Get Your Husband Addicted To Sex After Years Of Marriage

Get Your Husband Addicted To Sex After Years Of Marriage

Did you think that passion can only last when you start a relationship? And that after a few years of marriage, will you be able to hope for anything?
Do you feel that the passion that existed between you and your husband is wearing off, and what you want is to make him addicted to sex again, like during the first months of your love affair?
Above all, do not despair, do not tell yourself that this is no longer possible.
On the contrary, you have years of marriage behind you, years of bonding, years of exchange, of mutual trust in each other.
You have in your relationship everything you need to boost your sex life and get your husband to have sex with you after your years of marriage.

So. Do not panic.

Bring charm up to date in your relationship

To make your husband addicted to sex after years of marriage, you must first seduce him as you did the day one.

You have to revive the passion that existed between you. To do this, you can use the same procedures as before: 

  • Make yourself beautiful
  • Take care of yourself
  • Take time for yourself
  • Be considerate of your man
  • Spend time with him

But the situation is not the same as the moment you first met.

There are other parameters that you will need to consider.
If your husband isn’t as attracted to sex as he used to be, it might not be because of you. So, attracting him again won’t change anything if you don’t consider these other parameters.

Stress at work, feeling like you haven’t been able to live the life you want lately, an illness, etc. these can affect your man’s desire.

More than charming him, you must help him regain his self-confidence. Help him solve his problems, support him, encourage him. Be there for him. If these problems decrease, he will free his mind and will be more willing to indulge in the dating game with you.

You can, therefore, once again create an atmosphere of attraction in your relationship.
It should not happen only through sex, but through a series of things: start attracting your man again every day.
Set aside moments just the two of you without the children: go to a restaurant, prepare a candlelight dinner, or go on vacation or for a weekend.
Also, don’t forget to have joint projects again that keep you moving forward and thriving.
All of this will help to recreate trust between you. That is how you will succeed in bringing attraction up to date in your relationship.


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Become aware of your desires

First, avoid making your husband addicted to sex after all these years by doing whatever he wants, trying to satisfy him as best as possible.
What it takes after years of marriage is for each of you to thrive: your husband, but so do you.
While you should listen to your man’s desires, you should in no way neglect your desires. They count too.
Avoid neglecting the fact that having fun together when having sex can make your man want sex again.
Don’t think only of him. Consider yourself, too.
You’ve got years of sex behind you, but do you know what makes you happy?

To make your husband addicted to sex, you need to explore how you feel.
Under the caresses of your husband, clear your head and let yourself be carried away by what you are feeling. Do not be afraid to let go nor deprive yourself of your sensations.
With your husband, discover your pleasure and indulge your desires. Tell him what you want and when something pleases you. And make the most of it.
By rediscovering your pleasure, you will invite your husband to rediscover his. You will thus be in a perspective that will only make him addicted to sex again, to the greatest happiness of both of you.
But you may also want to experience your pleasure on your own, without your husband’s help.

Avoid depriving yourself of it, either. By being aware of what you like and desire, you will be freer when with your man. You will ask yourself fewer questions, and you will more easily concentrate on your feelings.
That will spice up your relationship with your husband and make him addicted to sex again.
So don’t be afraid to go out on your own to find your pleasure: stroke yourself if you feel like it and help yourself with sex toys.
They can then be original partners in the relationships you will have with your husband.


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Don’t be afraid to get your husband addicted to sex

To make your husband addicted to sex, you don’t have to be afraid to try new things.
It’s simple!
Maybe after years of marriage, sex has become a routine task for you. The two of you know what makes each other happy, and you always or almost always follow the same path.
You have to break these habits and this routine. To make your husband addicted to sex, innovate and discover new things together.
Do not take your years together as a blockage, but as a help.
All these years have made it possible to establish closeness and trust between you. Use all of this to discover new ways to make love with each other.

For starters, don’t be afraid to discuss your fantasies together. You have explored your pleasure and your desires. Surely you want to try new things with your man. You might even want to share with him some accessories that you have used.

Do not hesitate to suggest that he experience new pleasures with you. It will also encourage him to let you know what he wants. You don’t have to force yourself to do something you don’t want to.
But don’t block your man’s suggestions straight away. Listen to him and if that doesn’t appeal to you, offer him something else.

You must allow the two of you to develop in your pursuit of pleasure to make both of you addicted to sex.
Above all, to keep both of you having fun and getting hooked on sex, you shouldn’t get stuck at every opportunity.
If your husband doesn’t have the same feelings as you, don’t blame him, be understanding, and offer to find out something else.
To spice up your sex, you should also not neglect foreplay, which is essential to you and your husband. And it is conducive to trying new things, too.

Peace ♥Love,

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