Find and Stimulate the G-Spot

How to Find and Stimulate the G-Spot

That drives you crazy because you don’t always know how to find and stimulate the G-spot, and it drives her crazy because it gives her so much pleasure!

But then how to find this sacred G-spot and, above all, how to stimulate it effectively?

Keep assured! I intend to help you on the subject; so that you have all the weapons to become the master of the G-spot.

Opinions differ if the G-spot truly exists, but trust me, it exists. In this article, I deliberately skip the whole historical part of G-spot. Here we are in practice, so TGD does not want to bore you with boring theory.

Let’s get right to the point. Isn’t that what you want? Let’s go!

Where is G-Spot?

In the vagina, on the wall on the stomach side, and you will feel it on a slightly rougher part when Madame is excited.

I’m not confusing you with the measures since it depends on women. But at least you will be able to recognize it very easily with these indications.

Remember that Ms. must be excited so that you can locate it more easily. Otherwise, you may have a hard time finding it. And, the more you stimulate it, the more you will know how to spot it. By the way, that brings us to the next question.

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How to stimulate the G-Spot?

It all depends on what you use: your fingers, your penis, or a sex toy.

With your fingers

You should know that only one finger may be enough. But for some women, two fingers (or more) can increase pleasure tenfold.

Let’s take the example of a finger (which you can easily duplicate with two or more, of course) to simplify the explanation. Insert a finger into the vagina with the palm of your hand facing you. The idea is to finger the lady by curving your finger like a hook to better reach and stimulate her G-spot.

There is no need to waste your time with a jackhammer back and forth.


The idea is to curl your finger in her vagina. And quickly wiggle it over that famous rough area which is the G-spot.

With your penis

Some positions favor the G-spot stimulation more than others, and in particular, the doggy style, the rider, or the closed missionary position: that is to say that the lady is not completely lying on her back, but she raises her legs by resting them on your shoulders as you enter it.

The soft serve and cowgirl positions are also excellent for stimulating the G-spot but require some training with a well-experienced chick because she’s the one in charge.

With a sex toy

You might ideally opt for a curved shape to reproduce the same angle as your finger or the positions mentioned above with your penis.

Favor sex toys that also stimulate the clitoris to increase the intensity of its pleasure.

Size doesn’t matter to stimulate the G-spot

Yes, gentlemen! The advantage of the G-spot is that size doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be designed like Siffredi or have big fingers to find and stimulate the G-spot.

This is all about attention and experience. You will see, you will understand quickly and simply as your partner reacts to your actions.

Pay attention to the fingers’ role

Putting your fingers straight and just going back and forth has absolutely no benefit and no effect on stimulating female pleasure.

Reread the passage where I tell you about the stimulation of the G-spot with the fingers. You have to curl them to please your beauty, and I would like to repeat it because it is an all too common mistake that could frustrate you and waste your time (and hers).

Fingers straight into a vagina, it’s a bit like doggy style without spanking: it doesn’t help.

Stop putting too much pressure on yourself

Avoid putting a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

If you can find her G-spot quickly and easily, then that’s great! Continue to stimulate it!

Otherwise, do not put yourself under pressure and take the time to discover her vagina by analyzing what gives her pleasure or not.

Communicate and ask her to guide you (if she knows her G-spot). If she doesn’t know more than you do, then team up and search for it together to ensure even more fun in the future!

Find and stimulate G Spot

Find and stimulate the G-spot alone or team work

Depending on your partner’s feelings and yours, you can seek and stimulate her G-spot alone or together.

In both cases, this research, accompanied by stimulation, must especially not be mechanical !!!

Play it up and pay attention to your partner’s reactions and pleasure alerts. Do not be deadpan on her vagina. Observe and feel all of Ms’ reactions, which will be your best indicators of finding and stimulating the G-spot.

Keep up the pace

When you have found the G-spot, and so you are stimulating it, avoid reducing the intensity of your technique (with fingers, penis, or sex toy).

Keep up the pace so that your partner will reach orgasm. If you slow down, she might miss out on extreme enjoyment.

Orgasm can indeed impress and intimidate some women, but it’s up to you to put Madame in confidence to allow her to have unlimited fun.

Don’t fixate on the G-spot

Knowing how to find and stimulate the G-spot is a glorious thing. That said, don’t fixate on the G-spot alone, and always remember to stimulate other female erogenous zones that you may already know or may discover.

Moreover, not all women are necessarily receptive to stimulation of their G-spot.

So beware, some women need more time to let have fun. But for others, it won’t be worth it, so try, communicate and learn more about your partner’s desire.

In addition, as I have already told you, the lady must already be excited to stimulate her G-spot properly, so no need to rush cold!


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Don’t generalize

Just because you got a horrible experience in the past with your stimulation of her G-spot doesn’t mean the same will be true of another woman.

Don’t generalize, and remember that every woman has her orgasm and erogenous zone preferences she will like you to stimulate.

All women do not all react in the same way, depending on the practices you suggest to them. Know it and remember it! It will save you from disappointments and sometimes unnecessary efforts, depending on the situation and the women you meet.

The bottom line is that the G-spot exists and is relatively easy to find, but it can sometimes take more or less time to be effective, depending on the woman.

The power of the orgasm caused by the stimulation of the G-spot can be so strong that it can also impress or even block some women who will not always dare to let go automatically.

Take the time to build confidence in your partner and be confident, too.

Always remember that while the G-spot is a very erogenous zone for women, it’s not just about pushing a button and letting it flow.


Your beauty’s pleasure and orgasm are in your expert hands, so once again, go without pressure, but be receptive and attentive.

G-Spot Orgasm vs Clit Orgasm

The G spot is not a myth.

It exists, and it is easy to find. As you insert a finger into the girl’s vagina, locate the part of the vaginal wall that is rougher than the rest. It is behind the pubic bone, about 1.5 inches past the entrance to the vagina. But remember not to stay frozen at 1.5 inches because it may be a little higher for some women and closer to opening to the vagina for others.
So, explore her vagina to find that famous G spot. You will not miss it.

It’s true! The G-spot is dreamy and is a real challenge for us men. However, one should not neglect the many other erogenous zones in a woman. Think, for example, of the clitoris. You can make a woman reach orgasm with her clitoris. Yes, thanks to the G-spot too. They are two completely different orgasms.

Don’t assume that the G-spot is the same for all women. It is dead wrong.

In short, the G-spot remains sensitive under pressure, so you know what you have to do to stimulate it. No need to rush on it without having taken care to arouse the excitement in Ms.

Always remember that before attacking a woman’s G-spot or clitoris, you must first take care to turn her on. Caress her and make the desire rise in her. Explore other erogenous parts of her body. Take your time to heat, and only once she’s fully aroused can you get down to her clit and/or G-spot.

Talk with your partner about her G-spot

Do not enormously pressure yourself if you cannot immediately make your beauty cum in penetration. It takes time and practice before you can get there. The two of you need to be perfectly comfortable with each other and communicate.

You might even be lucky enough to be with a chick who knows how to please herself by masturbating when she’s alone. She will not hesitate to guide you.

If not, you can always bring the topic up to suggest a try (approach this topic gently because many girls don’t dare talk about and let alone try).

Patience is essential to make your sweetheart come. You must pay close attention to her reactions, her contractions, her breathing. If she can’t guide you, then listen to her body language, that will.

Also, talk about it clearly between yourselves because communication is essential between the partners.

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