Dress on a First Date: Women Guide

How To Dress On A First Date: Women Guide 2021

In this article, I’ll help you know how to dress on a first date with a guy.

The first date can intimidate most women like you. It is difficult for you to know what to wear on a routine day so imagine the hassle on a special event like the first date.

By planning and taking more time to prepare, you can confidently choose the perfect outfit.

The first impression is powerful, but you will make a good one with a bit of preparation and a confident, stress-free attitude.

And the show starts right now!

Know the type of the date

Find out what the date is, but don’t push it. Whether it’s you or your prince planning this date, figure out what theme it will be.

Thus, you can adapt your outfit according to the type of meeting. For a classic dinner or an evening at the cinema, you can opt for more classy and more sophisticated clothes.

Also, if it will be a dinner, don’t forget to ask for the style of the venue so you can tailor your outfit accordingly.

Now, if your date involves a hike or a walk somewhere, you can opt for relaxed jeans and a t-shirt or even a workout outfit, depending on the type of hike or athletic activity.

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Go shopping

There is nothing wrong with doing a little shopping on a first date with a guy. And this is even more true if you have planned a fun or original activity that requires wearing a few unusual items.

Of course, you don’t have to go shopping, and your dater won’t necessarily know you’re wearing new clothes.

Moreover, It can be a way for you to make an effort and, by being aware of this effort, your attitude will follow, and the gentleman will highly appreciate it.

Try on different outfits

Before quite deciding what to wear on a first date, try out different outfits. What you imagined to be the perfect combination of clothes in your head may look different once you put it on.

Dare to seek tips from a close friend, who you can trust for honest advice on how to dress on a first date.

Also, think about the weather. And choose something to complement your outfit depending on the weather and the type of the first date.

For example, if it’s an outdoor activity and the weather is choppy, have something to be comfortable with, no matter what the weather will be.

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Wear what suits you best

The first dates can be scary. So, it’s in your best interest not to stress even more by wearing something that makes you uncomfortable.

That said, you will be more comfortable and confident if you wear clothes you like.

If you aren’t comfortable wearing tight, low-cut, or see-through clothes, don’t wear them!

Just because this first date is a special occasion doesn’t mean you have to wear clothes that aren’t right for you.

You also need to take your movements into account. If you are going to dance, go horseback riding, or sit down for a long time, be sure to wear clothes in which you can move around and move as comfortably as possible.

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Dress on a First Date Women Guide

Choose an outfit that reflects who you are

Everyone wants to look their best on a first date. So unless you’re planning on attending a Halloween party or carnival, don’t dress up as someone else.

Wear an outfit that reflects who you are. Your clothes should reflect your style and personality.

Not only will you feel more relaxed, but it will also make it easier for your date to get to know yourself (and love yourself for who you are).

While you certainly want to impress your dater, don’t try to appeal to what you think he likes. Don’t be someone you’re not!

Make sure your outfit is clean and ready to wear

You don’t necessarily need a new outfit or an expensive outfit to wow the gentleman.

However, it is essential that your outfit is clean and ironed without wrinkles. Be sure to check your clothes for cleanliness and iron them enough before your appointment.

If you’ve bought a new outfit, don’t forget to remove all tags (you might forget one well hidden).

Plan two different or well-adapted outfits if you are not sure what the weather will be like on D-Day.

How to dress on a first date: Hairstyle and makeup choice

Depending on the type of date you have planned, choose a suitable hairstyle. Go for a hairstyle that you master to avoid any unpleasant surprises during your date.

It would be a shame if you came up with a good hairstyle, and eventually, your hairstyle deteriorated as your date went.

The same goes for makeup: don’t try on a type of makeup that you are not used to wearing because you don’t know how it will develop throughout your date.

It might just turn out just like it could end in disaster.

Remember that you need to feel comfortable and confident, not only in your clothes but also in your hair and makeup.

Preparing for the first date

Knowing how to dress for a first date with a man isn’t just about what outfit and appearance you choose.

You must also prepare for this meeting with some relevant elements:

Check the weather

Before you dress, check the weather for your date.

Even if you plan to spend most of the time indoors, you will still need to get there from outside, so you will need to be careful to keep your outfit in place.

Take a nice raincoat if it rains, wear nice boots if it snows, etc. Your overcoat shouldn’t spoil your outfit but complement or embellish it, even if it’s only for a short time.

Take a shower before the date

Even if you’re about to go for a hike with your dater, be sure to shower before and smell good when you first meet.

Once again, the first impression is crucial. So as much as it is good from the start, no matter how the meeting unfolds.

Give yourself enough time to prepare

You are anxious or stressed, eh! It’s the moment your button falls off your blouse, your zipper gets stuck, or you slip on your tights!

It’s better to be ready in advance than to have to rush because you’re late.

Take your time to dress so that you can deal with any last-minute surprises with your clothes. Also, have a backup plan.

If something is wrong with your outfit A, have outfit B, you will like just as much.

Plan a change of clothes

Even if you are planning a dinner in a fancy restaurant or attending a prestigious ballet, plans may change or evolve differently.

For example, you and mister could have so much fun that you decide to spend a sleepless night watching the stars or watching cult movies.

In short, prepare something comfortable to have the flexibility to adapt to any changes in your date.

Check that you have everything you need

If you take a purse or need a bottle of water and a permit for a hike in a national park, make sure you have all the accessories you might need to succeed your date.

Make sure to charge your phone. You never know you might, for example, use the camera to check your makeup or need to order an Uber at the end of the date.

The same goes for your cash. Make sure you have enough on you because you don’t know if you can withdraw money from where you are.

Don’t stress

It’s okay to be nervous about your first date, but don’t let your clothes be an extra stressful item.

Be confident in what you have chosen and focus on your date and this opportunity to meet your prince.

You can also do an activity or even meditate before your date to relax before you go.

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How to dress on a first date: Mistakes not to make

Do not wear too much perfume, as the gentleman may be sensitive to strong smells. Apply your perfume only on two pulse points or even three at most, without exaggerating too much.
Choose a not too strong perfume, and apply it behind the ears, between the collarbones, or on the wrists.

Take it easy with your deodorant, especially if you are wearing perfume too. The mixture of the two can disturb your prince.

Avoid putting on moisturizer even if you have over dry skin.
Your first date could be stressful. You might sweat, so prevent shiny skin by avoiding moisturizer from mixing with your sweat.

Don’t wear too much jewelry. Choose simple items to complement your outfit, but don’t overdo it.
If you wear too much jewelry, you will drown your outfit in it. Avoid, for example, those bracelets that make noise as soon as you move your hands.

Good Luck, my dear! I hope you attract him, thus you will be ready for this article.

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