it causes disappointment and frustration and can affect the couple’s sex life. If it has been present since your very first sexual experiences, then it’s a primary premature ejaculation. However, it is secondary if it suddenly appears when you have not experienced it before (most of the time, rapid ejaculation results from an emotional shock).

But then what to do to avoid it? Are there any tips to “last” longer? If you are interested, look at our advice below!


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Helpful tips to deal with your partner’s rejection

1- Free your mind

You should know that fears of disappointing your partner cause principally premature ejaculation. So this is largely a psychological problem. To be more effective, one of the most common tips then is to use visualization.

When you realize your volcano is about to erupt, focus your mind on something that has no sexual connotation and is unattractive, even repulsive: your neighbor’s dog or a horde of zombies. Imagine doing the dishes or think of your grandmother! This simple mental process can work wonders!

However, it has the slight disadvantage of reducing your focus on the present moment. The difficulty is to set up this visualization while keeping your eyes open. But an extension of the act is probably worth this small sacrifice, right?

Find and stimulate G Spot

2- Come back to preliminaries

If you feel you will not go the distance because of your excitement, nothing stops you from hanging out with the lady for a few minutes. You can keep the sexual tension, for example, by shifting into the pleasures that you can provide with the help of your tongue!

That will allow your cock to rest, literally lower the pressure, and ultimately feel less tense. Once you are fit to resume your performance, you can get back to work! This technique, which may seem a bit “hide and seek,” is pleasant for your partner. So there is relatively little chance of being the victim of negative echoes. And, if she asks you why suddenly do this, tell her that her pleasure comes first: “This is a little gift for you, Bae!”

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3- Control your breathing to avoid a premature ejaculation

Much like pregnant women during childbirth, managing your breathing can be effective in holding back your ejaculation. Take long breaths, slowly, so that you don’t let the excitement get to your head (and the rest of your body). And thus minimize the effect of pleasure when you are about to crack.

You can concentrate and match your breathing to the penetration rhythm: breathe out when you go deep and inhale during the return phase of your penis. If you apply this method, you will feel the urge to ejaculate decrease and may subsequently resume a breathing rate that corresponds more to the activity in progress (jerky breathing is a factor in your partner’s arousal)

4- Change sex position

If you feel ejaculation is very close, so then alternate positions. Prioritize the ones where you feel most comfortable to hold back. It depends on your personal feelings. I find the doggy style much more exciting than being under my partner. So I would choose this last position by letting my partner position herself above. This will allow you to last longer and will not look suspicious!

The key is knowing when to change position. To do this, be careful not to go beyond “the Point of No Return” (when whatever we do, we can no longer hold back). Rely on your sensations and take advantage of the few seconds you benefit from when changing sex position to breathe a little and let your penis rest.

5- Do a dress rehearsal before the show

One of the most effective tactics many men use is masturbating a few hours before having sex (1 to 2 hours). It helps you cleanse the system, bring down any sexual tension, and desensitize your body to where it is harder to achieve the same state of arousal during sex.

The downside, however, is that to implement this kind of method, you need to know ahead of time whether you are going to have sex. But these are often spontaneous. So if you have a date, prepare yourself as it should and thus put the odds in your favor!

That said, I rarely recommend masturbation, but here it’s for a good cause to help regain control of premature ejaculations. For those who do not have this problem, of course, you can do without!

Premature Ejaculation

6- Quit watching porn can stop premature ejaculation

it helps!
With the X, you can only see sex through that when it is not the true meaning of sexuality. To make wonderful love, you have to know how to take your time. What we see in porn is a sort of program and it programs us badly.

Not everyone will agree, but too bad, take your pick. I excluded this from my life for some time and I can see that everything is getting better and better. The harmony in the sexual relationship excludes any notion of performance, and ejaculation is in fact delayed.

7- Apply a powerful pressure

That is an unconventional and even risky method that can cause varicoceles if taken improperly. But it works, so why go without if you have tried everything! When you feel the fateful moment approaching, pull yourself away from your partner’s body and apply high pressure to the tip of your glans penis. It sounds strange like that, but it is very effective. In addition, its sensitivity is much less important because of the friction during penetration.

Keep this firm pressure until you feel the ejaculation envy ease. Do not wait too long before using this process, or you risk ending up with a sticky hand and speckled sheets! If you feel comfortable with your partner, you can even ask her to do the surgery, and she may be happy to give you a little “helping hand.”


Be confident!

In you and your partner so as not to feel any frustration/pressure. You don’t have to be afraid of being judged, let alone falling short. Trust and remember that you are not risking your life.

Think of something else!

I suggested you think about your grandmother. Okay, okay, when you’re between the thighs of a hot chick, the sight of granny is frankly not welcome. So, I offer you another alternative: stop penetration and go back to foreplay. Yes, but you might know how to do it naturally without looking suspicious. Know that your partner will not dispute it. Girls love the guys who delay ejaculation to make the pleasure last.

The preliminaries!

You don’t just practice them before sex. You can come back as often as you like; and even more to delay your ejaculation. If you feel you’re on the verge of exploding and it’s way too soon, then step back and attend to the lady with your tongue and fingers. Thus, you will take a little rest while continuing to do good for your partner.

Sex toys!

Don’t hesitate to use sex toys! It all depends on your openness and that of your partner, but if you are both in harmony and open to other forms of sex, then sex toys can save you in the event of a premature ejaculation warning.

Avoid some sex positions!

Especially, avoid which turn you on the most. It makes perfect sense, but if you know you tend to ejaculate faster in one position than another, then avoid those positions at all costs and save them for last.

The cock ring!

It’s a ring you should place at the base of your erect penis, with or without the testicles. This gadget is a great way to prolong your erection and intensify ejaculation! You must place the cock ring around your erect penis, especially not at rest! Otherwise, you risk wearing it too tight and getting in the way. Try not to wear it for over 30 minutes as it blocks all the blood flow back to your glans. And, it is not ideal wearing it for too long, else your veins will burst with the pressure. In short, the cock ring delays ejaculation and intensifies your orgasm.

What else?

There is no shortage of ejaculation delay techniques, so you have no excuse to worry about not getting there!

Always be confident in yourself and talk about it with your sexual partner.

You will find that she will be a fine tolerant and will do anything to make you feel even more comfortable. No doubt about it!

If you don’t dare talk about it with her yet, then try out the techniques you can handle on your own (front wanking, pulling out, etc.). But I recommend that you even talk about it with her so that you will be comfortable and perfectly confident. You will see, your premature ejaculation will disappear little by little, and your delay will get better gradually. Again, remember that you are not gambling your life!
In addition, remember that if you attach importance to delaying your ejaculation, it will be very respectful of your sexual partner! Also, it’s entirely in your head, and she is not thinking about your premature ejaculation.

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