Overcome your shyness with girls

How To Overcome Your Shyness With Girls

Guys! It’s okay to be shy with girls, you know, but what’s terrible is that shy men don’t overcome their shyness with girls.

So today, you will learn three things:

  1. How to identify the problem preventing you from taking action.
  2. Learn the three essential elements for a successful approaching.
  3. Discover nine exercises to take action (and learn to flirt with girls).

If you’re a shy guy who doesn’t know how to overcome your shyness with girls, then this article is for you.

Overcome your shyness with girls

To end your shyness, you need to become more approachable with people. If you dread the boarding phase, you probably expect a refusal by preparing to be pushed back: you shoot yourself in the foot.

To deal with this shyness problem, you can chat with strangers now and then. That says, don’t be afraid to jump into the unknown. All you need to do is shake your ass, get out of your room, and face the real world.

In fact, it is by quitting sometimes online dating and by going out that you will become more confident and that you will develop your social ease.

In addition, never prepare for or expect a conversation. If you do, you put the girl on a pedestal, and you give her more value than you give yourself. Naturally, as a result, your approaching act will suffer.

Remember, the TGD method is to get the woman to impress you, not the other way around.

Here are the three major elements for a successful boarding:

1) Smile, because you’re worth it

That is the most influential notion. Before approaching a girl who is alone or with her squad, you should always smile at her.

TGD technique: the smirk, devilishly effective in making women fall in your charm.

2) Be confident

Your self-confidence must become your best friend. If you do not take your courage in both hands, you can never progress.

Self-confidence is the primary quality that women look for in a man. In fact, women want a man who knows how to decide when needed. Lost boys are always unwelcome.

So, if she sees you hesitating before approaching her, no matter you give her your best speech, you will hardly impress her.

If you doubt yourself, mentally repeat this magical phrase:

Yes! I can do it, and I will!

By repeating it to yourself several times, you will build up your self-confidence.

3) Adopt an alpha body language

Pay attention to your speech, your gait, etc. And, give importance to your body language work out.

And never approach people from behind. This is an aggressor technique. In conclusion, you must approach women diagonally.

TGD Technique: Orient your feet and chest slightly to the side, as if you are about to leave.

Overcome Your Shyness With Girls

It’s your turn

If you want to become more confident and overcome your shyness with girls, these 9 exercises are for you:

[1st week]

1) Exercising your attractive voice

2) Improving your smile and your smirk style in front of a mirror 

3) Asking so many people for the time or a location, smiling and wishing them a good day 

4) Asking 3 girls a day for the time or a location, smiling at them, and wishing them a good day 

5) Smiling at so many people you meet on the street. 

[2nd week]

6) Smiling at 3 gorgeous girls a day on the street and keep walking

7) Walking into a clothing store and asking a saleswoman for advice by smiling at her

8) Approaching 3 girls a day by complimenting them on their style. For example: “Excuse me! I only want to tell you I like your shoes / I like your glasses. Have a nice day, bye!” 

9) Approaching as many girls with an attractive air and your cell phone in your hand: “Hey! You are so gorgeous! Tape your number here?” 

I hope you will play the game and take action to become the actor of your life.

What happens after you overcome your shyness with girls?

Now you have phone numbers. That’s cool, but that’s not enough because you did nothing yet. I mean, make a success of the phone conversations and transform them into dates.

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It doesn’t matter what you say to start a conversation with a girl: She won’t remember how did you approach her. What matters is what you tell her afterward.

Also, try to avoid clichéd and use out-of-the-box approach phrases. If you learn them and launch them like a robot, girls will quickly detect them. They know you flirt with them.

The only exception to this rule is when you are new to picking up girls. To reassure yourself, you can pick sentences from here and there.

Take care of yourself and be a gentleman!

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