Get Your Ex Back

Get Your Ex Back: Best Advice In 2022

I’ve noticed, in the last few weeks, many friends have asked me to help them get their ex back.

I know that stress from the pandemic and repeated lockdowns are the principal cause of these massive separations. I even imagine that as a virus circulating in the air, causing them to break up with their partners. Anyway, we’ll take care of this minor problem today. So everyone will be happy.

Everyone knows the extent of the pain you feel after being dumped by your sexual partner.

You are in love with them; you love them deeply and spent some downright unforgettable moments together, only here it is. This is the end of your beautiful story, they say to you: Bye-Bye.

And there, the problems begin, I mean, YOUR problems.

You start looking for the WHYs and HOWs and for the reason that made them dump you. THAT one reason which ended your romantic relationship. After a few days of deep reflection, loneliness, sadness, flatness, heartache, etc, this idea appears in your plans: How I can get my ex back.

I mean, that STUPID idea that comes to your mind.

Oh, yes!

I have bad news for you.

The title is… FALSE.

I had to write: How not to get your ex back.

Yes! It is really what you just read.


Never try to get your Ex back. It is not good for your health.

Now let me introduce you to the main idea of the topic.

But just before I go any further, I would like to warn you that:

  • The following is my personal experience, so it is MY opinion, MY view. You don’t have to follow me;
  • I am talking about a relationship outside of marriage. If you are married, this article is not for you;
  • If you have children, and their future is at stake, please choose immediately another article;

Getting an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back was always, to me, a failed person’s act.

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The formula

The formula is very simple:

Exes are amazing people because: They always gave us love, affection, and good sex.
So, if one day this beautiful life says “Basta! Finito!” because of one of you two, whatever you do, it will not be like it used to be. It’s over between you two, and it’s the hard reality, my dear.

Trying to win back your Ex’s heart is a good recipe for wasting time, above all, for changing the progression of your personal development.

As you know now, dating is, first, a work of oneself, confidence, and self-esteem. The fact of not accepting the reality of things and then desperately hoping to get your ex back is a Big Loser Act! Your ex has maybe turned the page and is flirting with another person, so do it too!

Or you know what! Don’t turn the page: Tear it up and start a new chapter, a new life.

Finding yourself in the world of celibacy is an exquisite thing to implement your arsenal of flirting. You have surely accumulated a lot of knowledge in dating, now is the perfect time to apply it all in the field!


Now let’s change registers. Because I know that deep inside you, you want to know some tips anyway to, supposedly, take revenge (on life not on ex) or whatever. So I will share with you some little advice after a breakup.

Helpful tips to deal with your partner’s rejection

How to get your ex back concretely

Be strong

Nobody likes arse lickers, either needy persons. Trying to beg or tap exes hoping to get them back will only scare them more and more.
Forget that silly idea and go whine in a far corner. Save your tears for you! Exes don’t give a shit about it.

Increase your social value

They left you. There must be a reason, right?
Exes see you now as a person with mediocre social value. You have cruelly lost points with them; you have devalued yourself in their eyes. Your mission is, therefore, to rework your social value and solidify it. Go out to meet new people, try speed dating events, update your dating sites profile ♂, and subtly let your ex know your actions. Because if you don’t know yet, even if your ex has left you, they will somehow be looking for some news from you. Show them the good dating “TGD” person you are!

Keep in touch

Not too much anyway, eh?
Don’t flood your ex with text messages, emails, DM on Facebook and Instagram.
If I advise you to stay in touch with an ex, it’s just to pass subtly your relationship “up-dates” to them. It also allows you to show them you are someone who accepts reality and that it hasn’t devastated you. The wheel of life keeps turning, and it’s a good life on your side.

Don’t flirt with the entourage of your ex!

Avoid being the “resentful / revenge” type. Don’t focus on challenges and don’t get in touch with or charm your ex’s single friends. Hundreds are waiting somewhere online ♀ or offline for your signal to go on a date with you.


Revenge is a weakness, and if you try anyway to make your ex jealous or Anyway, it is because your EGO is deeply hurt. And that is the most important thing you can learn to maintain from TGD Blog.

Treat yourself

Get Your Ex Back

When you’re in a relationship, you neglect yourself a little. After your famous breakup, this is the perfect opportunity to fix that:

Buy yourself new clothes, and why not get yourself a little makeover and style, and get a new hairstyle: New state of mind.

Also, eat healthy foods and exercise a bit to feel better in your body. All of this will give you confidence and, therefore, will increase your attraction capital. You quickly find that this will positively affect your surroundings, your social circle. Your ex too.


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How to get your ex back: The last word

If your ex is your husband/wife, after a passionate, fused, and loving marriage, it is complicated, and it is much more so if you have children, so do not focus on this article.

I wish you are pretty much in agreement on one thing NEVER go back to their ex:
1/ Have a life, a real one! Regardless of your situation (breakup, divorce, etc.) remember this quote “Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I learn so that failure no longer exists”
2/ Living in the past is the worst part if you can call it a life!

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