Flirt With A Guy On Tinder

How To Flirt With A Guy On Tinder (Part 1)

In our very first article for TGD women on how to flirt with a guy on Tinder, in which we’ll explain to you the basics about improving your profile, getting matches, the first message to send, and discovering the different intentions of guys on Tinder.

Tinder is the most popular geolocated dating/hookup app, which works on all smartphones. You can download it from App Store or Google Play. It’s easy to download and use, accessible to everyone. It is a must-have app on your mobile if you want to meet new people. And, if online dating sites fed you up, Tinder is different and will win you over. Who knows, you might even become a premium user of it.

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Flirt With A Guy On Tinder

How to flirt with a guy on Tinder: Improve your profile

Tinder app differs from dating sites that ask you to fill a bunch of categories with your passions, what you are looking for, etc. On Tinder, it’s as if you met a person in the street, in a bar, or at a nightclub, but not like flirting at the gym: it’s the first glance that is important. And so it is the photo that you choose as the main one that will allow you to collect likes or not. Therefore, choose your best photo for this app because you will base your attraction game on it.

For this, select natural full-body photos in which Tinder users can see you entirely. Avoid close-ups of your face hidden by your sunglasses, sexy poses, bathroom selfies, and group photos where men can hardly identify you. Choose the ones in which there is only you, in a nice frame, and which show that you go out, that you do interesting things, that you travel, etc. And of course, choose photos where you feel pretty and photogenic; and which can catch the eyes of the men to whom your profile will be showed.

The choice of your photos is not definitive. If you realize you do not get matches, you can change your profile photo and the other ones. In addition, if you take a delightful picture during a party or on vacation, you can always download it instead of another.

That also applies to your profile description. Remember that Tinder’s purpose is not to talk to someone with whom we have a lot in common, but to engage in discussion with a person you’ve liked and he liked you too.

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How to flirt with a guy on Tinder: Get matches

If you’re having trouble getting matches, it’s not necessarily because of your photos or description, but maybe also because of the settings you’ve made.
Avoid being too restricted: be flexible about the age range you want and the mileage you choose. And above all, do not forget to connect when you are away from home: evening, work, afternoon in a park. Tinder is a geolocated application. Do not forget that.

Let yourself go: do not hold back likes. When you have a crush on a man like him without hesitation. Please, without being in love at first sight, like it too. On the other side, if a man disgusts you, go your way. That is how you will get matches and matches that will lead to dates.

First message

Once you get a match with a man, you have to go into the attraction phase. For that, don’t wait for him to take the lead and send you a message. You can very well do it yourself.

As with all other means of online dating, make a unique and brilliant message if you can. Also, don’t forget to play the humor card: On Tinder is like, in real life, nobody appreciates boring people.

If you don’t have friends or likes in common, if you don’t have any inspiration, if we don’t you convince you with the ideas that we offer you in our blog, google how to start a conversation on Tinder and never, ever start a conversation with “Hey!” – “Hi!” – “How do you do?”.

You can also refer to where you are if your mileage gauge is small enough. The important thing is that the first message you send to a guy is memorable, positive, and personalized. In addition, don’t forget to take care of your spelling and don’t drown him in an avalanche of smileys.


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The intentions

Next, you’ll need to know what the man you’re chatting with is looking for to adapt yourself. Is he looking for a serious relationship that he’ll wait to get to know you a little better before meeting you in person? Does he want a just one-night stand? Is a man on vacation in your town for a week looking for a pleasant hook-up? And above all, are you on the same wavelength for this relationship?

Once you know a little more, you can follow the same steps as any relationship that begins virtually. Take some precautions because you never know who you run into, but don’t go into paranoid mode either.

In addition, if you meet a passing tourist, do not meditate for too long if you want something to happen between you because otherwise, he will have already left.

To be continued…

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