Date Girls On Bumble: Get More Discussions

How To Date Girls On Bumble: Get More Discussions

In this article, I will tell you all you must know about how to date girls on Bumble! If you are looking for high-quality singles, the Bumble app is the right online dating service out there for picking up girls.

It is also one of the greatest dating apps which are known for a high rate of right swipe and matches, but it is not a marketplace for hookups.

How does Bumble work?

First, you should understand how the Bumble app works because to know how to date girls on it; you have to manage the system.

It’s simple, on Bumble, it’s the lady who decides whether to talk to you. You guys will be able to speak to Ms as long as you have received a message from her. It’s like on Tinder with swipe right vs swipe left, or it matches vs it doesn’t. If you match, Ms has 24 hours to send you a message.

After these 24 hours, without a message from her, you move on to the next one, and so on!
Finally, the idea is to have a conversation with the girl and make it happen. It’s not to collect the matches like in Tinder, for example. Here, we forget the traditional pattern of the guy who must take the first step and all the blah blah that goes with it. But in reality, it’s like Tinder, when it matches, the guy or the girl can take the first step.

Date Girls on Bumble

Date girls on Bumble: they decide

To know how to flirt on the Bumble app, you’re going to have to play on the girl who decides.

Forget the “Hey!” or “Hi, you!”
We have to be a little more creative, guys! If girls are on Bumble, it’s to avoid the standard bullshit of Tinder or Happn mega-losers who all have the same moldy approach techniques.

The idea is to highlight the chick’s courage for taking the first step by sending you the first message. Persuade her to decide to approach you (at the beginning, a little, yes, but not too much either). Yes, but you’ll have to flatter her without being an enormous burden!

Again, there is no difference from other dating apps since girls aren’t worse or better from app to app, right? Now, even if on Bumble it’s the girls who “manage” (so to speak), the conversation will depend on you two and maybe even especially on you guys! Well yeah, it’s easy for the chick to send the first message, but for the rest, the job remains in your hands!

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Bumble is like Tinder actually

Bumble is like Tinder! You need to put a good profile photo and secondary photos of such good quality to attract your prey in your nets. Remember, one or two images aren’t enough and don’t give confidence to many girls! Do not overuse photos of your abs, guys, and do not reveal too much either!

Instead, choose photos in which you smile and which subtly hint at your strengths.

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Profile photo

On Bumble and any other dating app, it’s you and only you in your profile picture! And forget about the photos of you like “I’m too worshipful, you see I’m a gangsta!”. My friend, this is not a cast to star in the next season of Peaky Blinders! Smile, be yourself and be worthy.

If you opt for only one picture in your profile, you must be alone! Nothing is more about annoying a girl than to put only one image with your friends! She’s going to have to take the trouble to figure out which of all these males could be you and risk zapping you.

Secondary photos

Bumble is also about social networking. Thus, for the secondary photos, choose ones with your buddies! Do not waste any opportunities to put your social life forward.
You can also add pictures of you hanging out with girls to increase your sexual value.

Profile description

For your description, please leave rappers’ quotes with pimply teens and still virgins! Also, enough with your bulletins for things you like and dislike.

Find something short and explicit enough that describes you as simply as possible to make Ms want to know more about you! For example, you can ask a brilliant question. Or, if you feel funny, write a little joke (in good taste, be careful, handle with caution, and only if you master, preferably! Because she might ask for more).

Finally, once the conversation starts, don’t stay there indefinitely and quickly offer her a date: a coffee, a ride, or anything that seems to suit you both to meet you.

How I used to date girls on Bumble

Let me tell you a little personal anecdote: in 2016, Bumble was still new in the pop culture, so my friends challenged me, not on how many matches I would have, but on the number of discussions with girls within a week.

I accepted the challenge, created my account, uploaded clear photos, and wrote a brief description. I did all the necessary and sufficient, but the first two days were a spectacular failure.

Because I took the challenges seriously, I changed my strategy by spicing up my description with a sentence that might encourage girls to send me the first message. Check this out:

90 percent of girls cannot solve this simple question:
2-2 / 2 + 2 * 2-2 + 2

In reality, it was not a genius idea because I am not one. But that worked wonderfully for me because I know how the girls work and especially how to intrigue them.

I put four propositions, all of them are false, on purpose for and arouse their curiosity, and to have a pleasant subject to discuss: mathematics!
In the past, that was a lot funnier before search engines put calculators on their first search page.

Without wanting to brag, I considerably exceeded the number of discussions set by my friends.

Now is the time to date girls on Bumble!

In 2021, Bumble has 42 million monthly active users and over 2 million premium subscribers, and it is the principal competitor to Tinder among individuals aged under 35. These stats may convince you that this dating app can offer you a rich catalog and match opportunities, and who knows, maybe you’ll find someone to fill you up! So, it’s worth you will have to wait until you receive a message from your match to attack picking up the girl.

In the meantime, don’t forget the basics of online dating because, on Bumble, it’s like on Tinder or Happn, you have to know how to put yourself and manage to arouse the interest of young ladies.

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