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Ashley Madison Review: Is It Safe/Legit?

‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’. That is exactly what happened to Ashley Madison after the 2015 cyberattack. Currently, Ashley Madison is one of the best online adult dating sites, having a vast database of over 60 million members from over 53 countries on several continents and 1,200,000 active users each month.

Since its inception two decades ago, Ashley Madison was running great and signed millions of cheating spouses. The platform has grown and established itself as the most popular affair dating site.

Our Rating

7.5 / 10989856

Advantages And Disadvantages 

Pros of

  • Very fluid interface with easy navigation on the platform
  • Huge member database
  • Signing up for is quick and easy
  • Highly active and like-minded users seeking hookups without judgment or bias
  • You can use this platform anonymously or use false user information. In addition, discretion is very assured in payment, billing statements, and access to the website or mobile app.
  • You can create an account on Ashley Madison for free. Also, you can search and receive matches for free
  • All features are free for women looking for dates and affairs with men
  • Convenient search tool
  • The credit model for payment is original, allowing you to pay as needed
  • Ashley Madison mobile app is comprehensive and available for iOS and Android devices
  • Communication and interaction features are varied and intuitive
  • Traveler option to find a fling where you are staying
  • The site provides concrete security and confidentiality measures
  • Customer support can help you get the most out of your experience.

Cons of

  • Free services are limited and most key features require purchasing credits
  • Subscription pricing is complicated
  • There are fake profiles and bots but they are easily spottable 
  • To start a conversation, you must have credits
  • You can exchange messages only with users who have also purchased credits
  • Missing public chat rooms for users to interact
  • Customer support is slow to respond.

Registration On Ashley Madison

The registration process on Ashley Madison is 100% free and easy. It can take between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on your habit of registering on casual dating sites.
This platform gives too much importance to privacy, so you are not asked to provide your identity information.

However, you will go through these steps to look for your secret partners:

  1. Click on “See your matches” on the home page, which will transfer you to the registration form
  2. Select your relationship status [single or couple]
  3. Choose a username [not necessarily your real name to preserve your anonymity] and a password. However, the downside of a nickname is that it is likely to attract a few more bots and fake profiles, but do not worry because they are easily recognizable.
  4. Fill in your location of residence and the postal code (zip) to receive a region-based matchmaking
  5. Fill in specific information, such as your date of birth, and your ethnicity
  6. Add a dummy email address other than your personal or professional email to protect your privacy.

For this purpose, we strongly advise our visitors to create an email address ONLY for their accounts on Ashley Madison and possibly other casual hookup sites. You must register this email with another name. And it must not contain any revealing information about yourself and must not be used for any other purpose at the risk of information leakage.

Next, you will set up your profile by completing a one-page registration questionnaire. Here, you specify your sexual preferences, the type of matches you do not want to date, and your ideal partner description.

Knowing that the information provided during the registration process is automatically reflected in your profile, give as much or as little information about yourself as you wish. For example, you are looking for something short-term or long-term, whether you go for a cyber affair/erotic chat or whatever turns you on, you are fine, or you are still undecided.

Ashley Madison Review

Then, upload your profile picture. The important thing is don’t settle for just any photo. Choose the best! And, don’t forget to make some edits by blurring the entire image or hiding part of your face to help you stay as unrecognizable as possible on the site.

Finally, you will receive an email confirming the activation of your account.

Congratulation! You can immediately sign in and begin the match proposal’s discovery according to the options you have selected.

How Does Work?

Ashley Madison Interface

From your first access, Ashley Madison will pleasantly surprise you with the attractive design and user-friendly interface of its web version or mobile application. Indeed, the layout is intuitive and devoid of any clutter. So, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to know how to use all the features.
To move from one section to another, you find at the top of each page on Ashley Madison clearly labeled tabs with words and icons that are very easy to understand and use.

Ashley Madison Matchmaking System

Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison will show you the member profiles according to your preferences. However, if you are dissatisfied with standard matching recommendations, browse other profiles using basic or advanced searches. You can sort the profiles which will probably interest you by age, online status, location, dating type, appearance, ethnicity, and more.

As your research progresses, you can click on “Favorite” on each profile you prefer and keep all the favorite members’ profiles in the same place. If you spot an attractive profile offline right now, you can bookmark a note to talk to them later.

Besides starting a conversation, the site offers you plenty of other options to create the first contact with your matches and attract their attention, such as winking, sending virtual gifts, and more.

Plus, you can contact a user you prefer by sending as many messages as you wish. And, it is up to this user to choose whether to accept or refuse your messages.

In addition, each Ashley Madison user can create a private group that has permission to access their exclusive content, thanks to the automatic key exchange feature. Indeed, you have your secret photo key, and you can send it to users as you wish, allowing them to consult your private photo album.

Finally, when you add private content to your Ashley Madison account, approval takes two hours on business days or up to 24 hours. Such a verification process by allows the protection of users against harmful content or sexual harassment. Features

Free Membership Features

Women’s Complete Free Membership: everything is 100% free for women seeking matches on Ashley Madison, from signing up to conversing with corresponding persons and going through all the features like sending virtual gifts, video clips, or audio messages.

