Kiss A Man Well To Make Him Fall In Love

How To Kiss A Man Well To Make Him Fall In Love

Kissing a man is not a trivial gesture! The first kiss helps you see if there is the first attraction between you and if things could go further pleasantly or not, so you might as well not miss it. Then, to kiss a man well is also to show him your affection and desire for him, and you make him fall in love.

To kiss a man well is to make him want to continue the adventure with you. It is to arouse his desire and make him addicted to you. So you might do it with sensuality.

That’s where all the subtlety lies between a kiss and a wonderful kiss.

Kiss a man well: sensuality and play

A beautiful kiss is a kiss that attracts. What better way to turn a man on than a bit of sensuality? That is the keyword you must remember to kiss your man well. If you kiss him mechanically, as if you were strictly following instructions given to you, you won’t kiss him well. Let your desires carry you on and make him feel them.

Remember that by kissing him, you have to allure him. So, be sensual! Even play around with it and vary your kisses. Surprise him in a way that makes him want to start over and make him want to go further with you.

If you are already uncomfortable with a kiss, the man you are kissing may be reluctant to go any further with you. Some will find it cute and blame it on emotion, but others might as well give him the kiss of his dreams. And what is it? A kiss that makes him leave the earth, float on cloud nine, a kiss that he will remember. To do this, play with his lips and his tongue, especially when you are already close. That will only strengthen the bond that existed between you and increase the desire in both of you.

Kissing is a two-person performance

You shouldn’t force your man like he shouldn’t do for you. If you two harmoniously make a kiss and both of you show sensuality and desire, it will be a successful kiss. So it’s not all up to you.

Don’t put pressure on yourself, and just let go!

That is most important. If each of you lets go, your kiss will only be more intimate. Each playing with the other, sharing desire, you will mesmerize each other.
For a successful kiss, don’t wait for him to show you what he wants, and take the initiative yourself to surprise and please him. It will only arouse his desire more.


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How To Kiss A Man Well To Make Him Fall In Love

Vary the pleasures

To kiss a man well is to play with his lips, to nibble them gently, to kiss them one after the other, to tickle the tip of his tongue before coming back to his lips.
To kiss a man well involves a multitude of gestures, movements, and pressures. There is Nothing to learn by heart. No guide will teach you step-by-step how to give a dream kiss to a man. The best way to achieve this is to indulge your desires based on how you feel about each other. But all this while varying the pleasures. Make him discover new sensations, make him travel.

Likewise, when we talk about kissing a man well, we think more often of his lips and tongue. You should not neglect other parts of his body. For a simple kiss, nothing prevents you from arousing your man’s desire by running your lips down his neck, lingering on his cheeks, or even on his ears.
Here again, let your desires speak for themselves. See what your man reacts to positively, what makes him happy, and don’t start something again if you feel he doesn’t like it. Either way, don’t forget the keyword that is sensuality. Add to that a little play and bonding, and you will both share a perfect kiss.

Caress your man during a kiss

Vary the pleasure even more and have a pleasurable kiss playing with your hands. Caress your prince on the neck and head, and use the other hand to bring him a little more towards you. These gestures will also help show the man that you embrace the desire you feel for him. They fully take part in a successful kiss, therefore don’t neglect them.

Here too, use your imagination. Bring your body closer to his if you wish. Let one of your legs slip gently between his. Cultivate your body language sensually so that he feels your desire for him. It will only confirm the message you are sending by kissing him sensually.

Kiss a man well: don’t neglect the context

To kiss a man well, you also have to consider the context. First, avoid a lengthy languorous kiss if you’ve just left the table and eaten pizza, pasta, or seafood dishes. If your breath is lacking, a simple little kiss may be best. But don’t become a freak about your oral hygiene either. Sugar-free mints will save you, anyway.
Be sure to have a packet with you, and don’t fall into either extreme: Fresh breath is most welcome, but a lot of mint in the mouth is also disturbing.

Therefore, I recommend sucking the mint discreetly for a few seconds, for example, in the restaurant’s bathroom, then drinking a sip of water to let everything pass.
Likewise, while your lips are best kept soft and well hydrated, avoid smearing them with balm before a kiss you want to be successful. Don’t turn your man’s face into a jar of cream. He wouldn’t appreciate it.

Besides your condition, you will also need to consider the place and the atmosphere in which you are. During a meal with friends or family, kiss your prince quickly but sufficiently expressively by the gestures and movements you know he appreciates.
However, if you are at home during a tender moment when no one should come to disturb you, play a little more and make your partner’s pleasure last. Avoid making the kiss endless, at the risk of tiring him. Take a little time to arouse his desire simply through your lips and your tongue. Make him crazy with just one kiss.

How To Kiss A Man Well: Last Word

Adapt to the context in which you find yourself will allow you to vary the pleasures. Gradually teach your man as your evening goes by that you are not an uninteresting girl.
It’s time for him to realize the playful and sensual woman you are and with whom he could have a great time.
Vary the pleasures according to the context will allow you to make him addicted to you and increase his love for you.

It’s your turn!

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