Make Love Well to a Woman

Make Love Well To A Woman: The Ultimate Guide

How do you make love well to a woman until she becomes fully aroused?
That is one of the most curious questions every man has asked himself or will ask himself at least once in his life.

It is one of the great mysteries of existence that involves complex feelings such as self-awareness, manhood, the ability to be successful when the time is right, or the fear of being compared to others who could well.

Not everyone admits it, but sex, especially when you are just practicing it, is a land plagued by fear of failure and the unknown. Luckily TGD Blog is here :)!

We will give you some tips on how to make love well to help you build your self-confidence. And, above all, improve the quality of your relationship with your sexual partner.

Let’s go!

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The paradox of manhood to make love well

First, I’m going to tell you a little secret: As a man, consider that women do not perceive sex the same way as you! Does this sound silly? Did you already know that?

But why then do most men make the same mistake of focusing on the outcome?

By nature, Men are action-oriented. The problem with this is that you only care about the outcome, not the after: “Have I satisfied her? Was it long enough?”

In the minds of men, making love usually takes place in 4 stages:

  1. Undress and quickly do some touching as a foreplay
  2. Begin the actual sexual act (also called coitus)
  3. Reach personal orgasm (and thus forget your partner)
  4. It’s over, it’s time to light a cigarette!

The effect on the young lady? Not terrible indeed! Many women after sex feel empty, dissatisfied, and even disappointed.

The important thing for a woman is not whether to reach an orgasm (although, of course, she doesn’t hide her pleasure when it appears).

What matters is the journey, not the destination. Women take pleasure in a conception of immediacy.

The latter is present from the start of foreplay and every second of intercourse until the moment you express your “happiness” (tight smile and little cry signifying that you have released the pressure).

If you want to make love well, let your partner take control

Here is one of the most effective “tips” for having sex shared and enjoyed by both stakeholders:

You need to know how to relinquish control of the process to the one you want to fill.

How? Well, it’s simple!

After building up the sexual tension between you (notably through foreplay), let your partner know that it’s time to do what she wants.
Then, guide her hand slowly towards the sensitive parts of your body that you want to stimulate. In addition, don’t hide the pleasure that comes from it.

When you give your woman the feeling that she is partially in control is a major turn-on.

She knows from there that she can turn things around whenever she wants. An informal bond of trust develops, and that is very exciting for the fairer sex.

But, to do it properly, you still need to avoid grudging the effort! Continue to run your hands over her body and show your affection.

Live in the present moment

Leave your logic of results at the job! It will be of no use to you when having sex with your partner!

What you expect is not a race against time. Take your time and take it easy.

While having sex, it is important not to think about the end of the coitus. You might focus on the pleasure you are feeling and providing.

You will quickly see the difference in terms of sensations! Think of her more than yourself and try to pick up the signals she sends, which indirectly means that she appreciates what you are doing.

Do not hesitate to rely on your sensuality to build a sexual tension suitable to making intercourse more steamy from the start:

Indulge in passionate kisses and caresses of erogenous zones such as the neck, earlobes, behind the knees, vagina, or chest.

Sex is not only physical stimulation but also mental. So, understand that the key to “making wonderful love” is to take your partner’s desires into account and surrender to her.

Focus on the movements of her body and her little moans.

Once your partner feels you are paying attention mainly to her, then you can concentrate on your pleasure, and you find that from that moment on, even your orgasm will give her much more satisfaction than before.

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Make Love Well: Don’t miss any detail

I suggest you go a little further!

Read what will follow, and above all, remember and apply my advice well. Trust me, I speak from experience, and you will realize soon enough that this is not blah blah blah.

Don’t fixate on orgasm either on the result. And don’t assume that women want to orgasm all the time.

I would be lying if I told you women don’t care. But know that they probably care more about when you live and share and how you care for her.

When you have sex, now is the time for both of you and no one else!

It’s a time when you give yourself to each other, without cheating and with the idea of fulfilling each other well.

By making love, you are hers, and she is yours. You are one, and this is a time to remember and not always associate with orgasm.

That’s right, reaching an orgasm is always a good idea, but sex can be just as intense without necessarily reaching an orgasm.

I imagine you reading this and pulling faces, but yet, having sex isn’t all about orgasm!

Think about enjoying the whole moment, from start to finish. Keep in mind sharing.

