Woman Seduce a Man With Touch

How To Turn A Man On With Touch

There are many ways to turn a man on. You can do that by what you say to him, and above all, by physical contact, the touch!

Physical contact can not only be a game of looks, well-placed smiles but also the very act of touching the man you like and want to attract. You can’t get a man’s heart without making the touch.
Why? Simply because it is this contact that allows you to establish certain complicity and sexual tension between you two. And then, that’s what grants you to go further with the man you like. But of course, there are degrees, levels in establishing physical contact with a guy.

The first contact

You make the first contact from a distance: a look or a smile is the first physical contact. That allows you to enter smoothly into the man’s circle of intimacy. Because no one wants to be touched by someone they don’t know, it always leaves a funny impression if there is no prior process. Therefore, you must not neglect this first physical contact, which must remain at a distance so as not to risk rushing the man you like.

You can do this in many situations (on public transport, in a bar, in a club, in the street). The first thing to do is establishing this first contact, which will allow you to move on. The first step is to get the attention of the man you like. For that, you can play with your smile, your gaze, or both.

To start, look him in the eyes for a few seconds before looking away with a discreet smile on your lips, as if out of shyness to make him dream. Your second look should be more pronounced, still with that smile. You don’t let him absorb you with his charm and never neglect your friends or your current occupations. After showing him you are ready to move beyond your shyness to grab his attention, you show him you are not a stuck woman. You can then repeat the gaze, prolonging it to show your interest in this man.

The touch during your discussion

After this first contact, you will go to each other to start a new game of attraction, including talking to each other. But then again, you should not neglect physical contact, always to increase your chances of attracting this man. Again, go step by step. If you don’t know him and don’t want to risk sounding like a weird woman, avoid coming straight to him with your hand between his legs if your first contact wasn’t sensual.

During your first exchanges, whatever the place (bar, transport, street, nightclub, etc.), you always have the possibility of coming into contact with this man. You can do this discreetly if you hesitate. It will still work. Your hand can brush his or his arm.


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The knees, too, are areas you can come into contact with, as long as you stay there at the start. The important thing for these first physical contacts is to keep within reason so that the man you like does not feel attacked. So it is better that you stay in external areas: the outer side of his arm or his legs, touch a bent knee without going up towards the thighs. It will come next.

And don’t forget that he will also try to touch you. You must take advantage of these moments to respond to him physically. If you move around, and he puts his hand on your shoulder to let you pass, don’t stand still and take a step towards him. You can place your hand on his, for example. It is a simple gesture that may seem trivial, but it means to him. There is no problem, we can touch each other like this, we trust each other.

As always in dating, it’s a trading game, and it’s not up to one or the other to do it all. So, responding to his advances will make things better between you.

Mark the meeting end with a touch

You took a step towards him. Besides knowing how to establish the first contact with him by attracting his attention, you made physical contact and, therefore, charmed him perfectly. But unfortunately, the meeting ends. To avoid the risk of never seeing him again, you must already exchange your details to contact you again. These are the basic steps of attraction.

But there’s something else you shouldn’t forget to do: mark the end of your first meeting with physical contact. It will also apply to all your appointments: what will make you both want to see you again as soon as possible.

Why? Simply so that he has a physical memory of you. His body remembers your touch and marks your physical presence and the possibility of the evolution of your relationship. You should, therefore, not miss this step. For the timider, he will surely make the step towards you.

But then again, if this is how things are going, you absolutely must show him you agree and that you don’t mind. So don’t push it away if you want it to go further between you and let go. Of course, respect your limits and go no further than what you can agree to on a first date or one of the first dates.

How to Seduce a Man With Touch


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But it can also be you who takes the lead without being afraid. Even if you are shy, a simple kiss on the corner of the lips and on the cheek surely won’t scare you if you’ve had a good time with him before. So don’t hesitate. You can also decide to take his hand in yours to show your attraction to him. And then you can choose to snuggle up to him if you feel like he’s okay with it. It all depends on how your first date or date went.

You should in no case skip the steps with physical contact so as not to rush it. It would suffice for the man you like to be a little shy and it would block him immediately… This is not the goal you are looking for.

So make sure you adapt to the physical exchanges you have had previously.

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