Date A Guy Who Has A Girlfriend

How To Date A Guy Who Has A Girlfriend

The reason you’re reading this article is that you’re trying to figure out how to date a guy who has a girlfriend, right? Maybe you know that girl, or maybe not, but you are interested in her guy, and you want to get with him.

Before you get carried away, I ask you to read what will follow carefully.

You know TGD Team is always here to give you the best advice in love and attraction. We understand you because nobody can control love, and sometimes it can be about a guy who is already in a relationship. And it may be your situation right now. We would tell you that if a man is in a relationship, leave him at peace with his partner.
Except that sometimes, there may be exceptions.

Now, keep one thing in mind: if you break up a couple, it’s not the gentleman who will be frowned upon, but you. Of course, he will have cheated on his girlfriend, but you will be the one who encouraged him to do so. In short, read the following carefully.

What if he is the one who takes the first step

Let’s say that you fall in love with Elijah, who is already in a relationship with Jennifer.

You try to find arguments not to think of him and not to find him so irresistible. The catch is that you interest him, and he doesn’t hide it from you.

Dear! Even if you know that the man who is already in a relationship shares your crush, never take the first step.

I’ll explain why.

First, you don’t want to be responsible for whoever breaks up.

Then you can also empathize by putting yourself in Jennifer’s shoes.

You wouldn’t like that to happen to you, would you? So, even if you feel reciprocity in your attraction to Elijah, but he doesn’t take the first step towards you, let it go.
Let him in his relationship and find yourself another man (ideally single).

Now, if that same Elijah takes the first step towards you, wait a moment. Just because it is him who comes towards you does not mean that you should immediately throw yourself into his arms. Don’t!

Otherwise, maybe you can consider his approach. Since it is he who cheats on his girlfriend with you, then it concerns him first.

Also, tell yourself that if he’s ready to cheat on Jennifer with you, he could also cheat on other girlfriends. You should wait a little longer and read on.

How to date a guy who has a girlfriend, and she is your friend

Well, my dear, the solution is simple.

Flirting with a guy in a relationship when his girlfriend is your friend is a big NO.

Do not look for another solution. It is an absolute NO. Frankly, would you risk your friendship for a man capable of betraying your friend? That same man who could betray you with another woman. Besides, even if there’s a mess in their couple’s life, they’re freshly separated, or if your friend is giving you the go-ahead, don’t give in.

She might tell you this out of anger or unconsciousness, but seeing you both together is going to devastate her. So don’t touch a friend’s ex or her boyfriend. Instead, you must privilege your friendship before a sex affair with a guy.

This same guy will never make you his priority since he is betraying your friend with you! So whatever the reasons that might encourage you to give in, never date a guy whose girlfriend is a friend of yours.

Date a guy who has a girlfriend whom you know

If you know his girlfriend, but she is not your friend, I would also suggest that you should be careful and go your way instead. Even if she is not your friend, you will run into her.

Not only could you get caught but also you pay the heavy consequences.

No one will trust you anymore, women and men alike, and everyone will tag you as the bad girl. And I don’t think that the gentleman will have the common sense to defend you. So I doubt you want to be up against them all over the ass.

In short, you must avoid any scandal, and if the man makes advances to you and he insists, be categorical and do not accept.

Dating a guy when you don’t know his girlfriend at all

There, my dear, I am not telling you to go for it with your head down. However, since you do not know his girlfriend, you could be tempted.

If things don’t go well with their relationship or if the gentleman is openly flirting with you, why deprive you? Nothing prevents you from spending a night together to have a good time.

Now pay close attention to what happens next. If it happens once, why not. However, if one of you asks for more or, worse yet, both of you want more, things will get worse.
The point is, you don’t have to be in a painful situation with a guy who’s already stuck. Think well before you act. If he appeals to you and fancies some fun, go for it.

But, if you have powerful feelings for him, but he’s not free, then let it go. Do not risk putting yourself in a complex situation that will attract you more harm than good.

Why would a guy in a relationship be unfaithful?

I can’t give you good reasons why a guy in a relationship would be unfaithful. But yes, some reasons cause this:

  • A relationship is no longer going, and it may be over soon;
  • A man wants to have fun before committing to life;
  • He finds another woman who makes him vibrate like in the beginnings of his relationship; 
  • He falls in love with another woman without being able to notice it.

You need to know that if a man can cheat once, he might never do that again.

However, a temptation that happens twice will happen a third time and more. So if a guy can cheat on twice or more, he will inevitably do it again. 

So yes, you might get some satisfaction from a guy cheating on his girlfriend. But if you put yourself in the place of the cheated girlfriend, well yes, that same guy could also cheat on you with another chick and so on.

There are plenty of single guys you could be happy with

To sum up, let me advise you not to date a guy who has a girlfriend. Let them live in happiness, or maybe wait until they break up if they have a painful relationship.
There can be several scenarios, for sure. But in the end, isn’t it easier for you to attract a guy who will only have eyes for you? Here are some articles to help guide you in flirting with singles:

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You will save yourself a lot of headaches and enjoy your life more than with a man who is already in a relationship. Besides, you might know nothing about this guy.

Are you sure you would like him in the long run? Maybe he pleases you physically only? Here, the risk is far too huge for you to date him if he has a girlfriend.

By the way, have you ever flirted with a guy who is already in a relationship? How did that happen? Is that idea crossing your mind right now? Tell us everything in the comments.

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