Girl Is Not Interested In You

How To Know If A Girl Is Not Interested In You

Today, you will discover the clear signs that a girl is not interested in you. Once you have them in mind, it will be easier to move on and stop wasting your time!
Ready? Let’s go!

1/ When it’s already lost

This worry is recurrent with many of you.
You ask me the same question all the time: “How can I catch up with this girl to attract her?” I screwed up my shot “.
So, if you ask yourself this question, it is already too late to catch up and turn the tide. You have already lost it, and you need to move on. You must dismiss this girl!

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2/ A girl is not interested when never answers you

Or she takes two hours to get back to you, never less. She probably doesn’t give a damn about you. In the best-case scenario, if she answers you, her response will be abrupt, or she won’t start the conversation again. “Hmmm” “LMFAO” “Donno” “Okay” …
Here again, rejected!

3/ She never meets you alone

For a first date, it can be okay because she may be nervous or she doesn’t know you well.
If so, you’ve got to step up and sound like a cool guy to her buddies.
But if she still brings someone back on your second or third date, you don’t interest her at all.
I remember my first internship when I was madly in love with an intern, and every time I planned something with her, she would always bring me a colleague from work. I was like: “Maybe next time we’ll be alone.”

But unfortunately, that never happened. So I broke up with her and had a sex plan with the other girl.

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4/ A girl is not interested in you if she doesn’t stop about her exes

“I don’t trust men no more”-“It’s difficult for me to fall in love one day”-“My ex was like this …”-“I liked it when my ex …”
And a week later, you see her in a guy’s arms. Runaway and quickly!

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5/ She’s trying to hook you up with other girls

She makes you realize you are not her style. But to put it mildly, she is going to hook you up with another girl.
“XX is gorgeous! You would make a lovely couple.”
“You know, XX is single. She just broke up with her boyfriend. Text her to invite her out. “

A girl hooked up to you never says this kind of thing to you, even when teasing you.

6/ A girl is not interested in you when she never pays

If a chick never offers to share the bill and never offered to pay anything, you probably don’t interest her, but worse yet, she’s taking advantage of you. Unfortunately, I know far too many men who pay for trips and designer clothes to venal girls who take advantage of the situation.
In the past, when I was in my first year in college, I looked forward to the weekend to invite my girl out for activities.
This chick in question never offered to pay anything or even split the bill.

Never! Nada! I was stupid. Don’t be like the past me.

I thought it was up to the man to pay, or maybe she thinks of me as her boyfriend. And I did not give importance to small gestures such as the wanting to share the bill’s intention. Fortunately, I learned from my faults in the following years and let down any girl who wanted to take advantage of me. I’ve understood that women who want to build a healthy relationship don’t have to worry about who pays? They are always ready to take out their wallet. At worst, they offer to split the bill.
So, if the girl you hang out with takes out her wallet or insists on paying, you’ll know you don’t interest her.

7/ She does no service to you

One of the tips I give my boyfriends is to get the girl you want to invest her time and money (while still being reasonable). You can ask her to do you a little favor: pick you up at the airport, do some shopping, etc.
An uninterested girl will never make an effort for you. She’ll come up with excuses every time to avoid doing you a favor.

These seven signs in this article are the most obvious. Analyze well the girl you hooked up to understand her and to know if she is interested in you or not at all.

Don’t lose your dignity anymore and save time!

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