Keep A Man In Love With You

How To Keep A Man In Love With You Forever

You are asking yourself about how to keep a man in love with you: “How to preserve him under my spell forever?”

After attracting a man, which all women recognize and claim, not that difficult, you are ready to live happily with your prince charming.
Every woman always wants her husband or boyfriend to love her as much as she does. Is this your wish too?

Well! my dear, I offer you powerful tips to help you keep your man fall in love with you forever.

Keep a man in love with you: Don’t be boring

If you are a super-ultra-jealous and possessive woman, it is an appropriate time for a change.

Indeed, respect what men call: “Male Freedom!”

Give him time to himself and avoid asking him too many questions about what he is doing. Avoid tracking him like crazy, trying to show that you care deeply about his life.

Yes, you are part of his life, but know that each man prefers a tiny world of his own, too. Whatever it is, a vlog, PlayStation games, or even beer brewing, that is his small universe, so respect that. He will be very grateful, and therefore, he will remain under your spell.

During my studies at the university, I was dating a girl who pissed me off! She kept asking me stupid questions, like what class you had today, who was next to you, girl or boy? And lots of other dumb questions.

If you’re boring, stop it! And if you are not, that’s good for both of you. That will prevent your man run away without ever coming back.


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Keep A Man In Love With You Forever

Stop criticizing and judging him

Here’s another bullshit you can do. Spending your time giving orders to do this and that, to criticize your man, his family, and his friends, besides judging him for no reason, is the worst nightmare of a man.

If your man has best friends, they should be your friends. Likewise, if he gives importance to his family, respect this value in him, and get closer to his family. 

Everything is in connection with the small universe of the gentleman, the one I dealt with at the first point. It’s an almost spiritual thing in a man.

If you don’t like something about him, really want him to change it, be a sexy diplomat. 

I’m preparing a few articles on the psychology of influence that you can use with dignity to change the opinion of your prince while remaining charming. Think about it!

Take the initiative

Oh! How happy am I when my girlfriend calls me or sends me a text message, letting me know she has reserved a pleasant surprise for me? I go crazy with impatience, like a 10-year-old boy waiting to unwrap the Christmas present!

All men, with a slight exception, love surprises planned by their girlfriends. Try to take the Leadership of the relationship from time to time (not too much anyway eh, men prefer to be undisputed leaders)

Tell him you are cooking his best dish only for him, or if you want him to crack completely, let him know you invite him tonight to his favorite steakhouse restaurant.

Men are the ones who decide on mostly weekend plans, outings, etc. So try to take the initiative, and announce to him a plan for the weekend, only for you two. He will fully appreciate your gesture, I guarantee it.

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Always be elegant and sexy

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I prefer -almost- only classy & elegant women. I go for women who know how to dress well and take good care of themselves, both home and outside.

You know what? I’m going to share with you a secret.

There is always a hidden competition between men: Who goes out with the most beautiful and intelligent woman? A man likes to be proud of his partner, supposedly to increase his social value in those around him.

When you go together for a night out with his associates, thrill him and try at the dress level to appear more beautiful and more elegant. Your prince will be just happier and more proud of you, proud of his little sweetheart. Because his frenemy Josh will say to himself:

“WTF! How lucky he is! He goes out with this sexy bomb!”

Believe me! When dating hotties, we men create a sixth sense that allows us to hear the internal voice of a jealous guy. And that flatter us, so that arouses us.

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Keep a man in love with you: Listen!

Sometimes your prince charming pisses you off with his stories, I know.

But know that we men also have our moments of weakness, although we try, by all means, to hide and conceal them. It is precisely there that he needs your sensuality and your exclusive support. So, being his best friend is a must.

Listen to his little worries about work or family and try to comfort him with your sexy means. Yes, dear, I know girls are intractable at this level. So, I don’t even need to advise you on this subject.

Wait, what? Shall I make you a drawing?

Okay! I repeat, it is necessary to dive into his world and not to be the jerk who DGAF.
Charming is a reciprocal relationship: The more you are by his side, the more he will be at your side. However, the more you do not care, the more he will move away ==> Say RIP to your little love story.

Keep a man in love with you: The conclusion

Do not be boring, avoid criticizing or judging him, take the initiative, be elegant and sexy, be attentive. Believe me! These are powerful five tips to keep a man in love with you and build together a long-lasting relationship.

On reading, this may seem exaggerated to you, but be aware that it is far from being. We, men, operate much more simply than women and have much fewer questions. In addition, if you follow my five tips as developed above, then Mr will remain under your spell for sure.

Be careful, however, to be yourself. If you start to role-play or behave in a forced, acted, or controlled way, you will be wrong. He will feel that you are not yourself, and then no need to want to hunt the natural since he always comes back at a gallop.

If you try to ask your man something that might upset him, then turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking.
This rule works great in public (especially at work), so why not just use it in our private life.

If he likes things that arouse little or no interest in you, don’t criticize him and don’t judge him. Let him enjoy what he wants to enjoy. Do the same on your side. He doesn’t have to love everything you love. Each one of you two has his little pleasures.

Sometimes, let him breathe and don’t always give him the role of decision-maker. Take initiatives and be the one who will surprise him from time to time. He will adore that, and he will admire you much more. Get out of your mind that it’s up to man to decide everything. It doesn’t work that way, and you have to be aware of it to keep a man in love with you.

Besides staying natural mentally, keep that way physically, but always in a stylish and sexy way. For example, if you are used to wearing faded clothes or even have holes in them when you are alone at home, you should abstain when you are with him. Show him you always attempt to be pretty and to please him. He will be addicted to you, and he will take care of his appearance, too. Men don’t like women who let themselves go without taking care of their appearance.

Finally, listen to your prince, and no need to play the psychologist or try to get an answer to everything he tells you. Men like to confide in a woman, so better that it’s you, not another.
Just put yourself in his shoes and remember that you, too, love it when your man is listening. It’s give-and-take.

You see, it’s not that hard to know how to keep a man in love with you forever.

It’s your turn.

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