Flirting Online

Flirting Online: How To Find Love, Sex, Or A Date Easily

Flirting online is quite an art. But, you have to be a real gladiator to beat your thousands of hungry enemies on dating apps.

On dating sites and apps including Tinder, a girl receives hundreds of banal and stupid emails every day: No thanks, trash!

And precisely, as a flirty person, you must not have the same fate, and for that, you must pick:

1- Good username

That is the first of the things dating apps ask to fill out in the registration form. Forget the “$uicideboy2000” or the “Casanova” or worse, yet the “Not an Internet Cannibal”; that’s what we call the stupid screen name.

Choose an original and memorable username, which reflects and is close to your personality, orientation, etc. Pick a simple profile name without numbers, without the desire to kill anyone, and which could already differentiate you from other competitors.

2- Attractive photo

It is an essential element that demanding your highest interest. It’s your passport to your beauty’s heart. You choose your best photos, and you upload them to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. That will allow you to select the best image according to the likes of your followers. Then put it on your online flirting profile.

Moreover, dating sites allow you to upload multiple photos, which means creating a small personal album. But most guys take pictures of themselves, changing clothes and positions: not good! If you have the opportunity to put more images, try to show them you have a real social life and a good lifestyle: pictures of trips, sports, concerts, parties and above all, at least one with girls!

3- Good profile

After choosing your photo, introduce yourself in a few lines, but first, you have to fill in a few trivialities like weight, height, etc. Be careful! You must not lie!

Another thing, you don’t have to fill it all in; remain mysterious, like your job, your monthly income, children, etc. All this is for the girl to find out, finally to find something to discuss afterward, right?

A presentation like: “I am a romantic, caring, very sympathetic and kind 30-year-old man” is a boring presentation! Frankly, put yourself in a girl’s shoes: what would you think of this guy?
Keep in mind that if you want to meet women in Manhattan, for example, you must mention it in your profile. Remember, long-distance relationships and all that bullshit are for French movies. All That we need are girls from our town, and not on the other side of the world.

Avoid describing yourself as an engineer or a director of big shows. Because if you are not yet or not at all, you risk making a fool of yourself on your future dates. In addition, if you imply you are an avid golfer but that your last 18 holes were since the Cold War, you are doubtless an impostor. So find your adequate description to ensure, like a boss, when chatting with your princess on your first date.

Finally, you will try to distinguish your bio with a mysterious presentation; by launching a kind of challenge to girls, as if you were sending them coded messages: Come and discover me, I’m worth it, etc.

4- Flirting Online: with Chat or Email?

Avoid anything that is Direct Messenger! A girl in an online dating service, except on Bumble, is always in a dilemma to handle hundreds of conversations. No need to rack your brains to queue. Remember, you have a social life so there is not enough time to waste on chatting. You will take the longest route, of course, but the most effective: the catchy email!

You guessed it! Your email must also differ from others. For that, avoid the “Hi, I think you are beautiful, I appreciate you a lot, and I would like to meet you, I will offer you a perfect world, I kiss you, baby…”: No comment!

This kind of email is spam, she deletes it without continue reading it. She gets them all colors, and as usual, you will not do the same.

Girls are getting harder and harder to handle anyway, so you have to know-how.


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Here are some classic emails for you to consume with moderation:

“I admit you’re cute, but beauty is frequent, and I’m looking for something other than just a pretty girl. What is your best quality?”

“I just woke up, drinking my coffee, and my eyelids were still heavy when suddenly I fell on your profile, and my eyes opened. I cannot go to my work without talking to you.” [+ a sentence contextualized about the girl profile so that she doesn’t feel the “copy/paste”].

“Are you anything other than a pretty face?” Or “Are you anything more than just a pretty image?”

It is your first email, so you do not ask for her phone number or social media account. That will be the target of your 9th or 10th email, after her response every time, of course.

A girl wouldn’t easily give her contact details to a stranger flirting online with hundreds; because all she knows about him is a photo. So, you might make her more confident by having a little chat first.

A magic sentence:

“Thank you for your answer [her name]. I just wanted to tell you I would not pass by here anymore. If you have a number to give me, it will be more practical”.

Collect the number; then, practice a good texting game, and you propose your appointment. You do the same with all the wooers!

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