Jealous Men Your Greatest Enemies

Why Are Jealous Men Your Greatest Enemies?

To talk about jealous men, I’m going to tell you two brief stories.

But before, let me say that whatever you do in your life, there will always be little shits that will piss you off for no apparent reason. So keep in mind “The dogs bark but the caravan moves on”.

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The clubbing that got out of hand

Last weekend, I went out for a drink with an associate. We went to the pub, and then we decided to continue the evening at a nightclub. But he changed his mind at the last moment and preferred to go home because of the fatigue.

I didn’t have any problem with that because I used to go out on my own to a nightclub, and it was just a stone’s throw away. Since I’ve been in Dublin, I always find friends I know in the clubs I go to. So I went there alone to continue the party.

I walk into a club wearing a suit, and I come face to face with a man I knew (a big guy who looks like a hooligan). He does weight training in the same gym and frequents the same bars as me.
Apart from the parties and the weight room, we had never spoken to each other. It is a guy who has anti-migrant feelings.

When he saw me arrive in the VIP area, he came straight up to me and approached me: Hey, man, good to see you! With your entrepreneurial side, you are not afraid of life. Come! Join our table.

Thrilled, I accept his offer. Then, after introductions and to start the conversation, he blurted out: “We need emigrants like you, motivated guys who help the country out” I thank him, and we keep talking.

After a while, one of his friends comes up to me and asks me who I am. I reply I know his friend, and he invited me to his table. And there, the guy answers me: “You get out of my table!”


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Jealous Men

I tell him again, although it was his friend who invited me. So he asks our mutual friend for confirmation, but he says something that shocked me: “No, I don’t know this guy! He just sat there without asking our permission. You can send him home. “

I thought it was a joke; I even praised it because I thought it was excellent. But the fanatic repeated: “Fck you! Get off my table! “.

As in a Hollywood scenario, everyone has stopped living to watch us. And there were many people in the VIP area, including quite a few acquaintances and friends of mine.

I couldn’t believe what was going on. We were chatting quietly, and suddenly, these guys ordered me out when they had invited me.

I got up calmly and said: “I don’t understand what happened, good evening!” And I left the VIP area.

This chapter marked me so much that I returned home. I didn’t have the motivation to meet new people anymore because these mean guys got me mad.

When I got home, I was mumbling. It wasn’t my first run-in with these kinds of men. I call the reason for these quarrels “the jealousy of men.”

Pay attention! In my experience, as a dater, you are in the spotlight of people, especially the jealous ones who are mad at you and always looking like humiliating you in public.

Always the same problem with jealous men

Several times while I was chatting with women, other guys would come in and say, “This is not a good guy, he wants just to fuck you and then break up. Most of the time, the girls didn’t react to these words.

One day, while I was having a drink with a splendid girl, I had to be away for a few minutes. When I got back, the girl told me that a man had just told her terrible stories about me.

I disregarded it, letting the evening unfold. It was then that a “party mate” joined us.

He also knew that girl. They walked away to talk to each other, and when the girl came back to me, she told me everything. This guy had warned him to beware of me, too.

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Again, I was stunned because I knew the guy who told him all these lies about me well. And I had never had a problem with him. All this is to notify you that, over time, jealous men have gotten me into a lot of trouble.

These losers believe that by attacking you, they will ruin your chances to attract and interest the girl. But the exact opposite will happen. And that pathetic guys don’t understand.

When a woman hears: “This guy is a bad boy, he is going to break your heart!” She will feel even more drawn to the man affected by this criticism. It’s psychological. If I ask you not to think of Santa Claus all naked, you will inevitably imagine him naked!

In “Influence: Science and Practice” Robert Cialdini‘s book, there is a passage that deals with the principle of scarcity, explaining that we always want what we cannot have.

The takeaway tip from this article is: don’t be jealous. This defect will not benefit you.

These stories of racism and hatred hurt my heart, but I wanted to share them with you. Plus, the moral of this story will help you become an even better dater than you are now.

Remember this:
Never put other men down. If you do, your value will drop in the eyes of women. If this is your favorite flirting technique, give it up quickly because it doesn’t and will never work.

What about you? Have you ever met jealous men? If so, how did you react?
Share your stories with us in the comments. It’s always interesting to talk about them!

Thank you for your support and loyalty.

Take care of yourself, be a gentleman!

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