Compliment a Woman Without Being Creepy

How To Compliment A Woman Without Being Creepy

To make it short, to compliment a woman is a fine art.
An art you must master if you are looking to leave a first good impression on the woman you want to attract. That said, in this article, I’m going to give you the best compliments that catch a woman’s attention all the time.

But before you start, you need to know something:

The best way to compliment a woman is…

Being sincere and honest.
Women are not stupid. You neither. Finally, I hope.
Then, showing interest in a woman is complimenting her seductively and intelligently. And this is not that easy as you might think.
Many guys do this act believing it to be the best way to approach a woman.

You certainly know the “you are beautiful!”-” you’re gorgeous!”-” you have beautiful eyes!”-“You have a beautiful body!” and more …

Be honest and tell me, how many times have you done this? Eh? 

Come on, don’t be shy? Admit!

Whoever does, raise his hand!

I still see many of you proudly raising your hands. It is great being honest. 

Now keep reading on because you’re off the mark.

When you compliment a pretty woman on her looks, she’ll think of you just as “another guy” fascinated by her beauty. She’s heard it thousands of times since she was 17.
On the other side of the reef, when you compliment, let’s say, ugly or a woman less beautiful in appearance, she won’t believe you. Worse, she’ll think you’re mocking her, which is true.

But why the hell this physique poses so many problems and complications?
What should you do to compliment a woman correctly?
The first rule that comes to mind:

NEVER compliment a woman on her appearance 

We’re going to play a little game. Suppose you’re Jamie Dornan.
You meet two beautiful women. Let’s call Samantha and Amelia.
Samantha tells you:

“I love being with you because you are handsome and rich.”

As for Amelia, she tells you:

“I love being with you because you give off positive energy. I am not bored with you. You are very interesting…”

Who are you going to choose? Samantha or Amelia?
The loser with an oversized ego will choose Samantha. We can certainly conclude that he did not understand the art of flirting.
Let’s move on!
The Gentleman, meanwhile, will choose Amelia because what she said is original. It’s not just anyone or everyone who can tell. Amelia stands out, and as a result, she scores points.

Gentleman! You must do as Amelia (I’m not talking about the way she dresses, etc.)
More seriously.
As a good dater, you must master the art of complimenting a woman effectively. Do not think, even for a second, of complimenting her physique. I repeat, women will quickly categorize you in the box “Mr everyone.”
Worse yet, you will veer into the famous and very dear Friend Zone, the hell of the flirtatious.

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How to compliment, then?

A little advice to start:
Don’t flirt with a woman indefinitely. As soon as your princess takes an interest and opens up to you, CLOSE THE DEAL!
Give her compliments to create the connection and thus install comfort between you two and then charm her.
Here is a list of compliments you can say to your princess:

1 — “I find you interesting!”
2 — “I like the way you dress! You choose your clothes well.”
3 — “I love your haircut. It’s original!”
4 — “I like your way of thinking, and I enjoy talking to you.”
5 — “You are distinct from other girls.”
6 — “I’ve always found you pretty, but I didn’t know you had so much depth.”
7 — “What I love about you is the positive energy you project. Beauty is universal, after all. People with good vibes are much rarer.”

You’ve probably noticed these compliments are just “different” from what women, from adolescence to older, are used to hearing. And when you are different, you are, by definition, attractive.

Now, I will develop three compliments to give you a general idea:

1/ The contextual compliment

It is spontaneous.
You give her this compliment when you’re on a date or doing an activity together. Here’s a compliment that I love to give to a girl:

“I like your energy level very much. I’m having a great time with you. That makes me thrilled.”

This light compliment is very effective because it increases her energy level. You will surely be the only person to have given such a compliment. And more, I think she would be the luckiest woman on the earth if she meets more than one of my loyal readers in her whole life. They will fill her with happiness, and so will I.
Tell her that in a two-person activity. Emphasize her energy level and her positivism (if she has these two qualities, of course).
I promise you will fulfill her.

2/ “You exceed other girls!”

Also, think about the context in which you will give her this compliment. The word “exceed” is too strong. It shows the girl that you have experience with other women and that you find her not trivial. More than that, you see her superior to other girls that you have dated. She will wonder about the reason that could have made you say this compliment.
If she asks you why you said that! It’s up to you to justify yourself. Now, be poetic: tell her it’s her way of being and thinking that touches you. It’s up to you to find the proper compliment!

3/ “I love talking with you!”

Imagine yourself in a specific context, in a cafe, for example. You tackle a lot of different subjects with the girl that you like, each more interesting than the other, and suddenly, you give her this compliment:

“I love talking with you! I still have a lot to learn from you.”

Your words will melt the girl in front of you. If you adopt the combo of royal body language combined with a straightforward and manly gaze, you will touch her even more!

Compliment A Woman Without Being Creepy
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In conclusion, to compliment a woman well…

You need to understand the purpose of compliments, but also the mistakes to avoid.
Let’s see that quickly:

The purpose of compliments

Compliments are important because they will allow you to bond with the girl you want to attract. This connection that you are going to establish will make her feel more comfortable with you.
Many women have had unpleasant experiences with men. So If you are with one of these women, you can’t connect with her easily, you will have a hard time charming her.
This is where the compliments come in.
Because they allow you to lower the girl’s psychological barriers, make her feel comfortable, and make her think: “I like this guy, I would like to know more about him.”

The two mistakes to avoid absolutely

In the game of attraction, compliments are super important.
You often ask yourself questions about when and how to ask a girl on a date. But this kind of question is a real kill-love because you break all the mystery that surrounded you until then.
You may not suggest that. Avoid revealing your passion to the girl until you will be in a proper relationship with her. That says after you have created a real connection and intimacy with her.

So, my dear, forget about confessing your thoughts to her when you’ve been together for two weeks only.
The second mistake to avoid is physical compliments:
“You have exquisite eyes!”-“you are beautiful!”-etc. Forget it!
Thousands of guys have already paid her these compliments. If you tell her that, you will sound like a regular guy with nothing special.
Game over.
We come at the end. So, I give you some articles to go even further:

Now, you know almost everything. Have a good dating!

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