How to Flirt With a Man at The Gym

How To Flirt With A Man At The Gym

Do you want to flirt with a man at the gym while training? Well, you know what? It’s possible!

The gym is not only a torture room where you sweat severely. It is also (and above all) a place where we empty our minds and where we take pleasure in taking care of ourselves. And, of course, it’s also the perfect place to meet an athletic man with a well-built, muscular body.

You share the same training program or just the same passion for fitness. You were surely made to get along!

So that’s right, between anti-social headphones and those hyper-focused faces, you and these gentlemen aren’t necessarily willing to flirt. But who said it was impossible?

Besides, you see this guy a lot in the gym; you find him super cute, and you would like to talk to him.

So how do you flirt with a man at the gym? It’s here and now!

To Flirt with a man at the gym is not like in a bar

Of course, picking up a man at the gym isn’t like in a bar.

You’re going to have to be a little more patient. Finally, everything will depend on your tactics, but logically, it will take a little longer.

You’ll start with gazes and smiles and then continue with a few small conversations here and there. In a bar, it can all happen the same evening for over an hour.

In a gym, it will take days or even weeks, depending on your respective training frequency.

Also, be aware that men come to the gym as a priority to train. And a lot of them don’t want to be labeled a “sucker” hunter.

Because of this, a good man will take his time and not pounce on you to suggest you go out together. While the gym is a great place to meet someone, it is not like flirting with a man on Tinder or another dating app.


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To flirt effectively with a man at the gym: Take your time

Avoid introducing yourself to him when he’s in full swing. Everything has its time!

And if you are at the gym, it’s also, and above all, because you want to work out. Am I Right?

If you’re going to that gym just because you spotted this guy, I suggest you stop right now! You will ridicule yourself.

You must take it little by little.

A look and a smile for the first time, a hello the second time, a little “How are you?” The next time. Don’t rush things. And keep in mind that he comes here probably to train, not to flirt.

Also, don’t stop meeting other people and making new friends: both men and women. It will be to your advantage to build a small circle of friends at the gym.

It will be fishy and repulsive if you bet everything on one guy and don’t look at anybody else or talk to anybody else.

You might meet other interesting encounters besides.

How to flirt with a man at the gym?

I offer you my advice on how to flirt with a man at the gym. Of course, there are dos and don’ts.

But you already know that, don’t you? Come on, let’s go, let’s see it together!

Don’t wear too revealing clothes

A lot of fitness clothes show more skin than they hide. They are also relatively tight. However, I strongly advise you not to show more skin than necessary.

Despite having an athletic physique, there is nothing more vulgar and repulsive than a girl who struts around in half-sheer leggings and a sports bra that barely covers her nipples.

So, yeah, sure, guys are going to watch you but not for the right reasons. At least, not for the reasons you hope.
Besides, you risk losing all credibility in the eyes of this guy who comes to the gym seriously.

Wear nice clothes

So, of course, take it easy on the parts of your body to show off, but wear pretty clothes anyway.

It’s hard enough to present yourself with strained faces at the gym, so give yourself a boost with some pretty athletic outfits.

Besides, even if you have great abs and a pretty chest, you don’t have to show it all! The suggestion is also super sexy.

For example, if you wear a loose-fitting t-shirt that shows your abs when you do some movements, that’s sexy!

Avoid overly flashy colors like Hey! Look at me! I’m here! You know what I mean, don’t you?

Your outfit should be impeccable, so no dirty sneakers or clothes with holes or stains.

Don’t change your hours to match his

If you’ve been to the gym at a completely random time, and you’ve spotted a guy, you might think to change up your routine, hoping to bump into him.

However, avoid changing your schedule for him. You most likely have other stuff to do on your day.

You can change your calendar from time to time. But if it’s too blatant, the guy might notice, and it won’t be to your advantage.

If you get noticed, it might push him away. So you won’t get any benefit from it.

Train as usual

Don’t change your exercises to get closer to the guy or to get his attention if he works out at the same time as you.

Also, don’t leave earlier than usual, just because you see him heading for the locker room and you’d like to talk to him.

Keep your own pace and stick to your training schedule, whatever it is.

Know that if you like this guy, he will inevitably find a way and a time to come and talk to you.

You don’t need to mess up your training for him.

Don’t spend your time staring at him

Would you like a guy to spend his time staring at you while you’re in your daily 20-minute elliptical workout?

If you constantly stare at this man, he might feel firstly flattered but quickly uncomfortable afterward.

It’s true that during a workout, you might keep staring at someone, but try to stare at a window or device with no one on it. But don’t stare at this guy, even if he’s super hot!

How to Flirt With a Man at The Gym


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Let him know you noticed him

While staring at him is a big no, you need to let him know you’ve noticed him.

If you haven’t spoken before, you just make eye contact for a few seconds with a small smile. If you walk past him to change zones or devices, smile at him again. That’s all.

Now, if you run into him, and I mean by chance, walking out of the gym, try to strike up a conversation if he doesn’t.

Leave things to do afterward according to the progress of your exchanges.

Do not interrupt him during his training

Most men would be up for dating a girl at the gym. However, the main reason they go there is to train and take care of themselves.

If he seems attracted to you too, don’t disturb him during his workouts and focus on yours instead!

You could distract him, and he could hurt himself, and so could you. You have the pause moments to distract him slightly.

Don’t be jealous if you see him with other women

Accept that he can be a friend with other women at the gym.

Avoid being jealous, especially since you don’t even know him yet. He is free to talk and have a friendly relationship with whomever he wants, men and women included.

Besides, if he’s so attractive, you shouldn’t be surprised that other women might be interested in him.

But don’t start making movies and fueling your jealousy. Let it live and take care of your training.

Also, if he notices you are a jealous woman, he may not like it, and you will lose points. He will think that you are boring, jealous, and possessive. Not great to hope to flirt with him.

What do you think? Have you ever flirt with a man at the gym? Do you have anyone in your sights right now? Tell us everything in the comments.

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