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Best Conversation Starters To Save Your First Date

The first date is crucial and so are the conversation starters.
I often receive questions like: How to make a successful first date? What are the starters to launch a conversation? What are the subjects to be discussed?
And what are, above all, the discussion topics not to be asked?

We all know very well that approaching a woman, getting her interested in talking to you, taking her phone number, and inviting her on a first date, despite their difficulties, are only small steps in the whole process of attraction.

But one of the most decisive steps is the first date. It’s an obligatory and extra important passage that you should not mess up.

And I think you know why: you’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

The importance of the first date

We’re all afraid of screwing up our first date, especially since it’s rare these days to meet an unusual girl who we like both physically and mentally.
So today, I want to put you in a situation:
Congratulations, you have met the girl of your dreams; beautiful, intelligent, smiling – In short, very interesting.
What must you do to make your date a success?

Well, there are two critical points to check:

  • the 1st point is to see if you have a connection between the two of you
  • the 2nd point is to determine if you have any shared points 

I will share below the open questions and conversation starters that will allow you to create this connection. In addition, these will help you get to know this woman and see if she will be the perfect one for you.


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Conversation starters: 7 questions to ask

The first subject to launch the festivities will be:

#1 How was your day?

It’s a question that might sound trite and boring, but it’s a lure you’ll throw at the lady to let her talk while you get comfortable and stop stressing about this date.
Also, you show that you have confidence, that you are going to lead the conversation. And this is something that allows you to break the ice to start the discussion.

#2 What type of vacation do you prefer?

You will put Ms more at ease by bringing up the travel subject, which is an exciting topic for everyone. In addition, that will allow you to talk for hours about her and your favorite destinations, her dream trip, and anecdotes about your travels.

It will remind the girl of pleasant times. So activate positive emotions in her by asking: what type of vacation do you prefer? The mountains, the beach, visits historic towns, etc.

And here you are in front of hours of pleasant discussion!

#3 Tell me about your friends

If you get into a relationship with a girl, you’ll get into a relationship with her friends.
So when you ask her to tell you about her friends, she gives you indirectly an idea about her personality.
We are also a reflection of our relationships with others. So instead of asking the girl to talk to you directly, which will make her feel like she is in a job interview, you go under the radar and let her know if it’s a thing for you or not!

#4 What is your grand passion?

This question is my favorite because it shows who is in front of you. You will discover if the girl is active, has interesting occupations in life, or is quite monotonous.
And you see that unfortunately, people have no passions in life: they have their job, sport maybe, but defining a genuine passion is something rare.

For example, when I ask a woman this question on a first date, and she tells me she has a passion for dog grooming, soap carving, or something out of the ordinary, that’s where I tell myself in my head that maybe she is a fascinating woman.
Since my passion in life is men’s style outfits, you can imagine I keep talking for hours and hours only about ties.

So, find your passion, and you will see you would never miss talking points.

#5 Do you want to taste my dish?

Indeed, it’s not a question to speak of, but I had met a woman on a first date and had ordered a dish that looked interesting, very well presented, and appetizing.

And I could tell she was watching longingly to taste it, but she didn’t dare say it too much.
So I simply offered her to taste my dish, which was not a question but an assumed proposal to taste a dish different from hers.

And a few months later, when I was in a relationship with this girl, she told me that when I shared my dish with her; she decided I was the right person because that gave the idea that I was an agreeable person to share a life with.

And since that moment, every time I’m on a date, I order a different dish and I always offer to share because it communicates to this person who you are: someone who can share a lot of things with her… and she imagines herself already in a relationship with you!

#6 Do you smoke / Take drugs?

So I hate or a little less strongly, I dislike women who smoke at all.
It’s something that chills me and blocks me when I talk about it because my father passed away from smoking with throat cancer, and I saw him go away in pain.

And from that moment, I told myself that I will no longer tolerate people who smoke, especially the girls with whom I plan to have a relationship.

If that’s something you don’t mind, obviously I’m not judging you, but it’s a super important question to me whether it’s smoking or drugs, which are two harmful addictions!

#7 Are you seeing anyone at the moment?

The point of that last question is to take that person on the wrong foot.
Because you know that, unfortunately, with Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, and all the bullshit we find on the internet, women have access to an army of Losers. So it’s easy to do what I often call “the monkey strategy”. She cannot let go of one branch before taking another.

So women and men will see several people at the same time to choose the right one. And that gives me ideas about who is in front of me.

You will surprise most ladies you will ask, and they will say “of course not!”
And ones who will say “Yes” will be as honest that they are the type of girls with integrity I am looking for. She is a lady who has nothing to hide, especially since there is nothing between us yet.

Promote honesty and be direct! That is what will allow you to build relationships well!

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Conversation Starters: It’s your turn

Which topic are you going to discuss first on your next date? Leave a comment to talk about it.

If you liked this article, like and share it with your friends, and know that I’ll prepare for you a small PDF guide of the “7 conversation starters for captivating a girl and attracting her for sure”.

Good luck.

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