Last Longer in Bed

Last Longer in Bed Naturally: Best Tips For Men

You ask yourself the question: How to last longer in bed?

Before going into the details, dear friend, know that it is normal to ask yourself this question.

It is to your credit since you probably want to please your girlfriend. Many men, like you, would like to know how to last longer in bed. There are many natural solutions, and I will entrust them to you, here, in what will follow.

Put your own into it, and if you follow my advice, you will know how to go about it, and you will make the pleasure last.

Masturbate before sex

Yes, I know, it’s not so glorious, but if you’re worried about premature ejaculation, you need to release some pressure before you find your lady. However, be careful with the conditions.

Let me explain!

If you live with your chick, and she is in the next room. You will not masturbate in your room while she is preparing food. If you have to masturbate even when she’s around, then do it when she’s busy on the phone with her mom or with girlfriends, or watching a TV series, etc.

So there, take a shower and masturbate discreetly in the shower. However, be smart and don’t take a shower for anything like you’ve never done. Have a good excuse, like playing sports before or doing crafts. In short, have a proper reason to take a shower. Also, be careful if your girl is the type to join you in the shower. She might feel upset to see you touching yourself without having invited her.
In short, to last longer in bed, masturbate an hour or two beforehand!

Last longer in bed: Take care of her during foreplay

Foreplay is very exciting, I know!

A good hand job or a hot blow job can make you cum in no time. However, it is also your solution to being able to last longer in bed. Rather than let the lady linger on your penis, it is you who will do it on her body. All over her body!

You must take advantage of this moment of foreplay to excite her and take care to stimulate all parts of her body. Don’t hesitate to give her a few orgasms with your fingers and tongue. Thus, you will also have less pressure when it is the moment to penetrate your penis. If she loves your fingers and your tongue, then give her no limit. Make her happy and save your penis for later.

By offering her one or a few orgasms before penetration, believe me, she will never blame you if you ejaculate a little too fast when you are inside her.

Choose simple positions

You know, some positions are more stimulating than others.

Sometimes, girls turn you on so much that you ejaculate quickly. Still, you can be tricky by choosing slightly simpler positions. No matter the position you chose, your chick is a big fan of you, that’s for sure. On the other hand, if you compare the missionary to doggy style, we would agree that the second is more likely to make you cum fast than the first, right?

Here, opt instead for the missionary or the spooning, for example. If you know that doggy style or lotus positions can make you jerk off in seconds, then obviously put those positions aside to put your odds in your favor and hope to last longer. Comfort yourself by telling yourself that you will practice your favorite sex position when you are in the situation of a quickie.

Last longer in bed: Take control of the situation

If your girl is so horny that her every move makes you want to send the sauce, dominate her, immobilize her and take control of the situation.

Be and stay in control if you want to last longer in bed. Keep in mind that women like to be dominated and to feel their man’s strength and domination. Slow down when you feel like this is way too stimulating for you. She’ll love the feeling that you want to hold it back so much the more. Make her feel how much you desire her and how much she turns you on. She will make the pleasure last too (if she’s not sadistic).


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Last Longer in Bed

Talk to her

According to men and women, some like to talk more than others. Either way, we need to chat at a minimum. Talk to her and whisper something like:

Wait, slow!”
“You turn me on too much. We need to slow down a bit.”
“I love it when you move like that, but I want to make the fun last.

Communication is relevant even in bed. Use it well so that you can ensure. And avoid thinking you will sound ridiculous.

Girls love knowing that they are driving us crazy, so if you tell her, that will be a bonus for you. Besides, note that she will get the message: you want to last longer so that you can give her maximum pleasure for as long as possible. You are a man, a real one, but above all, a man who takes to heart to satisfy his girlfriend.

Last longer in bed: Take breaks

So no, taking breaks isn’t you stop in mid-act and you say “Wait, babe! We’re taking a break.” Avoid interrupting an intimate moment. Take breaks from penetration but follow up with stroking, fingers, licks, etc. Take advantage of these breaks to calm yourself while continuing to take care of your lady. You have to calm yourself down, but not her. Keep her arousal at the highest point if you don’t want to lose control.

If you take care to apply these few tips that I just shared with you, then trust me, you can last longer in bed.

Don’t admit defeat if you don’t get it on the first try. Renew whenever you can, practice, concentrate, and you will see, everything will be fine. And you will love it as much as your chick will love it.

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