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Facebook Dating Review – Is It The Best Dating App?

In September 2019, Facebook launched the Facebook Dating option. In the text below, you will find out what the possibilities of this application are. How does Facebook dating work? How does it differ from Tinder? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this dating service?

We explain!

What is it about?

Facebook Dating is a dating platform directly integrated into the famous social network.

FB Dating is a safe dating app that allows you to meet and chat with other people.

First, you set up your profile. Set your age, photos, and preferences. It is worth placing your description under the picture to make more matches.

An important option is also the location. So, set both your own and the people you want to date. Thanks to this function, you can easily find people in proximity to you.

Facebook Dating works like Tinder, the most popular online dating app. But, FB Dating is more about building long-lasting relationships.


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Facebook Dating Review - Is It The Best Dating App

How to create and optimize your profile?

Facebook Dating is an additional tab available on your profile. Thus, you do not need to download the application anywhere to enable it. You only need to access the options and create an account.

Steps to register on Facebook Dating:

  • Open your Facebook account on the mobile application;
  • Click on the three small bars leading to the different lists (next to the notification bell);
  • Select the Dating tab.

Name and age are shown automatically by downloading data from your FB profile. Then, it will ask you to verify the existing information through your personal Facebook account.

The next step is to set your type of dating, your geolocation, and your sexual preferences (gender, zodiac sign, interests, etc.). You can also set more personal information, such as your size or your profession.

Then, you import your selected photos from your Facebook profile. Finally, you put a description under your dating profile picture. Once finished, you will learn about the profiles present in your area and the friends in common.

After that, optimize your profile to maximize your chances of making significant matches. So choose clear and well-framed photos of yourself. It’s recommended to be alone, smiling, and photogenic. The help of a best friend is always welcome in your photos choice.

Finally, the description on your profile is a crucial step. It will serve as a showcase for other singles on the platform. So add a lot of information that will allow them to get to know you better (tastes, passions, intentions, etc.).

Thanks to an authentic photo and a sincere description, other singles will contact you.

Facebook Dating functionalities

Now, you can start viewing proposed people. You have a guarantee that your friends will not appear among them. You will gradually find out who liked your profile. And that also works the other way around.

You will start a conversation only if the selected person likes you.

Facebook Dating also has an option for a likes list you can create by indicating which of your existing friends has caught your eye. These people will not know until they add you to their likes list in their turn.

Several features set FB Dating apart from other competitors.

Social network interactions

You can share your Facebook or Instagram stories (not both) directly on your dating profile. You can also choose to share new Facebook stories to FB Dating automatically. And even add events and groups to find people with the same interests (good point to start a conversation well).

Facebook Dating Review - Is It The Best Dating App thegooddating.com

Secret Crush

The Secret Crush is a feature that allows users to add up to 9 of their Facebook friends or Instagram followers secretly to their favorites. If the crush is mutual, it will be possible to get in touch with the profile concerned. Otherwise, the affected profile will only receive a notification that it is one of someone’s secret crushes.

Virtual Date

Finally, the Virtual Date is an original feature allowing you to organize a virtual meeting with the match of your choice. That is a video chat where you can choose the meeting time and the end.

Security and confidentiality

Facebook makes a point of honor to secure users’ data and to keep each profile confidential. As a result, there will be no notification showing your membership in Facebook Dating. In addition, there will be no notification showing your dating activity on your personal Facebook profile.

Finally, the dating service allows you to report or block scamming profiles, send photos, links, or videos in messages. Thus, you will not come across malicious ones, insistent, or not respecting the conditions of use of the platform.  

Facebook Dating vs Tinder: Which is better for you?

Already launched, the feature is available in 20 countries, including the United States. The dating service claims to be the source of over 1.5 billion matches since its launch. What to overshadowing the competitors, especially Tinder, the most popular dating app with over 430 million downloads leading to 65 billion matches.

FB Dating differs from Tinder in several ways. Facebook’s proposal is a free tab built into the world’s most popular social networking site. Although, Tinder is a standalone app.

Unlike Tinder, Facebook Dating does not have a premium version, and it is fully accessible. For example, Tinder gives between 50 and 100 likes before it restricts you from swiping right for 12 hours.

The functioning of the dating service uses the codes of Tinder with its “swipe” system to show to a profile that we like. 


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Facebook Dating pros and cons


  • 100% free to use
  • No need to register
  • Large community
  • Accessible for all ages
  • Efficient features


  • Only available on Facebook app
  • Limit with privacy
  • Ability to start a conversation without mutual matching

Our overall rating and final opinion

Ease of Use9/10
Comprehensive Algorithm7/10
Quality Matches6/10
User-Friendly Experience8/10

Even if Facebook Dating is still recent, the first information available allows us to have a moderately positive opinion. Indeed, this dating service is likely to be very promising and attract an enormous mass of singles searching for meaningful relationships.

The Facebook dating service is delighting a large part of the singles in the platform reluctant to commit to a paid subscription. And thus, it allows everyone to maximize their chances of meeting. In brief, its free use confirms our positive point of view.

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