Ashley Madison Review

Limited free membership for men: after signing up, they can view profiles, share photos, like and send winks for free. However, with a membership invitation on Ashley Madison, men can receive matches, messages, and virtual gifts. A paid subscription is required to unlock more features.

Paid Features

  • Priority Man: with this feature, you’ll gain even more exposure for potential matches, and your Ashley Madison profile will appear among the top three search results. 
  • Male Traveler: you can organize your dates even before arriving at your destination. Indeed, up to 30 cheating women are waiting for your messages at each next destination.
  • Message Plus: you can try this feature for free for 30 days from the time of credit or subscription payment. It allows you to start private conversations with and exchange messages with other members of Ashley Madison.
  • Priority Mail: anything with the priority you will find at the top of the list, right? Likewise, you can keep your messages at the top of the recipient’s Ashley Madison inbox with this feature.
  • Member Reviews: you can use pre-written phrases to rate Ashley Madison members with whom you have chatted.
  • Fantasy Date: you can invite a member to a virtual date and choose their location or topic.

Special Features

  • Discreet Photos: when you upload a photo of yourself, you have the option of blurring it or adding face masks to hide your identity.
  • Favorites List: you can keep track of only 100 favorite Ashley Madison profiles that interest you by adding them to your Favorites list for free.
  • Panic Button: when you press this button, it redirects you to a generic website. It is useful when there are curious people around you.
  • Private Keys: each Ashley Madison member has a key which they can send to any other member with whom they want to share their intimate photos.
  • Virtual Gifts: you can send free or paid virtual gifts such as teddy bears, roses, or necklaces.
  • Wink: if you want to show someone your interest before you start a conversation with them, then the Wink feature is for you. The Wink is like “likes” on Facebook and Instagram, and you find them under every profile picture in each user’s profile.

Ashley Madison Pricing

Ashley Madison Review

There are multiple free features on AshleyMadison. However, to start a conversation, read incoming messages, and access all other available features, you will press the big “BUY CREDITS” button displayed on Ashley Madison’s home screen. You will select one of its three packages: Basic, Classic, and Elite.

SubscriptionCreditsPrice Per CreditTotal
BASIC100$0.50 per credit$49.99
CLASSIC500$0.34 per credit$169.99
ELITE1000$0.28 per credit$279.99

You can pay Ashley Madison with your PayPal account or any major credit or debit card. These two payment methods are widely available in the countries that host this casual dating service. Above all, have no fear! Ashley Madison will not be listed on your billing statements.

Privacy Safeguard On

Ashley Madison offers its users a high level of protection and anonymity right from the registration process. is one of the very few casual dating sites that display a password strength analyzer. Also, it will ask you not to use your real name or your personal/professional email address, and it does not display your email id and date of birth on your profile page. In addition, it will provide you with tools to discretize your profile picture and hide your identity to stay safe! Plus, it reviews every photo exchanged in public and prohibits any explicit content.

Given the site’s emphasis on intimate relationships, it recommends that you:

  • Create an exclusive email address that you will not otherwise use for personal/professional purposes.
  • Create a unique alias that must not be associated with you instead of your real name unless you deem it appropriate.
  • Do not upload intimate photos on your profile and not share them with others.
  • Never share your personal or financial information on the site.

The Ashley Madison Guarantee

If Ashley Madison users with paid memberships cannot get matches within the first 03 months, the platform promises them a refund. However, to be eligible for this deal guarantee, users had to fulfill certain conditions:

  • Pay for the most expensive plan
  • Send “priority” messages which are more expensive to 18 unique members each month during these 03 months
  • Send 05 Ashley Madison gifts per month and have 60 minutes of paid chat per month.

Help and Support

Ashley Madison offers an easy-to-use service to ensure members have a great time on the platform, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing well in building an expert support team.

You can find detailed information regarding technical issues about privacy, browsing, password protection against possible phishing attempts, private payment in the FAQ. Otherwise, you can contact the customer support team directly by phone and mail, as well as 24/7 by email.

Customer support is as available as possible to answer all your questions. However, email inquiries usually take longer to process on Ashley Madison because of the high volume of daily cases.

Roughly speaking, since the 2015 cyberattack, member security has become a top priority on, and the member helpdesk and support service have undergone extensive improvements.


What Is

Ashley Madison is one of the best online hookup and casual dating services operating in over 50 countries and serving over 60 million people aged at least 18. This online resource interests married people or those in a relationship but looking for entertainment, fun, extramarital affairs, and other adventurous encounters. Here, like-minded people see infidelity as a necessary solution to save their marriage.

Is Ashley Madison A Hookup App?

AshleyMadison is one of the best secret affair sites. Few people are looking for serious, long-term relationships here. And, less than 40% of Ashley Madison members become emotionally attached to the people with whom they have an affair.

Can I Access AshleyMadison Using My Computer?

Of course, you can use any browser available on your computer to create an account on and use all the features available without worries.

Does Ashley Madison Have A Mobile App?