It is crucial to be on the same wavelength. Some women like it when you dominate, others prefer to dominate their men, but you often have a mix of the two (luckily).

You both need to be happy with it without either of you getting frustrated that you can’t do your favorite thing during sex.

The best thing is to communicate about it before you start. But this is not always possible, of course, especially in a one-night stand.

That said, you will quickly realize your compatibility the moment you take action. So, even if you are not immune to a mess, remember that sex is above all a moment of sharing; and that, inevitably, it can not always be the best thing of your life if you do not share this moment in the best conditions.

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Besides, the physique isn’t everything to make love well

You could come across a super horny chick who will not be in harmony with you once under the duvet. And yes, dear friend, it happens!

But, I hope you know how to notice when the feeling goes, and there’s a good chance that things will go well between you. Anyway, if it goes wrong, don’t over press yourself because it happens, and it’s not necessarily your fault that you’re not with the right partner.

make love to a woman

Sex is a time to let go!

You must be completely comfortable and focused on this intimate moment with her and nothing else. The goal is to make each other happy and not just one way: not just to please her and not just to please you. Do you understand?


Sex is also a way of communicating and not just by talking. So, pay attention to body signals, breathing, and moans.

To know how to make love well, remember these details because they are the guide when you do something:

Either you’ll be on the right track seeing that your sexual partner is having fun, or you’ll need to tweak something to get back on the path to pleasure. However, do not be impatient!

I can’t tell you enough, but take your time to understand your partner, discover her, and find out what makes her horny, so don’t be afraid to try it.

That is how you will get the answers to your questions about how to have good sex.

Otherwise, remember that not all women are the same, and therefore sometimes you will do something that will drive one woman crazy but not another.
Never generalize about women or techniques as they vary from woman to woman and from situation to situation.

Why you should have sex every day

Are you a couple? If you are, are you satisfied with how often you have sex? If you wanted to be more active with your partner, wouldn’t you want to set a goal for yourself? Share this goal with her.

It can become one of the most exciting games between the two of you. For starters, the best thing to look forward to is having sex every day.

Have intimate intercourse every day? At this precise moment, two different ideas may come to mind. The first one, you might say to yourself, “This is what we are already doing!” If that’s true, it’s perfect for you. You officially have a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

The second is you might think: “Impossible! We don’t have time”. If so, please know that this is not true. There are so many couples who have sex every day. It’s also important to note that these couples often have the healthiest, happiest relationships of all.

As you set the goal of having sex every day, you quickly find that it is beneficial for your entire relationship. As we mentioned earlier, couples who have sex every day often have very healthy relationships.

Intimacy in a couple is an essential element in a serious relationship. Yes, your relationship shouldn’t be all about sex, but it is a must factor. Sex is a way to show how much you love your partner. So why not take this path and express this love every day?

 Make Love Well To A Woman

The chances of you exploring new experiences in bed will also increase if you have intimate relationships daily. Why? Because if you have sex every day, you could quickly get bored with doing the same thing repeatedly.

However, instead of opting to decrease the frequency of your intercourse to avoid monotony, many couples seek to spice up those precious moments. That is something that can bring you more excitement and an incredible source of motivation.

Sex is beneficial for you and your couple’s health

And that’s just one of the many reasons you say you need to have sex every day that goes by.

Those who have a great sex life are less sensitive to stress and are less likely to suffer from depression. It can also significantly improve your relationship as a couple by limiting the impact of everyday insignificant problems.

It’s important to note that sex is also a great way to burn calories. What better way to burn off and lose weight than to spend sultry moments with your loved one?

If you’re not in a relationship right now, having sex every day isn’t a good idea for you simply because you might want to end the night with a different sex partner each time.
Maybe this is funny and exciting to hear, but you could put your health and possibly even your life at risk.

Remember that every time you change partners, they could infect with STDs.

In conclusion, making love every day is a good idea when you do it with the same person and thus develop your romantic bond. If you are not there yet, set this goal for yourself.

Remember that you could be infected with a sexually transmitted disease every time you change partners.

In conclusion, making love every day is a good idea when you do it with the same person and thus develop your romantic bond. If you are not there yet, set this goal for yourself.

The intensity of your intercourse will pleasantly surprise you and help you in your relationship on all levels.

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