Build a Long Lasting Relationship With a Man

How To Build A Long Lasting Relationship With A Man

We grow up with fables, beautiful stories where princesses meet princes, and in a few days, they discover a mad love, a true love. They are ready to do anything to make their story work; they face a thousand dangers and end up building a long-lasting relationship for the rest of their life.

Lulled by such stories, we dream of this amazing love, and we seek it. But it is not always that easy to find him.

Then, how do you have a long-lasting relationship with a man?

Have a long-lasting relationship with a man: know yourself first!

You are the constant in your love stories. Before you pounce on the first man who walks by and who looks good to you in every way, you need to take stock of yourself. You need to know yourself and know what you want in a long-lasting relationship. But that’s not all. You need to know which values and principles are crucial to you and which you cannot ignore.

Knowing yourself is not about defining precisely what kind of book or movie you like or what lipstick color makes you stand out the most. It is about knowing which values are fundamental to you and is knowing what you want in a long-term relationship. What do you wish to share as much as possible with your partner? You prefer that everyone have their activities with their friends and that you only get together for the best of times? Knowing you is also knowing what makes you feel loved: the gaze, the touch, the little heeds.

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Do not search desperately

It’s normal wanting to experience true love, as you’ve heard so often. But from there, don’t search for it desperately. A relationship works well if you do not consider it a substitute, a story that is only there to fill a void. Easier said than done, right!
But being well alone, without a man, as a single person is also one key to making your relationship work. If you are feeling like a void and are looking at all costs for a man who could fill it, there is little chance that you will find true love.

So enjoy your single life when you are and don’t bemoan your fate.

First, it’s not sexy, and you will become less and less radiant.
Second, only a positive mindset leads to positive results.
Third, a long-term love story is the stars in the eyes, the magic of romantic moments! But, there are some problems with living together: his socks lying around, his disinterest in household chores, and his blog, which takes most of his time.

Single life is not an ordeal, so enjoy it!

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Knowing how to let go of your ideal

Unfortunately for you, there is little chance you will find Prince Charming from the cartoons in real life. However, yours will be much more beautiful in your eyes.
At first, he seems to have all the qualities you expected of him, but he will be human. And like any human, he will have his bit flaws. Not for long, you say to yourself that you will quickly rectify all that. But true love is also about compromise. One of those is letting go of the ideal that we had in mind from a young age.

He is certainly far from perfect, and he also has his minor flaws that must make his charm in your eyes. For those who are too big, of course, you can tell him about them. But the goal of your relationship shouldn’t be to change him, to make him become someone else that he isn’t and never will be. Would you like him a more hugging man? More caring? More romantic? Also, allow time for things to get done. You have to understand that this may not be the way he usually declares his love. Tell him you would be happy, but don’t push it, don’t make him feel like he has to do something. Appreciate the way he loves you.

Build a Long Lasting Relationship

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Discuss your relationship

After focusing on yourself, it is also necessary that you make a set together. Not that you have to meet on such-and-such a day at such a time to talk about this subject precisely. You could do that little by little to give everyone time to reflect on questions they may not have asked themselves yet. The goal is not to scare him away by interrogating him. The goal is to understand everyone’s expectations together; so that your lasting relationship can keep up as healthy as possible.

Love stories are all different from each other, but there are “stages” through which we all go:
First, the brilliant meeting where everything is fine in the best of all worlds. Second, the disappointments that happen because it is not exactly what you imagined. We adapt as best we can and question ourselves. Then comes a time when you have to decide whether or not to continue.
If we choose to continue, it may be better to know what the other’s expectations are, what makes him feel he is loved despite our behavior, what in his eyes makes your story unique and magical.

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Have a long-lasting relationship with a man: Go forward

Even after weeks, months, or years of living together and passionate history, you should still seek to move forward.

Stay in tune with what you have talked about together to continue your lasting relationship and give it a chance.
Always remember what makes your man feel loved. Give him the margin of distance and tranquility that he told you to expect from your relationship.

Keep or find which made the happiness of your couple, especially when he is a little erased of this magic.

And above all, do not stagnate: have plans. It could be your marriage, have children, buy a house, etc. But these plans can also be a trip to faraway lands that are unknown to you, to go on an adventure for days or weeks.

It might be the urge to build something together. These projects can be diverse, anything and everything, as long as they unite you and make you want to continue your story together.

The risk of a stagnant relationship is that your couple takes pleasure in their monotonous daily life. Your lasting relationship will only become a habit without there being any feelings.

Having a lasting relationship with a guy isn’t that hard, you know!

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