Yes, you can download Ashley Madison’s mobile app from Google Play (Android devices) or the Apple Store (iOS devices). The application interface is as user-friendly and intuitive as the desktop version.

Is Ashley Madison Easy To Use?

Yes, Ashley Madison makes your online dating experience fun and easy, from the 10-minute registration process to finding matches. Plus, it has a team of dedicated and expert customer support who will help you in every step.

How Do I Edit/Delete My Profile Information on Ashley Madison?

You can manage your username, e-mail, and password on the “manage/edit” profile page on the desktop version or in the “account information” section on the mobile app. Also, you can edit and/or delete your photos on Ashley Madison with the same approach.

Is Ashley Madison Free?

The site is 100% free for women seeking men. For others, registration is free, but most of the features are not available on this free subscription.

What Can I Do With An Ashley Madison Free Membership?

You can use the Ashley Madison dating service for free but very limited way. After creating an account, you can fill out your profile, add photos, send winks, and like chicks. Also, you can check out the low-key porn stars’ photos, but only if you also have naughty ones of yourself.

Can I See If Someone Likes Me On AshleyMadison with My Free Account?

Yes, you can see Ashley Madison members who liked you. You can also see who sent you a wink or gift.

Can I Message On Ashley Madison Without Paying?

Unfortunately, unless you are a hottie looking for affairs with men, messaging, emails, and chats are impossible without buying credits. That said, you need to buy a premium subscription if you want to have conversations. That will cost you 05 credits for regular messages and roughly double for priority ones.

How Do I Message On

To send a message via the web version, click on the profile, and you will find options for sending a message or chat at the top right of the page. Besides, you can do this on the app by clicking on the profile picture, then find ” message me” at the bottom and tap it. However, these members will not receive your text unless they have a premium membership or credit.

How Much Do I Pay On

You can choose one of the 03 packages available according to your budget:
“Basic” offers 100 credits and costs $49.99
“Classic” offers 500 credits and costs $169.99
“Elite” offers 1000 credits and costs $279.99

How Can I Pay For An AshleyMadison Plan?

AshleyMadison accepts all major credit or debit cards and PayPal, and it assures that it charges its users discreetly.

Is It Worth Paying For Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison can, without a doubt, be worth every credit spent considering what you’re going to say in your conversations.

Does Ashley Madison Really Work?

As a single looking for fun, you won’t find better than Ashley Madison. It is the overall best dating site that offers you a polished platform to find, communicate, and connect with other users looking for discreet affairs. You can register for free to get an idea and then buy credits, start conversations with like-minded users, give free rein to your imagination, and you see it works very well when you have dates with the people of your choice.

Is Ashley Madison Legit?

Ashley Madison is quite legit compared to other affair dating services. It’s true, there are fake profiles that claim to be women, but they are easily detectable thanks to Ashley Madison’s enhanced security and privacy protocols.

Are There Scammers On

There are always scammers who manage to sneak their way into dating sites and will not lack the ingenuity to use any scam against users, from phishing to fraud. So, take your security in hand and read the safety guidelines mentioned above, and everything will be fine for your protection.

Is Ashley Madison Safe?

Yes, as long as you follow security protocols, you can safely use the site.

How Do I Report Someone On Ashley Madison?

Whenever you want to report a suspected fraudster on Ashley Madison, contact their customer service at

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Credits?

No, if you cancel your subscription before the expiration date, you will not get a refund except that the site will stop charging you again.

How Can I Delete My profile On Ashley Madison?

You can choose to deactivate your Ashley Madison account temporarily or delete it completely.
You can deactivate or delete your profile by clicking on the “Deactivate your account” or “Delete profile” link at the bottom of the “Manage profile” page in the “My Account” section.

How Do I Temporarily Deactivate My AshleyMadison Account?

You can deactivate your profile to take a temporary break:
1/ Click on the three horizontal bars at the top left of the page
2/ Go to “My Account” > “Manage profile”.
3/ Select the option “deactivate your account”.
That will disable your profile so that no users can see you, but it will keep all of your saved data until you choose to restore it by contacting the customer service team.

Can I Permanently Delete My Ashley Madison Profile?

To permanently delete your AshleyMadison account, choose the “Delete your account” tab at the bottom of the page just below the “deactivate your account” section. That will remove all your photos, messages, and information from the Ashley Madison database.

Last Word

Ashley Madison is legit for sure. It is also discreet because of its nature, tolerating extramarital affairs and helping free couples to spice up their love life and seek a third person.

If you are a man or a woman looking for a relationship not specifically with men, thus Ashley Madison is pricey. That is true, but worth it! And as they say, quality always has a price. Ashley Madison is an unbeatable hookup destination that offers a range of attractive and unique features to its users at a pretty hefty price.

For a product to survive a shock like that of 2015, it would have to undergo fundamental improvements. AshleyMadison has developed its security and privacy algorithm for its large user base and keeps attracting new users because it’s the best resource for finding a quick fuck or a naughty affair. Ultimately, find this out today because “Life is short. Have an affair.”

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