How To Know If She Wants To Date You

How To Know If She Wants To Date You

You are here because probably there is a girl who likes you, and you are not sure if she wants to date you. She is likely to show signs of attraction when she is with you.

What signs to spot in a girl before approaching her?
How do you know if she’s single?
How to optimize your attraction to become more efficient?

Most men have thousands of questions about approaching a woman. But they often forget that it is not the boarding phase that matters most. It’s the pre-boarding stage that counts.
I am a big fan of Pareto’s law: the law of 20/80. It is better to focus your efforts on the 20% that get done rather than the 80% that do very little. Example :
If you approach ten women, only two of them will be receptive to your approach (on average). Therefore, you will need to focus all your energy on the most receptive girls, thus avoiding taking avoidable rejects.

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4 clear signs she wants to date you

The sniper method

I developed this approach with one of my wingmen’s help, during a time when we were always up for dating. But with experience, quality takes precedence over quantity. That is to say, I focus my efforts on the women who really interest me and especially on those who are open to dating.

When we go to a nightclub, we don’t approach every girl we meet. 

Our strategy is patience. Sometimes with my wingman, it only takes one attempt to attract a girl.

But to get there, you must already have some experience of attraction. In the following lines, I will share with you signals every woman gives when she wants to date.

1/ She is not holding her girlfriend’s hand

When you go out to bars or nightclubs, you rarely meet single women. They go out at least accompanied by a friend. If a girl holds a friend’s hand all night long, that’s a sure sign that she’s not open to meeting new people.
I avoid approaching girls who hold the hands of their friends. There is a high chance that she will not be receptive.

2/ The girl moves a lot

So no, just because a girl scratches her head every ten seconds doesn’t mean she’s interested in you.
If you see a girl who remains almost motionless, screwed in her seat, who is only chatting with her friends, she will not be open to new encounters. Maybe she’s just going out to get some fresh air, chat with her friends, or take a break. Surely that girl won’t be around to come up with a one-night stand.

The girl who wants to date is the one who turns her head almost every 5-6 minutes to see if someone is ogling her. So, she sends him signals she is approachable, or that she is not interested if he is not her kind of guy.

How To Know If She Wants To Date You

3/ The girl changes her body language when you meet her gaze

If the girl changes her facial expression or body language when meeting her gaze, she is open to dating.
This girl will react in many ways: by smiling back at you, stroking your hair, playing shy, etc.
A little tip to avoid falling on a tease:
Teasers are the girls who show themselves only to get the validation of the men, never going further. When you meet her gaze, you’ll notice that her facial expression doesn’t change at all.

4/ No commitment to her group of friends

If the girl is engaged in a conversation and only focused on her group of friends, you will waste your time talking to her.
Because you will first have to strike up a conversation with her group before isolating her to chat with her one-on-one.
But if a girl looks all over the place, isn’t engaged in her group conversation, and looks like she’s pissing off with them, you’ll know she’s ready to meet people.

By spotting these different signals in women, you will tell whether they are open to dating.

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You have no experience!

If you are new to dating and feel the pressure before approaching a woman, there is only one solution:
You will have to practice approaching women and accumulating rejections. You will progress much faster than if you do nothing.

It is by falling over that we learn to walk.


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What if you already have experience?

If you have some dating experience, you can only focus on girls you like and want to date.
That is the sniper method. I can spend the whole evening sitting at the bar, and when it’s time to go, I approach the girl who is most open to meeting people and at least I pick up her phone number for a further date. Most of the time, this method works.

Do you have any experience in dating?
Are you going to try the sniper approach?

Leave a comment to share your experience and give your approach lines to flirt with a girl.
I give you advice, but also I love to learn from your experience, which could be very rewarding.

Take care, be a gentleman, and get in touch!

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