Attract A Man And Flirt With Him

How To Attract A Man And Flirt With Him

In this first article of the series “How To Attract A Man” you will learn the general basics to improve your skills, besides a set of flirting techniques and methods, to date a man properly IRL, with class and elegance!

Flirting with a man is not as difficult as we sometimes want you to believe… But Learning to approach and understand men remains an art… An art that you can master. Ms! Here and now!


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Here is a list of tips that you can test, apply and adapt to attract your “Prince Charming”. Oh yeah, forget that thing! Prince Charming doesn’t exist.

Be confident

Self-confidence! here’s an expression I like. Want to knock men down like flies? Start the work of seduction on yourself. If you don’t trust yourself, you can continue to spoil your life, watching Fifty Shades of Grey and Desperate Housewives. Please, don’t underestimate yourself, NEVER! All women are beautiful, and every woman has her charm and qualities. If you are less pretty than other women, you certainly have an outstanding quality that others do not have. If you have complexes, forget them! No one is perfect, and everyone has their own faults!

Nowadays, and since always, human beings considered beauty to be common, that everyone has.

” Beauty is common but what’s rare is a great energy and outlook on life.” — Neil Strauss

But today, a woman with beautiful qualities has become something rare [I will come back to this in the last paragraph] and exceptional! A woman with graceful and noble qualities is, precisely, a woman.

So ladies, stop making movies and dramatic comedies about yourself. Put your right hand on your heart, and repeat with me:

Today, I accept myself and, with no conditions, I am a woman, and I can attract any man I want.

Take care of your appearance

There is nothing more enjoyable than talking and chatting with a beautiful-looking woman! I respect women who take good care of themselves and who invest a lot in their appearance. Your Mum also tells you that beauty is interior and blah blah.
If she advises you the artichoke haircut, loose jeans, and sickeningly awful t-shirts, don’t listen to her because men will avoid you like the plague.
Beauty is exterior. If you don’t have the style and the class, no man will look at you.

Change your hairstyle more often and, if you can, try to have long hair: it is a typical sign of femininity. Invest in sexy and glamorous clothes. In the summer, put on skirts: that’s another sign of femininity. And you know what, burn all those guy clothes you have in the closet, men HORROR seeing women dressed like guys.

Before I forget, I would like to give you another little tip. Have multiple fragrances! I remember a girl who, with each date, changed her scent. That made me crazy to smell each time a new sensual and pleasant smell. Try this tip and let me know your feedback.


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Be a “rare” woman

Everything rare is expensive: the more he sees you, the more he hears you, and the more you make yourself seem ordinary. If you are in a group, walk away from it for a while, and they will talk about you more. They will even admire you more. Practice absence: scarcity will increase your value.

The psychologist Robert Cialdini spoke In his excellent book ‘Influence and manipulation’ about the principle of scarcity as being a massive weapon of manipulation. And, precisely, seduction goes hand in hand with the art of influence and persuasion. So, ladies, your weapon is scarcity.

Make yourself a rare and special woman. Men can’t stand classic and ordinary women anymore. All interesting men are so demanding on this point. Our reaction to a situation of scarcity obscures and diminishes our faculties of reflection. And the pleasure does not comprise enjoying a rare good, but only the fact of owning it. If a man sees you as a special woman, your work of seduction has indeed succeeded. Believe me, ladies, it’s in your pocket!

In another aspect, the “Romeo and Juliet” effect is undoubtedly the most widespread phenomenon. And the best example of the principle of scarcity: the more the parents are against a relationship, the more the couple becomes welded !!!
The feeling of loss of the other that we feel at this moment pushes us to attach more and more to the other person blindly.

Please, use this principle of manipulation. Never give a guy the impression that he already gained you.

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How to attract a man while remaining natural?

I have looked into this question in recent years. To provide an adequate answer!
If you want to attract a man, start by flirting with yourself.

Then, you master the techniques of communication, self-confidence, and finally, techniques of seduction. Add to that the seductive woman spirit to own and develop, then you see that the secret codes of seduction have become child’s play for you.

Before finishing this article, I insist that a woman must be interesting. Her speaking way must reflect her inner charm (since, so far, we have only talked about physical appearance).
With a clearer charisma, she can captivate the one she wants to covet. A well-cultivated woman is much more likely to flirt with a man than a brainless young lady, even though she is pretty. Beauty fades, while pleasant conversation can make all the difference.

It’s Up To You Ladies!

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