Men Erogenous Zones

Erogenous Zones In Men: How To Stimulate them

I will not surprise you when I tell you that man’s most sensitive erogenous zones are around his penis. But do you know which areas give it the most sensations when you linger there?
That is what we will see in this article.

Primary erogenous zones in men

External genital organs

The glans penis is where concentrated your man’s pleasure. As a comparison, it’s roughly the equivalent of the female clitoris. So you can imagine the sensations of pleasure that it can provoke in your man if you know how to stimulate him. There are hundreds of nerve endings there but genuinely sensitive and thin skin. So you have to stroke it in a wet way so that it does not become painful.

The shaft is another erogenous zone directly related to the glans. It is a kind of tube connecting the penis base and head. Feel free to stimulate one after the other or both simultaneously. Although having fewer nerve endings, the shaft of the penis remains very sensitive, and above all, the sensations will spread to the glans. So this is an area you can play on to please your man.

Between the two parts is the frenulum. Which is a man’s first erogenous zone, and knowing how to stimulate it will be a great pleasure for a guy. The frenulum is the thread of skin between the glans and the shaft. The skin has the same characteristics as that of the glans. Here again, your caresses must be damp.

Do not stimulate this area for too long or too abruptly to avoid making your caresses unpleasant or even painful. Remember that this area is well surrounded, so you can leave it aside for a while without diminishing your man’s pleasure before coming back to it as if by surprise.

And of course, in this area of your man’s genitals are the testicles. They also have sensitive skin. In addition, you should not forget that the testicles are a sensitive area that, if treated brutally, can become painful. Your caresses should, therefore, be soft and light. With the fingertips, the tip of the tongue, or gentle kisses, you must treat the testicles with delicacy to provide maximum pleasure to your man.

Internal genital organs

The prostate and the perineum are in this same area but less known. These are not the most well-known areas of the male anatomy, but they are not the least sensitive. Moreover, it is under your man’s perineum that his G-spot hides. By stimulating this area, you arouse the prostate and give enormous pleasure to your man. You have to explore this zone on your own, to the delight of your man. Unlike the other zones mentioned above, you can go there more frankly for a pleasant massage. And then, by stimulating this zone in addition to another, you will cause your man to orgasm.

This zone is, therefore, more complex than it seems. And it allows you to stimulate your man’s pleasure in different ways. But even if the most erogenous zones are around your man’s penis, you can safely venture to other areas of his body for a variety of sensations and stimulation.

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Secondary erogenous zones

Between the lower abdomen and the genitals, you can venture onto the pubis. While the skin is thicker and covers a fatty layer, it contains nervous threads that make the caresses in this area very pleasant. And then, by stimulating your man’s pubic area, you will provoke sensations in his penis. You are, once again, entering the pleasure zone that we talked about before with all the possibilities that it offers.
Above the pubis, it is the lower abdomen. Light caresses or kisses on this thin strip of skin will be like an announcement of the next pleasure that awaits your man if you then go to his penis. But before that, nothing prevents you from making a detour through the inside of his thighs. As in women, this area of ​​skin is thinner and therefore more sensitive. You can stimulate it in the same way as the lower abdomen to provoke new sensations in your man.

Without going too far, you can also explore your man’s buttocks, which are also sensitive. The junction between thighs and buttocks has the same skin and, therefore, is sensitive to stimulation. Here again, you can vary the stimulation: caresses, massages, manually or with your lips or even your teeth in moderation and gentleness. And then in this area is also the taboo of the anus. That is an erogenous zone with lots of nerve endings, and that is sensitive in both men and women. However, before you venture there, it may be better that you talk about it with your sexual partner, or at least that you take it smoothly and step by step so as not to rush and push him away.

Stimulate Erogenous Zones in Men

There are already several erogenous zones that you can explore in the ultimately reduced area of your man’s lower abdomen. By widening this area a little, you will focus on the rhombus of Michaelis, which is the lower back and marked by a sort of dimples. Besides being delightful to you, this zone is satisfying for your man in terms of sensations. 

So share some fun time by focusing on this area of his back.


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Tertiary zones: what do we do with them?

Your man’s entire body has erogenous zones. They may be less sensitive than the ones you have, and your man may not be used to being stimulated. But these are also areas that can give him pleasure, so you shouldn’t refrain from exploring them with him. That will allow you to share new sensations.

Among these zones, we distinguish the nape of the neck and the scalp that you can massage, the earlobes, and, of course, the lips.
On the other side of the neck, the thin skin of the neck is also receptive to your tender kisses.
On his chest, you can venture on the nipples with light caresses to vary according to the appreciation of your man.
For the rest, use your imagination as you explore your man’s body to please him. Watch his reactions and learn which are the most erogenous zones for him.

Vary the way and intensity you stroke these areas.
Opt for caresses with the fingertips that are very light or caresses that are like a massage.
More or less pronounced kisses or more original caresses like a breath or the tips of your eyelashes. These different stimuli will help you renew the pleasure of your man.

And you, tell us in the comments how to stimulate your man’s erogenous zones!

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