Flirty text messages to get him

Best Flirty Text Messages To Get Him QUICKLY!

Before revealing the best messages to reply/send to get your man back, I would still like to give you some fundamental tips to follow for your flirty text messages to be effective.

Flirting with a man by text messages: Rules to follow

First, pay attention to the size of your posts. Apply the mirror method: if the guy sends you a one-line message, reply to a one-line message too.

Second, if he takes three hours to respond, take three hours to respond as well.

Then, if you come across a conversation that is difficult to sustain and develop, don’t force yourself, and don’t insist. Instead, let this discussion end and start over again on something else.

Also, when you write a flirty text, always take care to express your desires and thoughts.
Speak to him tenderly and give him only pleasant thoughts (always remember that texts do not fade, so write nice things to him).

Too, if you want him to respond to your message, make it require a response. Avoid a closed message which he doesn’t know what to say.


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Come on, let’s look at these:

Flirty text messages helping you make him want you instantly!

flirty text messages to get him QUICKLY

“I’m taking a bath… I’m going out later!”

Of course, avoid sending him such a text message out of nowhere.
If he asks you what you are doing or what you intend to do, then there, yes, use that message to reply to him.

Two things:
First, you allow him to imagine yourself in a sexy way (naked, in your bath). It’s not only simple and subtle but also an effective trick.

The second is that you show him you are busy and independent since you are going out with your friends.

In short, you take care of yourself and make yourself happy without him.
He will not remain indifferent, and you will attract him like a magnet.

“I just had a powerful culinary orgasm!” Flirty Text Message

You probably already know it, but men love sex and food.
By combining these two things in a single, brief and explicit message, you will increase your chances of seducing him.

In his mind, Mr will immediately link the sexual and gastronomic side of your message (which you perfectly planned for that).
He will also see that you, too, like things related to sex and gastronomy, so he can easily make a connection between those things that you like in common.

A good point to you, my dear!


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“Is that you whom I just ran into at [specify location]?”

Here, ideally, choose a place where you have been together before and where you had a good time.
Why? Because it will automatically trigger him to recall sweet memories with you, so it will be a good feeling for him.

Then go for this version in the interrogative form so he can answer you, and you might continue your conversation.
If you just text: “I think I just ran into you…”, he won’t have to answer, and probably he will leave you without a response for a while.
Of course, you may use this post even if you haven’t seen him.

If he answers you, it was not him because he was elsewhere, then continue by telling him it must be his double (to add a touch of humor and to stay in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere).
He may play along, and you may have fun with your following messages.
With this message, he will see that you are thinking of him, but in a pleasant and relaxed way.

It will please him!

Flirting Photo + Short Caption

Either send him a DM photo on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, depending on which option you prefer to use.
Take care to send him a specific photo with a short caption since it must be sufficiently explicit.

For example, it could be a photo of a dish that he particularly likes, and you would add a caption like “A real treat!”.
Alternatively, a photo of a place he loves or you both love, ideally where you have fond memories together, and as a caption, you can just put a smiley emoji on it.
It may be the photo of your plane ticket to a city or country you’ve been together.

Got it!

Try to keep it simple, but pour out his fondest memories to make him feel the urge to relive with you what you send him as a reminder.

“You should be here now, right away!”

This one is one of my favorites!
With this message, attraction effect guaranteed, my dear!

In fact, with these few words, you show yourself in a position of control and flirting.
You are not asking the gentleman to join you; you are simply expressing what you are thinking and feeling at this moment.

It is an ambiguous message that will arouse intrigue and curiosity in the guy.

Why? Because you haven’t told him anything about where you are or what you’re doing.
You just tell him he should be there.
This will make him feel wanted without you appearing as desperate.

Try one of these tips and leave me your comment.

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