How to Kiss a Girl

How To Kiss A Girl Properly: Best Kissing Tips

Knowing how to kiss a girl is fundamental.
How do you maintain and be successful in a relationship with a girl if you are a terrible kisser?
And then, remember all those times when you wished you had taken the plunge! “Should I kiss her? If so, when? How? ‘», «Will she reject me? “.

So let me explain to you how to show your affection, your desire to be with that girl you like. Here are some tips for understanding and knowing all about the art of kissing a girl.

Kiss a Girl: The Basics

To become a good kisser, let’s pretend you know nothing about it like you’re a beginner at it. Kissing should be pleasant for you as well as for the girl, and you should have all the chances on your side:

  • Beforehand, make sure your mouth, lips, teeth, and breath are clean.
  • It is still nicer to kiss someone with a nice-looking mouth to avoid drama.
  • For kissable breath, chew sugar-free chewing gum or use a light mouthwash. Avoid doing that in front of the girl, and do it twenty minutes before, if you expect a smooch. You should never become paranoid about oral hygiene!
  • Don’t force the girl to kiss you.
  • Good kissing is not about spinning your tongue at full speed in the other’s mouth. No, to kiss a girl well is to give her pleasure. It is to be with the other by exuding a maximum of sensuality, tenderness, passion.
  • Do not hesitate to play with her lips, her tongue, to nibble it lightly, etc.


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The art of kissing a girl

In seduction, the chance is rare, and every detail counts.

It is the same for kissing a girl: indeed, if the latter will facilitate the task, if you interest her, kissing her will be easy.

In addition, there are explicit nonverbal details: like how she laughs out loud for no real reason (unless your humor is giggling), whether she touches your arm, shoulder, or hand while you are chatting. Or if she is trying to catch your gaze at any moment, then she is ready to be kissed.

One of the best indicators is the distance between you and the girl. If this distance gradually decreases, or if there is physical contact, then go for it. That means you have the green light.

Further, avoid verbalizing your urge to kiss her: don’t justify what you’re about to do, assume, take the initiative, look her in the eye, and kiss her.

Here are more tips for artfully and voluptuously kissing the girl of your dreams:

Don’t put pressure on yourself when you kiss a girl

It’s just a kiss! You’re not risking your life!
Avoid wrestling your brain to know when to kiss her or to wonder how she will react, etc. If you put pressure on yourself, she will feel that developed stress as much in your kiss as in your embrace.

Go straight

Above all, do not hesitate to kiss her. Show that you made your decision, and you want her. Show her your desire and your affection. If the girl is okay with you kissing her, take that as a call, encouragement, and go for it!

Start slowly

Especially if you are going to kiss the girl for the first time. Take it easy!

You don’t have to start by rotating your tongue in her mouth from the first kiss.
And then, let her guide you too, let her take the reins and speed up the movement. Your attraction will only be more successful.

Use hands

It’s a fact, when kissing a girl, don’t leave your hands in your pockets or behind your back or holding your smartphone! Use them intelligently and gently caress her cheek and neck. Touching these areas is very arousing.

Then, start by accelerating the movement: while crescendo, caress the areas that are not necessarily erogenous, such as the back, shoulders, and hips. If this is not the first kiss, and once the mood got scorching, why not put a hand on the girl’s breasts or her butt?

Vary the intensity

Between romanticism and bestiality, vary your kisses dynamics. Surprise her by kissing her softly, slowly, and then shifting into high gear, being more “fierce”: hugging her or pushing her gently against a wall. This alternation of rhythm and passion will excite her every time.

How To Kiss A Girl Properly Best Kissing Tips


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Types of kisses

You should know that there are at least twenty types of kissing. Here is a sample:

– The French kiss: It’s an open-mouth kiss where your two tongues touch.

– The butterfly kiss: it’s a kiss where you are so close to each other that your eyelashes touch and flutter in unison. We can do a butterfly kiss against someone’s cheek by beating our eyelashes against their cheek.

– The single lip kiss: this type of kiss involves taking only one of your partner’s lips and sucking it in slowly. A desirable romantic kiss.

– The Spiderman kiss: it comprises kissing head to tail, your face facing away from hers.

– The kiss on the cheek: it is the most classic kiss in the world, the one you give to your friends, your family, or your colleagues.

– The hickey kiss: not a kiss. It is about sucking the skin and making a red mark, usually on the neck, arm, or earlobe.

– The wet kiss: it is an open mouth kiss, with or without the tongue. To alternate with another type of kiss so as not to drool over the girl!

– The lizard kiss: a kiss that requires you to make quick movements with your tongue in and out of the girl’s mouth. It’s a pretty silly kiss, which you do for fun, nothing more.

– Angel’s kiss: an extremely gentle kiss that involves kissing on the girl’s eyelid or right next to her eye using only your lips. A romantic kiss at will.

The ultimate advice to kiss a girl properly

Kissing is an intimate moment that should bring you closer to each other, both physically and mentally.

Condition of lips and mouth

It is essential to keep your lips soft and pleasant. Kissing someone with (or someone who has) dry or even chapped lips is very unpleasant.

Ditto for breath! You should have fresh breath. Depending on the situation before the kiss: brush your teeth before going on a date, or suck on mint candy for a few seconds and spit it out in the washroom before leaving the restaurant.

The right moment to kiss a girl

Pick the right time before you think about kissing her, and make eye contact before taking the plunge. Touch her either by hugging, taking her hand, or touching her face, but you have to kiss each other by touching each other somewhere. So you will get closer physically already.

Look into each other’s eyes, and as soon as your lips touch, close your eyes to enjoy this kiss.

Force no one to kiss you if she doesn’t share the wish. Analyze the situation before you start. Slowly approach, and if the girl pulls back, don’t insist. If she lets herself go or walks towards you, that’s all good. You can kiss her.

Tongue use

Start with a kiss or two without the tongue, then start the languid kiss afterward.

Then put your tongue in her mouth so that you can stroke her tongue with yours. Caress it from bottom to top and withdraw with each caress.

You can intensify according to the moment and according to your feelings. Know that a kiss with the tongue will raise the sexual tension between you. So avoid if you are not in a place or situation that is conducive to it.

You don’t have to use the tongue. It’s up to you, again, depending on the moment and the circumstances. Also, see if the girl is receptive or not.

Take breaks

Take breaks between your kisses to see if you should continue or stop depending on how you feel about each other.
If you enjoy kissing each other, continue. Otherwise, stop. A kiss should feel good and should make you both feel good.

Between your kisses, always look her in the eye to keep that closeness and intimacy between you. Even when you aren’t kissing anymore.


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Optimize your kissing

Vary the speed, depth, pressure, and tongue and lip play.

Breathe through your nose, do not kiss when apnea.

Remember to swallow your saliva well to prevent the kiss from turning into a washing machine. Also, avoid opening your mouth too much. And avoid having too much saliva because you risk getting it all over the other. And it is very unpleasant. It would spoil your kiss.

Depending on your situation, you can also suck her tongue or even bite her lips with tenderness.

Sharing a kiss is a decisive moment in whether to continue to the next level.

Have a nice kiss, dude!

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